Hot Personal Trainer Shares Her Husband With Dolly

I could feel Morris' softening cock and his cum on my leg as he clumsily removed the condom he'd worn when his married cock fucked my pussy until he came.   I didn't mind that I hadn't managed to cum from his decent-sized dick in my tight, wet, hungry pussy.  After all, his sexy wife Melissa her knees between his legs manipulating had worked me with her expert fingers and tongue to a screaming orgasm while he pumped her from behind, and then after I came he put on a condom and finished his fucking in my freshly pleased body.  He'd only needed to feel the inside of me for maybe a few minutes at most when he stiffened, sucked my bottom lip hard, and then groaned "oh fuck" as he made me glad about that condom.  Melissa's eyes never left his gradually shrinking member. She bent over and took in her mouth. She tasted my juices from the outer areas of his loins, where his body had squished into me.  She'd already tasted me, of course, but now my taste was mixed with the remnants of his cum that still coated his cock now that the condom was on the floor. Noticing her doing that, I experienced a tingling in my cunt. I was still horny even though I'd had four or more orgasms in the last hour. All by her.  Morris was subordinate to Melissa, and just as she'd promised during the weeks at the gym that she gradually befriended me and then built to a three way with her husband, I had indeed enjoyed the experience even if Morris had been a definite silver medalist in the sex competition between Morris and Melissa.  I'd have thought he would have lasted longer after both Melissa and I had jointly sucked him off before she went down on me.  Thinking of all the sex with this married couple, I touched myself and felt a jolt of pleasure course through me.


We dozed off, though not for long.  Three in a bed never adds up to a full night's sleep.  But there are much better things than sleep to experience in a bed.  Especially with a personal trainer like Melissa, who was Morris' third and sexiest wife.  Number one had gone quickly, Melissa told me, a true starter marriage between young college graduates who seemed a great match on paper but found that marriages aren't lived on paper, and little annoyances in the real world can sometimes grow into big resentments.  So she'd left, saying, "better we split up now, two years in and no kids, before I have a couple babies and then have to break it to you that they're your boss's children.  DeWayne fucks me like I never imagined, and I'd have never even considered fucking a black man but I was so miserable with you, fighting all the time, and so I let him seduce me when you got called away from that office picnic and there is no going back now." 


My jaw was just sort of slack, "poor Morris" I said.  Hey, it’s not like I was faithful to my husbands, but I never tried to humiliate or taunt them about it.  Though the taboo aspect of a sexy white wife submitting to her husband's black boss and becoming addicted to black cock...well, there's a reason there's so much interracial porn.  Hot dirty stuff to imagine, you know.


Melissa winked at me.  "I checked that box on my sexual career checklist in college.  Track athlete, I did heptathlon until I tore my ACL.  My rehab never got me back to competition form, but I got to be close to some hot bodies, changed my major to kinesiology, and that's how I became a personal trainer. Anyway, I can understand number one liked dark meat, but I was content to experiment briefly, that's all.  So anyway, Morris was so hurt that he couldn't understand why his body responded so positively to the idea that his wife was cheating on him, and thought he needed to find someone who was the opposite of number one.  Which is why number two was someone he met in church, a pretty but sexually repressed woman with a strong standing in the community.  Two children, and I swear they might have only fucked the two times without a condom and she wouldn't suck it and for handjobs, well, a guy can do that for himself.  So that divorce cost him more, since she was viewed as morally pure by the mediator and most of the legal community and he was caught on tape saying things about needing to get his dick sucked and how much he needed sex.  Sounded like such a fucking perv, I guess.  Just sort of sad, to me,  Again.  Poor guy."


"So, how'd you get to be wife number three, Melissa?"


"Morris came into my former gym, the one I didn't have any ownership in, to drown his loneliness in workouts and to hope to meet women.  I'd watch him approach most of the biggest sluts in the club, women who were fucking most every guy with enough gumption to try, and I could tell he was having mixed feelings the way he'd be all awkward around them after dates."


