The Honorable Dolly Jewel Presiding

"So I guess you'll have to recuse yourself if I'm ever counsel of record on a case in your court, Dolly?"


And that was the moment when I realized I was only going to be a judge for a relatively short period of time.  Forgot to factor in how much I enjoy having sex with lawyers, and having to explain so many recusals when the public record would not contain any facts of a conflict of interest.  Judges always have friends who are lawyers, but that is not grounds for recusing yourself.


"Damnit, Rich, you're right.  There can't even be the perception of any bias or lack of impartiality.  And the way your mouth and cock just made my body feel and sent my mind to Pleasure town, oh Rich, I'm very partial to fucking you again and again.  But you know I'm going to have other friends, right?  I mean, you ARE married, after all."


I stopped the sentence because Rich caused my mind to wander by sucking my right nipple while he teased and tweaked my left nipple.  I was nestled on his left side, and he turned his nude, sweaty body toward my own bare, freshly sexed toned body as we lay in our afterglow. My left knee was bent, my legs open, and his right arm was stretched just half-way across my body, his fingers taking the self-tour of my smoothly waxed, hairless and still aroused pussy. No idea if he'd heard me compliment his sexual technique.  Rich could seriously fuck.  Shit, I was glad his wife wasn't putting out and therefore he was out looking.  I'd had a crush on him for years, but his reputation was that he didn't play around.  And I knew all the people who would know.


"Uh, what?" he mumbled, mouth taking a brief leave from my 36D breast.


"It's fine, Richie, keep Judge Dolly happy and you can pretty much park anywhere downtown so long as I'm on the bench.  Which may not be long if fucking you gets to be too much fun.  You're sure no one saw you come in here?"


We were in my judicial chambers, eleventh judicial circuit, Miami-Dade County, very early for some sun-up sex on the Monday of the (relatively) quiet week of Thanksgiving.  We used the excuse of going for a run through the surrounding streets, down Flagler, to Biscayne, up to Seafarer's Park near the cruise ships, then back over the causeway and just under three and a half miles when we got back to the courthouse and my chambers.    At least that was the plan until we skipped the run and I fucked his fifty-four year old body right in my chambers. 


"Oh, God, Judge, you have no idea how many times I imagined this, back before you were a judge, then when you first got appointed, holy shit you can suck a cock so good."


"Well, I suck a cock so well, not so good, Rich. Please use the correct adverb when you receive oral sex from an esteemed member of the Florida State Judiciary." 


He giggled.  So did I.  I was on my knees, his slightly saggy ass  my grabbing stations to hold him still while my face bobbed forward and back, forward and back, the sensitive head of his married cock reaching the back of my divorced, MILF Judge-mouth and then back again.  Rich was so confident and impressive in a court room.  Never nervous, always steady, spoke slowly, choosing his words, letting important points sink in. I might not have wanted to fuck him for as long as he wanted to fuck me, but the admiration was mutual.


HIs steady hands gently held my head as he began to fuck my mouth.  "Mmmmm  hmmm," I encouraged him, not wanting to let his dick out of my lips long enough to allow me to speak clearly. My dress clothes, a tailored, tasteful designer dress, four inches of heels that truly were pushing it for a judge but hey, anyone who knew me knew I was proud of my legs. All the miles and yoga and fitness classes to keep them looking the way that made men fantasize about having me first spread them wide and open, welcoming a lover into my sex, and then closing them, wrapped around my lover's ass, his hips, my heels pulling him in to me.  Helping him fuck me.  Pleading with my sex-men to make it harder, deeper, stronger.  To fuck me like a woman, not a judge.  Use my body for pleasure, after all, fellas, that's what I'd doing with you boys.


[Thinking Back]


When Rich had started getting friendly with me, including me in groups for lunch, dinner or drinks in connection with the trial lawyer section of the local bar association, I felt the attraction, and loved having his married eyes on me.  I was married when we first met, and the thought did occur to me to see if he wanted to be one of my extra-marital fuck buddies.  He seemed content to look and occasionally get caught looking, and as my thirties were moving along, well, who was I to discourage the attention of a successful man.  Then as my late thirties arrived, my husband, who was not my first husband but who was a loving and understanding older man, a real estate and resort developer, aged. He said to me one day after a visit with his cardiologist, "it’s no longer a joke that I can't keep up with you, Dolly, we really need to have a serious talk because I'm now on blood thinners and a handful of other meds."  So my circle of sex suppliers expanded, but still no Rich.


