A Gift That Will Keep Giving

‘Twas a couple of days before Christmas and one of my regular Dolly dates and I lie in his bed, tangled, sweaty, still catching our breath and happy in post coital bliss. “Damn, Dolly, you just keep getting better. You and that built-for-sex body of yours are exactly what I needed before joining the rest of my family at the in-laws. Good, loud, headboard slamming sex definitely isn’t going to be on the menu while visiting family for the holidays,” he laughed. I smiled at Mike, and gently ran a finger along his recovering cock. He’d flown me to his city and told me I was his Christmas present to himself. I leaned into Mike’s chest, some gray hairs mixed in with the dark brown around his nipples, and nipped at him with my teeth. I love being so familiar with my lovers. “You keep getting better too, Mike. I love when you make me yours.” He caressed me. Our overnighter was in its final hours, so we were getting some while we still could.


Lying in the dark, my lover’s hands resumed exploring my body and his teeth biting into my neck. “Ah, it seems someone wants me some more, please don’t stop!” MMMM, my body reacts to him and I am more than willing to go again. Okay, sure, when am I not willing to go? Mike once told me sex must be like oxygen for me. I told him “no, I can hold my breath and go for almost four minutes without oxygen...”

"I have a Christmas gift for you, do you want it?" he asked.

"Didn’t you already give me a few presents?” I questioned. I noticed a serious holiday bonus in the gift envelope when I arrived, and he’d thrilled me with his mouth, hands and cock for almost a full day, allowing for a great extended rest and nap and fruit and cheese and sparkling water and herbal tea break somewhere between the middle of the night when his pecker finally insisted on a break and mid-morning, when I awoke to that rejuvenated dick poking my ass. 


“So this gift,” I asked, glancing at the clock by the side of Mike’s marital bed, “Do I just get it once? We’ve still got a while, I'll gladly have a 2nd helping of that!" I responded. If I may digress, and don’t I always (*wink!), it’s so naughty and dangerous that Mike brings me into his marital bed for sex. The first time was a little role play, then a few more times. Now it’s just Mike and Dolly, but this earlier extended appointments, when this empty nester’s socialite wife traveled did have some devilishly fun moments as I did my best to give Mike his fantasies of fucking his wife’s best friend is their bed, his wife’s younger sister in their bed, his wife’s tennis doubles partner in their bed... eventually he’d acted out those fantasies and then told me “I actually change out the linens, Barbara’s never been on these sheets or under this blanket, I keep these elsewhere and break them out just for you.”


But back to my pre-Christmas fuck and gift visit to Mike’s house of sexual fulfillment...

"Not exactly" he said. Mike rolled off of the bed and stood next to it. He pulled my legs towards him, "Get on your hands and knees, Dolly" he directs and guided my ass up off the bed and into the air.

I do as my wonderful late 50’s lover asks. I hear a drawer open. I hear rustling and I turn to look towards him. It's pretty dark in his room as the twilight has settled in and I can make out something in his hands, but not what exactly. "What are you doing?" I ask

He playfully spanked my ass and exclaimed "No peeking, Dolly baby, I told you it's an early Christmas gift!"

I turn my head back, my pussy wet in anticipation but a little nervous, not knowing exactly what he has in mind.

In a moment, I feel his hands on my ass and then his face in my pussy. Mmmmm, God, Mike is one of those who knows I make sure every bit of me is immaculate and ready for your mouth during a Dolly date and he takes full advantage. Men, if you’re reading this, really, follow the leader, your mouths are welcome everywhere in and in me. Pleasure awaits. 


Mike drove his tongue into me from behind. Lapping at me, he licks me from clit to my ass, stopping on my ass to tongue my backdoor, squeezing my ass with his strong hands.

“Mmmmmm, fuck that is nice,” I gasp.  He stands, removing his hands from my ass for a moment. I hear the familiar sound of a bottle of lube opening. An assfucking? Is that his gift? I'm all for a nice round of anal, but it seems odd to me that he didn't just ask to fuck my ass, as he usually does, but hey, it's Christmas, right? ;)

I feel his slickened fingers start to probe my ass and I lean down, putting my toned, runner’s ass a little higher in the air for my man. He has one hand below, rubbing my smooth, hairless pussy lips and the other one pushing his lubed fingers into my ass. He finger fucks my ass for a minute, and then withdraws once he decides I'm ready.


I wait with anticipation as I hear the condom wrapper rip open, excited for the familiar, wonderful feeling of a man’s nice cock head at my sphincter, but that is when he surprised me.


I feel the tip of a toy at my pussy lips. A little thinner than his cock, I feel it begin to enter me. Then I feel his cock at my ass and I realized what he has in mind.  I have been sex’d with a toy and a cock at the same countless times before, a little do it yourself DP and it can be nice and hot, although a little awkward at times. Even a good multi-tasker can have problems doing two things at once! But then I realize as I feel that wonderful feeling of his cock slipping into my ass and me closing around him that he has both hands on my ass. How is that working?

As my Mike slips his swollen condom covered cock in my ass, I'm getting filled up with a toy in my pussy, filling me up in unison. My breath is hit and miss and I try to ask him what he has done but all that comes out is "wha....?”

He gets his motion down and suddenly I'm getting a good double penetration fuck. He pauses for just a moment then suddenly the toy in my tight, cock-loving pussy starts to vibrate and he is back to thrusting into me. I am moaning uncontrollably in a matter of seconds and Mike is driving me to the edge of ecstasy by fucking me good and steady with his new tool.

I was ready and looking forward to some anal, but getting a good DP was a surprise and is just the thing I needed, it seems! 

Wave after wave, I come hard and loudly. My breasts are swaying with his hip thrusts and my nipples brush the sheets on the bed, a wonderful sensation I had never noticed before and then Mike delivers a perfectly timed smack to my ass and I'm over the moon with glorious stimulation.

I came twice before I feel Mike's body stiffen and hear his grunt as his hot come shoots in his condom, deep into me. Oh my god!

Mike’s cock has been worked to its limits these past twenty plus hours, and it was retreating and slipping out of my ass and the toy was pulling out at the same time. Once he was completely out of me, I turned around and sat up on the edge of the bed. I reach over and turn on the light and I see the gift Mike had thrilled me with.

Mike had a cock ring with a pink vibe attached. The vibe is thinner than Mike’s cock, like I said, and a touch longer. Mike reached down and shut off the vibrating egg at the base. Damn that thing worked great, really felt like the toy itself was vibrating.


I look up at Mike and he grinned and gave me a big "Merry Christmas Dolly baby. I knew you’d like your present but I don’t think you should put this under your parent's tree.”

"Good call," I said "You always get me the nicest things!"


I nearly dozed off on the way to the airport for my flight back to south Florida, half-way hoping the TSA agent might inspect my carry-on and allow me to give a wink and a grin in response to his surprised look.


Happy holidays, everyone. Wishing you all a safe, healthy holiday season, and here’s to great sex, you and me together, in the new year.


Purefly fictional fantasy for your reading pleasure!

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