And Then The Hurricane Followed Us...

Hi Lovers!
I was all ready to post my Hurricane adventure blog post when that bitch Irma sort of changed directions, became a tropical storm and followed my stud-puppies and me up to Atlanta.
I know, right?  The nerve of some storms!  Hey, Irma, this was the evacuation location here, you weren't supposed to be here or we'd have kept going!
And when I think of the handsome men of Chicago I could have had sex with all weekend and now into the start of this week, far from Irma.
So it got rainy.  Windy.  The good news:  Atlanta's notoriously awful traffic was at a fraction of capacity.  The bad news: where did these people learn to drive? Trick question, they didn't, they can't drive.  Now, these men do know how to make a woman writhe and squeal and pulsate, but then they shut down the mass transit, not just the trains but the buses, and so many of the stores and restaurants couldn't open because they had no workers.
Suddenly this hurricane evacuation became like a real hardship!
So a new list of numbered observations:
1. When you are as careful as I am, and change condoms with each change in partner's position (when its Dolly and three eager pussy, mouth and ass-fillers, we go through a lot of latex), you run out much quicker than you might expect even when you brought several dozen.  But a smart girl just has to "use her head" to please a man when such circumstances present themselves.  Get it?  "Use my head"?  Everyone caught up now?  Okay, lets continue.
2.  Even Dolly eventually gets a sore jaw when satisfying such deserving hard cocks for such a long time after the condoms run out.  Not sure I could suck another dick for a few days.
3.  You horny gentlemen do realize how painful it is for me to make that admission in #2 above, don't you?  My mouth was created to pleasure the male organ. Or did the almighty design the male cock based upon knowledge of the contours of Dolly's mouth all these years later?
4.  And I love to kiss, too.  Deep, slow, sensuous, wet, lose-yourself-in-them kisses.  And not feeling too kissy, either.  Yeah, I had lots of fellatio time on this trip!
5.  The good news is that I've been on the receiving end of some amazing oral the during the time since I mumbled, "no mo'", which was as close to "no more" as I could get.  Again, I really did suck a lot of dick this trip. And not just my three fellow evacuee Dolly date men (check out my last blog).  When the numbness goes away, I'll look back and smile at how much world class head I delivered.  But for now I soothe the pain with men's mouths on my sexy slick smooth pussy, one tongue in particular practically tasting my lunch all the way up in my tummy he was so far up inside me, and another that was attached to a man who must have been a lesbian in a previous life, I mean, there is no way a man should understand a clitoris that well.
6.  To the folks banging on the hotel wall from the next room yelling for us to keep it down--who are you going to tell?  I had the general manager in here with us at the time!  The bottled water and fruit plates he had delivered to you were complimentary and as he said as he caught his breath and replenished his fluids, "well worth it".  *Wink.
7.  Dry roasted almond packs and bottled water do not make a meal, even with a goodly number of ejaculatory loads of protein down my throat as well.  
8.  When ice packs are not available, a bag of frozen peas from Kroger can substitute nicely.  Sorry all I could offer my deliver boy was a rub and a tug with skilled hands and then a titty fuck that caused him to cum in about twenty seconds.  As I smiled at my cum-streaked boobs I did whisper, 'way to go, girls!"
9.  To all my friends and lovers not in the storm's path -- this won't be the last storm to target Florida, so please, keep an eye out for such occurrences and next time fly me to your city before the storm for an extended romantic snuggle up in a swanky hotel far outside the hurricane zone.  I swear, this should have been far enough, and then I heard the weather guy on the local channel Monday morningsay, "this is the first time in history Atlanta has been under a tropical storm warning!"
10.  And about the ER doctor from a northern city with family members in Florida who I met who had decided he wanted to simply go to Florida to volunteer to help those who couldn't evacuate, the elderly, etc., out of the goodness of his heart, and then he ended up getting stranded here in Atlanta...  And he was cooling his heels, working his cell phone in the lobby, trying to find a plan B or a plan C to get to the Tampa area once the storm shifted away from directly hitting Miami.  And I found him in the lobby and chatted him up.  He noticed I was mumbling, you do remember my sore jaw situation, don't you?-- And he asked what was wrong and I merely said I'd gotten stressed out and chewed gum too hard on the drive up (lame story, but it was all I could think of instead of saying "I must have finally sucked too much cock, Doc!"), and he reached over and traced a gentle finger along my jaw line, as he said, "wish I could do something to make you feel better."  Well, I blushed, because he not only was a doctor but he was kinda handsome, in his blue jeans and scrub top from his well known hospital up north and saucony running shoes.  So to took his hand in mine, and clasped fingers with him.  Now, I was down to a whisper at this point, and I saw his wedding ring and knew I might have been pushing my luck, but I whispered, "if you're stranded, bet you could use a hot shower?' and I nodded toward the elevators.  Then he blushed. "That wasn't why I came south, I came to help out, not take advantage of pretty refugees."  Now while I'm sometimes a bit let down when I'm only called pretty, instead preferring "hot', "sexy", "amazing", "super-fuckable", or something else charming, or even just "beautiful", I had to admit I was wasn't too dolled up myself, with my hair down, tight white denim jeans (so okay, my ass does look amazing in these jeans), and a button up shirt with rolled sleeves to mid-forearm and enough buttons undone that the thin cotton tank top underneath, no bra, well, my nipples were signaling that my pussy was moist even if my mouth was kind of off-line...
So I'll cut to the chase, and I whispered, "it's not taking advantage if I'm taking advantage of you, kind stranger. Wanna make a house call with me?"  He looked uncertain, so I lowered our clasped hands to my thigh, then slid our hands down in between my legs, and snug to my moist heat. I pressed myself against him, pulling his hand tight to me.
"Come on," I mouthed, now not even whispering.
Well let me keep some things between me and the good doctor private, but bless his heart when I tell you that when I mentioned I had no condoms and was aching to feel him inside me (God, I do confess that in a moment of weakness I considered the un-considerable, and thought about potentially gambling that as a doctor he wouldn't do anything dangerous) he rescued us both when he said, "you know, there's usually so much tension-relief quickie sex going on in hospitals on ten minute breaks during emergencies and none of the young residents and nurses ever have condoms, so I brought a few boxes to try to save them along with the patients...who knew I'd get to use one myself!"
Oh he used more than one, believe me. And it wasn't just some quickie.
Purely fictional fantasy for your reading pleasure! 

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