There was that legal conference up in Orlando. We were all crowded into a standing-room-only situation for a keynote address by a certain former white house occupant who just might have had a brother holding political office in our state, when I positioned myself in front of Rich. And yes, when I backed up because of the crowd I felt his cock press into the spot above my ass where a tramp stamp would be if I had ever been silly enough to get one.  I pressed into him, backward, wiggled. His hands went to my shoulders, ostensibly to keep me from falling back from the push of the crowd.  I preferred to think it was practice for fucking me doggie style.  Or at least that was how I replayed the feel of his hands later that evening, when I was alone, pleasuring myself and imagining it was Rich making me his mistress.


 At the time of that conference, no one else knew that my husband had gone into hospice care that week, and he'd told me, "we've had a good run, Dolly, but it looks like I'm on my approach shot to the eighteenth, and please, don't worry about appearances, I know you prefer to find the joy and pleasure in life so I won't be insulted if you're freshly fucked at my funeral.  I still treasure how well-plowed you were at our tenth anniversary party. God my son's have loved having you for a stepmother."


I'd simply smiled when he said that to me.  He'd been overly optimistic. He wasn't hitting a wedge to the green, he was hitting his second putt, holing out, and was gone three days later from congestive heart failure.  The last time I kissed him, I whispered into his dear ear, "that tenth anniversary, you know that was your virile, young strong son who rode me hard and then put me away wet."  That had been my husband's dirty kinky fantasy that we'd whisper when we shared our own gentle, loving intimate brand of love-making.  Then he drifted off. His son and I comforted each other after the funeral, not before.


And less than a year later I'd made my way to being a Judge, having filled the void in my life with bar association politics to supplement the grief-therapy sex.  My step-son's wife started asking questions about how much time my step-son was spending at his late father's home (which was actually MY home, from before that marriage), and so we gradually decided to cool it and move on from our illicit, stolen pleasure-filled fuckfests.  Not a huge cock or anything, but he was fit and could hold off from cumming.  Sigh.


And as I got active in the bar and state and local politics, there was Rich.  Who seemed so much more eager to have a hand on the small of my back now that I was a widow.  That "Dolly, you're too young to be a Cougar, you're definitely a MILF" comment he made just five months after my husband passed made me wet.  I'd referred to myself as a Cougar, seeking sympathy.  So I said, "you do know what MILF stands for, right, Richie?"


Always "Richie" when I was feeling flirty.


"Yes, Dolly,  A Mom I'd like to know, F-word"


"So you're saying you'd like to?" I replied, expertly shaped eyebrow raised, lusty sneer only slightly hidden in my otherwise public smile.


He paused.  "I'd plead the fifth, Dolly, but add that I am a red blooded healthy male and you are, well, you are Dolly, so draw your own conclusions what I'd like to do."


And at the swearing in ceremony, when my father held the bible that I placed my hand on as I took the judicial oath, I thought to myself, "and I also swear that I'll be the sexiest judge in the circuit"


Did you see the short-lived NBC sit-com, "Bad Judge?"  With that gorgeous red haired actress who played McDreamy's cheating wife in Gray's Anatomy and then was in Private Practice?  I thought of myself as a less-hung over, less rock & roll version of that judge.  Lusty, slutty, horny, and dead-on when it comes to questions of law.


And then at the congratulatory reception after I was sworn in, I saw Rich's eyes on my body.  The reason I saw that was my eyes were on him.  I was no longer married.  And I found it a huge turn-on that he WAS.


So I sauntered up to him.


"Rich, I need a running partner to keep me in shape now that I've been appointed to the bench.  I don't think it would violate any judicial ethics for us to be running partners, how about 6:00 a.m. we meet at my chambers and head out early?"


I left word at security that he was to be allowed into the building and they buzzed me to escort him.  I'd carried in my running gear earlier, making sure everyone saw the bag.  I'm a known fitness gal, though I thought my dress was both stylish and attractive with my shoes just this side of inappropriate, I made my way to security and brought Rich back to chambers.  He was in a suit but toting a gym bag.  He then surprised me by pulling a chilled bottle of champagne and a pair of flutes in a protective carrying case from that gym bag once we got to my chambers.  No running clothes to be found.  I smiled and collapsed into a big comfortable arm chair near the oversized sofa in my inner office, very private, looked at Rich and smiled.  "You're just reading my mind, counselor."


 "Can I suggest anything to make you more comfortable?"