Now mind you, this whole conversation about Morris' married sexual history was taking place in a hot tub at Morris and Melissa's home, just the two of us women, both nude, while we drank white wine and touched each other's skin, tits, legs....


Melissa continued, "So I asked him if he at the gym to get fit and in shape or to chase sluts.  He was taken aback, and said, 'Oh my God, you're right, I...I guess I'm attracted to sluts.'  Dolly, I laughed out loud, and said, ' then I'm so insulted you haven't asked me out.  Oh, I'll fuck around on you if we go out, but I'll satisfy your needs, not do things in a way to hurt you.  You see, Morris wasn't in bad shape when he came in to see me, and he was in great shape after just a couple months with me, and he is in corporate finance so it was really intriguing to see if he might be sub to me, let me cuckold him, and still have a good relationship.  For us, this all works."


I think I straddled Melissa after she finished that story and we got wet in more ways than a hot tub alone could do for us.

 But now back to my actual first three way with Melissa and Morris.  I was awakened from our attempt to all three sleep in the same bed by the shaking.  Melissa's head was bobbing up and down on Morris' growing cock. She masturbated him and his tool grew rigid. He smiled languidly and lovingly at her. I leaned up on an elbow to watch at a better angle, and they noticed my return to the conscious world.  "Sorry to wake you, Dolly, my sweet husband's cock kept pressing into me and I couldn't sleep."  She winked.  Morris grinned and looked a bit bashful.   She took him back in her mouth, then gagged and pulled back, stroking his hard, spit-coated member, then without speaking Melissa mounted him and rotated his cockhead against her pussy lips. I knew how enjoyable that felt. I can't think of anything as silky as a cock on my own lower lips! It's heaven! I was massaging my lips now but my fingers could not compare to a cock. 

 Melissa was thrusting down on Morris' cock. Her back was so toned, she looked like the uber-physical specimen of fitness chick sexy fuck partner.  Narrow waist, tiny in fact, slender but shapely hips, flat hard abs, perfect 32C -cup tits that were enhanced and felt amazing.  She had light brown hair, some highlights, amazing green eyes, and full lips that needed to suck a cock or merge with a pussy and got lots of practice doing those things.  She could talk dirty and would tell Morris about her slutty exploits when she returned home.  He loved it.  Her legs, those athlete's muscular but not huge legs, flexing as she rode him, her triceps flexing as she braced herself against his chest.  I let out an involuntary moan, suddenly realizing that I'd reached down to twiddle my diddle while she did the fucking and Morris provided the fuck tool.  Hot sex, right in front of me, between a married couple, both of whom I myself had fucked just a couple hours earlier.  God I was glad I'd joined her gym and taken her class. She smiled at me again, then closed her eyes, telling him, "make me cum so I won’t have to fuck another man today, baby, don't you want me to let you be my man all day, not like when I fuck your handsome friends and your gray haired daddy." 


Wait, ... what?  "Holy shit!" I burst out.  And they froze and turned to me. Morris spoke,  "Dolly, its role play.  My fantasy, not Melissa's, I love the mixed feelings it causes, but Melissa's never really fucked my dad.   It’s a turn on for us, just like having you join us in our bed is, too.  The resumed fucking, and Melissa bit down on her bottom lip, closed her eyes again, and grunted, "shit, just keep fucking that cock into me, Morris, fuck me good and you can keep me home a while longer.  Then she arched her back and shuddered.  I understood the feeling of having your vaginal walls stretched by a great big cock. I was turned on, jealous, and just plain loving my new sexual outlet of Melissa and Morris, who I sometimes collectively referred to as "M & M".

