Dolly's Big Hurricane Adventures While Evacuating to Atlanta With Half the Population of Florida-Or So It Seemed

We sometimes get weather events in South Florida called Hurricanes.
No, I'm not talking about when a lover hits all of my buttons dead solid perfect and I squirt my Dolly juice all over his face (or loins if he was skilled enough to get me to gush with his cock).
Although there is one meteorologist who once told me that the explosive force of my gush and the fluid density per square millimeter would technically qualify my pussy at full excitement as a Category 3.
Tried my best to fuck my way to a Cat 4 or even better, a Cat. 5, but that handsome television weather dude passed out before he could get the full effect of my all night, relentless, unstoppable passion.  But hey, it sure was fun trying.
So where was I?  Sorry, my attention span is a bit reduced because, getting back to hurricanes, you might have heard about this bitch named Irma that visited the Caribbean, spoiled an upcoming cruise I had booked for a bit later this fall (though I do hope to get back to St. Maarten sometime when they've repaired the 95% percent of the island they say Irma destroyed), and then headed toward Florida.
Mandatory evacuation.  And Daddy wasn't letting me "ride it out" on one of the yachts, all of which were safely relocated well in advance, in case you are a client wondering how your seafaring love nest is doing.  So I had to go.  And then the capitalist in me realized one man's natural disaster is a fit MILF's opportunity for fun and that there were some frequent Dolly date gents who likely wouldn't mind me tagging along for their evacuation, well, things got interesting, fun, and the Dolly date fees are mostly going to end up in the Irma and Harvey relief efforts.  After allowing for some incidental expenses.  CVS still charges me for condoms.  After all I've done for some of those pharmacists!  You guys at the 24 hour store near U.S. 1 not far from my in-call know who I mean.
So this is the story, probably truncated since I'm typing it on a borrowed computer in our evacuation destination of Atlanta.  I brought the iPad but couldn't bring everything, and I need a full sized keyboard for blog entries.  I'm probably forgetting some cocks, cock-teases, leaving out some thank-you's to some who tasted my bodily fluids, and the Florida law enforcement officer who let us go with a warning in Gainesville, well, okay, I got your number and yes, I'll be your date to that game in the Swamp you mentioned and yes I'll dress sexy and impress all your friends and as long as you're a gentleman in public while I slut it up to drive them wild, then I'm pretty sure you'll like my private post-game celebration with you.  But I'm otherwise booked for the weekend of the Georgia game over in Jax, that's the weekend before Halloween and playing dress-up is one of my busiest and most fun times of the year, sorry.
Okay, in no particular order, and partially to dispel some myths that I've already seen hinted about on the internet, here are my thoughts and what I'll reveal about Dolly's Big Hurricane Adventures While Evacuating to Atlanta With Half the Population of Florida-Or So It Seemed:
1. No, I did not such a Dolly date's cock the entire time we were on Florida's Turnpike up to the Georgia Border on I-75.  I did give some highway head, sure, a girl's gotta do something to pass the time and keep her driver motivated.  Okay, "drivers", there were four of us in the car, and the others took turns driving.  But the entire way?  Nope.
2.  When I find out which one of the three blabbed, he just might find out what the term "pegged" means when a man and a woman are sexually consenting adults.  I say that lovingly, and yes I'll use plenty of lube, after all, each of the handsome gents listened to my skilled instructions when they took Dolly's Back Door tour during the drive.  No, I can't comment on what type of vehicle we were in, that might give away at least one of my lovers' identities.  Because through the tinted glass we did see a number of jaws drop open in other vehicles that were looking our way.
3.  To the sexy red head who held up the sign saying, "I've got next!" and a twitter handle and flashed her tits at us just south of Ocala:  Definitely, you're on my "to do" list.  To everyone else, you'll just have to keep reading my blog to eventually find out if I'll let that stunned looking husband of hers join in.  At least, I'm assuming he was her husband.  If not, I hope that guy enjoyed every inch of that lady when they got to their destination.  And I hope it was just a gas stop when they exited in Valdosta.  Not my favorite town, though I hear they play big time high school football there.
4.  Charging price gouging prices for bottled water, generators, plywood, sandbags, flashlights, and the like are all illegal during declared emergencies, and so no, I did NOT increase my rates during time of impending hurricane disaster.  So, um, Mr. Governor, since I'm obeying your consumer protection statutes, think you might get your uptight state legislature to legalize my form of commerce and make everyone happier?  I'll bet that cute spokesperson you appointed to the Florida Emergency Management Office in Broward would appreciate it and breathe a sigh of relief.  You know who, Mr. Governor, the one I met at the half marathon but who lasted for a full marathon with me on our date!  