"Hmmmm ..." I was thinking I wasn't wearing a great deal since I was in my running stuff, my arms bare once I dropped the warm up jacket after we got back into my chambers and my leggings went just past my knees but they were form fitting ("Great ass" I'd heard many a time while dressed like this and out for a run.)


"Well the champagne is great but I do love a nice neck rub."

 Rich was still standing and he moved around behind my chair. I flicked my hair round over one shoulder so my neck was clear. James put his drink down and started to rub his thumbs and fingers on the back of my neck, then down onto my shoulders. I pushed back against him. A slight moan escaped my lips. I love a nice massage.

I managed to take a few sips of the champagne while Rich gave me a nice neck and shoulder massage.

 Rich moved a bit closer. A couple of times when he stopped the pressure with his hands my head went back and I felt a bulge between his legs.

I was getting more than a little turned on by this so I thought I would start to give Rich what he was hoping for and what I knew I needed. I pulled off my jog bra. On the front side my 36D tits were exposed to the early morning (relative) chill in the air from the air conditioning. It wasn't all that cold but my nipples instantly hardened with being exposed.

It didn't take long before the neck and shoulder massage had become more of a tit massage. Rich's hands were under my breasts and his fingers rolling and massaging my nipples. I'm quite proud of my tits as they're maybe no longer quite all natural but I'm told they look great and they feel quite firm. My nipples are pert. I've been told they're a perfect bite size.

After a few minutes of my tits and chest having a lovely massage I sat up a bit more and swung my legs round to the side. I took one of Rich's hands and brought him round in front of me.

I looked up smiling as I started to rub my hand over the large bulge that had firmed up and must have been close to the boiling point. I gave it a nice lick upwards with my tongue. Putting a couple of fingers into the waist trousers he and I undid what needed undoing and I started to pull them down. I was greeted with a lovely 7 inch cock well on its way to being sucked, but at that moment it was right in front of my face.

I took Rich's dick in my hand and started to give it a slow stroke. I pushed it to one side and moved my mouth forward so my tongue could start exploring his balls. Rich moved his legs slightly apart and I heard a low moan as I took one of his balls into my mouth and ran my tongue around it while stroking his cock a bit harder with my hand.

Giving both his balls the attention of my mouth and tongue I soon had a completely rock hard cock in my hand and a gooey precum leak on my fingers.

Starting at the base of his cock I licked up to the head with the tip of my tongue. Giving a flick at the top I repeated this a few times. Looking up I could see Rich looking intently as I worked on his cock.




"Counsel will refer to me in this Court House as 'Judge' or 'Your Honor', I'm quite sure I've earned it," I told him with a smirk.  I'd stolen the line from "A Few Good Men."  Was it just me, or was everyone watching that movie waiting for Tom Cruise to fuck Demi Moore?  Demi is still pretty hot, but back then, early or mid 20's, whatever she was, mmm, yeah.  Oh, wait, I was sucking Rich's cock in the Court House...

Taking the base of his cock in my hand I put my lips around the head of his lovely cock. I ran my tongue around the head, flicking the tip of my tongue over the slit at the top.

I've been told my lips were made to wrap around a cock, and on that occasion, since I planned on seducing Rich, I was in Slut Mode and had a deep red lipstick on my dick sucking lips. I moved my mouth further down his cock, then pulled back a bit, then taking it deeper again. As took him in my mouth I pressed my tongue under his cock and pushed it against the roof of my mouth. I was greeted with more moans from Rich. I felt a primal hunger.

Moving up and down his cock I was taking it deeper and deeper into my mouth. I took my hand off the base of his cock and started to tickle his balls gently with my fingernails. After a little while I had him all in my mouth with my nose pressing against his pubic bone.

I've never had a problem taking cocks in my mouth. I don't think I have a gag reflex. So counselor Rich at around 7 inches was no problem.

After bobbing up and down a few times I took all of his cock and kept it in my mouth. I started to make swallowing motions with my mouth and tongue. I've been told by guys this feels like their cock is being massaged by my mouth.

Rich moaned louder then gently put his hands on my head and pulled his cock out of my mouth. I looked at him a bit surprised.


[And this is now where I was describing me sucking Rich's cock earlier in this blog entry. Still with me? *Wink!]

 "Shit." He said. "Dolly, Judge, Your Honor, all of you, fuck, that was the best blow job I've ever had. But it was starting to get a bit too good. I'd like to see what else you have to offer before cumming."