 Melissa was now fucking Morris faster, and she and Morris were both smiling, looking intently and adoringly into each other's eyes. His long fingers were caressing her breasts, squeezing and pulling gently on her nipples. Her head was thrown back as she abandoned herself to all the sensations she was experiencing. Morris was moving his pelvis up and down in rhythm with Melissa's movements. Her head fell forward, her hair tumbling across her face. Morris grabbed her hips and helped her increase her up and down motion on his cock. She stiffened again and dug her nails into him.  So hot to see her great French manicure digging into his flesh, her diamond engagement and wedding rings glistening in the reflected light from the television that was on a random channel now showing a middle of the night infomercial.  She held him tight, squeezed him to a stop.

"God, stop, fuck, Morris, you've made me come again! I love you, but I'm way too sensitive just now to keep fucking you."

I repositioned myself.  I was wet, ready, and my nipples were hard.  "Morris, share that cock with me.  Melissa, put his cock in me, help your husband fuck me.  He can cum in me, you can eat your husband's cum from my pussy...."  Now it was their turn to look at me with open jaw.  I smiled.  "Now I'm the one role-playing, guys, don't worry."


Soon enough, Morris continued fucking, only now he was with me, thrusting into me, wearing a condom, and with his hands still on my hips, pulling my pelvis down on his swollen and veined but not bare cock.  I felt something else, it was Melissa.  Her fingers on my tits, then elsewhere, then her mouth on my flesh.  She took one of my hands and put it between her thighs.  "Feel how wet I am, Dolly, but he didn't cum in me this time, let him cum in you to make up for all the men I let cum inside me, right here in the bed I share with him." 


I no longer cared what was true or not true, as I knew he was wearing a condom and this was so dirty and taboo and I loved having sex with my new friends. And then suddenly Morris changed angles and  I was saying, "....yes, right there, oh fuck, yes, don't stop. Keep fucking me."
"I'm coming, oh fuck am I ever coming. I love your big cock in me, lover. God, it's not stopping!" as I reached another climax. I was coasted in perspiration. Finally, I collapsed on him and we kissed tenderly as Melissa intimately introduced herself into our post-coital mess of entwined limbs and genitalia. Morris turned to his wife, looked back to me for approval, I perceived, and I whispered, "go ahead, fuck her, fuck Melissa, she's your wife, she's such a hot fuck. if you don't fuck her, a lotta guys are going to."  He rolled Melissa on her back. But his condom clad middle of the night fuck dick was still in me. He had not come again, not yet. He fucked me slowly, penetrating me fully and then, almost withdrawing from my pussy as he knelt between his wife's legs and used his mouth on one of the sloppiest pussies I have ever made love to.

I was masturbating my clit now as I observed Morris' butt cheek muscles. I found it so sexy, but what I really wanted again was to watch them making love. Morris was accelerating his strokes and he and I were moving in tandem. I moved my mouth closer to his and kissed him, then I dismounted.  It seemed to break a spell he was in.  "You need to fuck your wife, maybe fuck a baby into her.  It’s so hot to be your lover and Melissa's lover while you two play around and maybe get pregnant together."


He pushed her onto her back, and then took his place between her legs.  He took off this condom, too, and she guided his dick into her.  "Fuck your slutty wife, Mo-boy, can you feel his seed in me, your dick coated in my girl cum and your son's hot college student cum from when I fucked him in this bed before you got home, he's so much bigger than you, you need to fuck me hard so I can feel you...."  They both smirked at me and winked.  Role playing.  Whew.  Because Morris' son really was handsome and as a cougar I just might be willing to make that boy my cub.  And was I really sure Melissa wasn't fucking Morris' son?   I had to touch them. As I raked my nails down Morris' back, I felt it arching and I knew he was coming. And so was Melissa. And it seems my hand had made its way back to my sex and I was right behind them. 

Later, Morris was lying on Melissa and I stretched out beside them. "I love you guys. You have given me the best fucked up kinky fantasy sex ever." "We love you too, Dolly," they both replied. Morris slid between Melissa and me and he wrapped us both in his arms and we laid our head on his chest. My left hand reached out for Morris' cock. Melissa had the same idea and her right hand found mine and we shared holding our lover's soft wet cock.


Purely fictional fantasy for your reading pleasure!

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