5. Yes, I did pack things other than sex toys, condoms, lube, extra thongs, wipes, batteries for the toys, my special favorite toy, bikini tops, stilettos, and my phone and iPad.  I also brought some irreplaceable photos of my parents, children and my late grandparents and I brought my pet doggie.  And workout clothes.  Decided if I needed other things, Atlanta has stores.
6.  No, I didn't update my calendar to reflect my evacuation.  I do have a personal life, gents.  Sorry for any confusion.  
7.  To the hunky National Guardsmen who were activated to that staging area south of Atlanta at the NASCAR speedway, across the highway from those Tanger Outlets and chain(tacky) restaurants, thanks for making the run into town to find me some healthy eats and as for that "rest" time you provided in the Georgia National Guard-issued trailer in which you were staying, well, it was anything but restful and "You're welcome".  Oh, and one more thing, "told you so!" (Imagine, young studs thinking they'd outlast me!  My three fellow evacuees all looking as drained as if they'd been in a full overnight with Dracula apparently wasn't enough of a visual clue.  Sigh and Wink on that one!  I hope those six nice fellows got some rest the next day when we finished the drive into town and they were due to be assigned.
8.  Amazing how even when a city is inundated with emergency visitors, our concierge *somehow remembered me and miraculously found a second room so that it wasn't all four of us in one room.  Not that I mind more than one man in my bed, but when the poor drained men need to "tap out" and get some shut-eye while I ride the others in a desperate attempt to fulfill my needs, well, a second bed is handy, and the second bathroom and shower is always welcome.  Sadly, the rooms weren't connecting.
9.  About the lack of connecting rooms -- I'm so sorry to the mom of those adolescents who happened upon me when I thought the coast was clear to scoot back to the other room and retrieve the next box of condoms just prior to midnight.  Really didn't expect to see anyone in the hall at that hour.  But judging from the size of the bulge in your older son's shorts, he's going to be very popular when he gets to college.  Or maybe before.  Please have him hold on to my number, but he needs to be eighteen.  I usually like my men older, but given our introduction and the size of the "welcome" his body provided to signal approval, I'll definitely give him some good teachings to make all the ladies in the rest of his life happy.  And I'll enjoy that teaching assignment, that's for darn sure!
10.  So, about the mother of that teen with that big young cock I just referenced...if your son inherited that from his husband, you must be a pretty happy lady.  Visit Miami ever, you and your husband?
11.  The Hooters in Downtown Atlanta, not so much.  The Hooters in an area of Atlanta called Cumberland, near the Atlanta Braves new suburban stadium, wow, much better! Many thanks and greetings to you special ladies!  
12.  To the hostess at the very upscale Tavern at the very upscale mall in the area of town called Buckhead, seriously, your waitresses must all be providers or strippers on the side and just work there to have a cover story to tell their families, I mean come on, those ladies were all 8's and up!  Oh, and to Nicole and Melissa, I meant every word of it, contact me through when you get to South Florida.
13. To those Georgia Tech students who tried to talk the talk -- go back to your calculators, boys, and where exactly did you get the idea that reciting Pi to the fifty-eth place after 3.14 was going to get you laid?
14.  To the Uber driver who took me to Whole Foods and waited and then brought me back -- your smile as you left my room when the organic green juice, red pepper hummus and mixed green salad container as well as your balls had all been emptied was all I needed, but it was sweet of you to offer to return the Uber tip.  But no, you earned that.  And when you followed me into the store and then paid for my food, well, that was how you earned that special "thank you" back at the hotel.
15.  To all my friends and lovers in Florida, the Caribbean, and everywhere -- I hope you all heeded warnings, placed safety above all else, and that you will all find your homes and loved ones and property safe and secure.  Don't take chances, there's too much good sex out there to be had to take risks in a big storm.
16.  Almost forgot -- to that stranded honeymoon couple whose honeymoon cruise was cancelled and you were in tears (and still in that beautiful Vera Wang wedding dress) in the lobby bar after your wedding reception in the Ritz Carlton Buckhead ballroom ended, didn't I tell you that by the time I was done with you and your groom, you were going to be so glad you got stranded in Atlanta!  It had been a while since I'd gotten to share a couple's wedding night with them, and if that really was your first time with a woman, oh sister, you have been wasting some amazing natural talent!  Just take that refund from Royal Caribbean (you were so smart to buy the trip insurance!) and book a vacation down in South Florida like I invited you to do.  And if you weren't kidding about not bringing your groom on that visit to me, well, you and I could really do some great business if we book some doubles while you're in town!  What a way to pay off your first home together, and clearly your new husband is generous and secure.  No way I thought he would have let my horny handsome evacuee Dolly dates take turns pleasuring you while I showed him how a mature woman likes it in the other hotel room.
Again everyone, stay safe!
Purely fictional fantasy for your reading pleasure! 

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