"Very well, counsel, I'll take that under advisement" I said. I stood up and indicated for him to sit down on over on the sofa.  It was more of a lounge, come to think of it. I reached into my bag and grabbed the first condom I felt.  I knew I'd brought enough. I pulled Rich's clothes all the way off once he was on the lounge.

I pulled off my running pants and was naked.  Rich said nothing, he was more impressed with what he could now see, that being my shaved pussy as well as my tits. As I'd expected my pussy was quite wet and looking forward to a nice cock in it.

I opened the condom, placed it on Rich's still rock hard cock and rolled it down using my hand and mouth. I gave a few more sucks to make sure he was still hard.

Once I was certain about that I stood up and straddled Rich as he looked at me. I took his cock in my hand and rubbed the head along the slit of my pussy a few times before positioning it at the opening.

Lowing myself slowly I felt the head slowly penetrating me. Rich rolled his head back as he felt his cock enter me. Moving up and down I took more and more of his cock inside me until my clit was pressing on his pubic bone.

I leant forward, my long hair falling over his face and my tits right in front of his face. I gave Rich a kiss on his neck then moved up and we had a full kiss. His tongue was into my mouth in a second and we pressed our tongues together.

Breaking the kiss I started rocking my pussy over his cock then moving up and down it. Rich took one of my nipples in his mouth, sucking it and flicking it with his tongue. I love that and started to ride his cock even more.

Rich moaned a few "Oh God's" and took both my tits in his hands, massaging them and swapping his mouth between my nipples. I was getting wetter and riding his cock hard. I would press my clit into his pubic bone to make sure it was getting the attention it needed.

As you lovers of mine know, I love being in control and being able to determine when I come. When I've ridden guys a couple have said it felt more like I fucked them rather than the other way around. Isn't that the point though, for us both to enjoy it.  I do ride like a champion, don't I?  *Wink!

After a few minutes I could feel Rich was getting close to cumming. I started to ride harder to make sure I was going to enjoy it as well. His body started to stiffen and he arched his back. A few more strokes with my pussy and his cock started to pulsate inside me. I put a finger on my clit and pushed hard against his pubic bone. Combined with a cock pumping inside me I came a second after Rich let go inside me.

 Rich let out a big sigh. I keep rocking on his cock but at a slower pace.

"OMG, holy fuck Judge.  I mean literally. Wow, fuck." He exclaimed eventually. His cock still deep inside my pussy. "That was fantastic. Though I think it might take me awhile to recover."

"Glad you enjoyed it. Justice may be blind but this judge isn't and I saw in your eyes you were going to be my play toy, Rich. I mean counsel."

"Yes you certainly did."  He was still a bit flustered.  "Fuck that was hot, your pussy feels so amazing."

Without taking his cock out of my pussy I reached around and picked up our glasses. I handed Rich his champagne.

"Cheers." I said. Rich managed to weakly raise his glass. Maybe he's not as fit as I thought he was. I was ready for round two and didn't want to be disappointed.

Sitting on top of Rich I started to massage his chest with my hands. For his age, he was athletic with good muscles. I leant forward and gave Rich another kiss. Love feeling a man's tongue in my mouth after I've blown him, feeling him encounter traces of his man pre-juice. Using my pussy muscles to squeeze his cock I could feel it slowly getting smaller.

I climbed off Rich, rolled the condom off his cock and wrapped it in some tissues I grabbed out of my bag, then stepped into my private lavatory and flushed.

He still looked winded, like he'd seen stars.  I'd had an orgasm, liked it, but not so much that I couldn't think straight.

 "Still recovering?" I asked.

"Yes," Said Rich. "That was amazing."


And that's when we shifted positions, and I nuzzled in and snuggled intimately with Rich, about where we were at the start of this story. Nude, sweaty, post-coital, me feeling powerful as I now had Rich in my power and control, Rich having had his first piece of Dolly and knowing he wanted to fuck me more.  I'm addictive that way.  I sensed my late husband was watching, smiling.  He always did love hearing about my extramarital adventures.  Only, now I wasn't married.  Was it still naughty?  Sure it was, I assured myself, Rich was married, and a married lawyer just fucked and got sucked by a circuit court judge in the court house.  I let him know that he was the first such fuck of my judgeship.


"I won't be the last, will I, Dolly?"


"No, but I'm holding you in contempt, counsel, you've been instructed how to address me.  I sentence you to cunnilingus of sufficient qualify and duration to cause me to cum on your face.  You may service me, counselor."


"Yes, your honor.  May it please the court...."


(Oh, did it ever!)


Purely fictional fantasy for your reading pleasure!

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