The Rain Delay

"So the whole schedule has been pushed back because of the rain, and he asked me to find you and let you know your presentation would be rescheduled for the last day of the conference, not during a working dinner tonight because they're about four hours late getting started on the golf course so they won't be back for dinner."


Mrs. Dolly Jewel was the embodiment of sex appeal even as she delivered the news to James.  The presentation that he had spent weeks preparing for his law firm's annual meeting had been postponed. She was an object of lust. The stuff hard dicks are made of. The hottest MILF he could imagine. He had always struggled to stay courteous and professional whenever he was in her presence, which was just a couple times a year, usually a Christmas party, or summer picnic, or when the firm would sponsor some black tie fundraiser. She was the senior partner's wife. Compared to her, James was a couple rungs down the totem pole, wasn't born to the wealth Harrison Jewel had been born to, and frankly hadn't made a fraction of the monetary success Harrison had secured through his own career. And here Dolly Jewel was letting him know that virtually the rest of the firm, the 90% who went to play golf today, would stay up at the course at least until virtual darkness, and then it was a two-hour ride back to the hotel. The PowerPoint presentation that he'd stayed behind to rehearse and make sure the lighting and sound were all choreographed, well, he wasn't making that presentation today. And hello, Dolly, Mrs. Dolly Jewel, a former Miss Florida-turned-fitness competitor and marathoner, Harrison's sexy trophy wife, took the call and knew where to find him in the ballroom to let him know he could call it a day.


It would have been easy to despise Harrison, managing partner or not. Look who he got to go home to. He was sixty years old, more than twenty years older than Dolly, and he got to go home to her, be with her, .... and all in the lap of luxury, too. On the other hand, there were some things he liked about his life that seemed better than Harrison Jewel’s life. He had never been through two divorces like Harrison had, and he had a good relationship with his son, and had been there when his son was growing, up not out on business most every night like Harrison was while his children were being raised by his former wives. He knew many people wealthier than he was, and wealthier than Harrison even, and many of them were miserable. Sure, his marriage had some gaps. Health problems for his wife, differences in priorities that were bridged with compromises that left her happy, left his son happy, and left him, well, if not exactly happy, he had domestic peace. His wife didn’t look like Dolly Jewel, no one’s wife did, but she indulged him, allowing him boys' nights out and not asking too many questions, sporting event tickets, the man cave big screen. It often felt more middle class than upper middle class, but except for the lack of sex, it was a good life, he often told himself.


It was happening again, James realized. She let her eyes linger on his a moment longer than felt comfortable. There was always a sexual tension, an undefined energy between him and Dolly. Or was she just personally flirty and that was all part of it. But he couldn’t deny that if he went into a laboratory and created his perfect ideal woman, she'd be Mrs. Dolly Jewel. That she never seemed to back away from their charged-feeling interactions half scared him, and half gave him embarrassing erections at the worst possible times. Like now, in the hotel conference center ballroom, just the two of them...did she make everyone feel this way?


She bit her bottom lip. He'd seen that before, When Harrison made the self-deprecating joke that he was such a great leader because he knew how to use the talent in his organization by delegating, and now that he was getting up in years it looked like he might need to delegate satisfying Dolly, too. What did it mean that she bit her lip, then or now? It was a sexy look. Slightly vulnerable. Nothing else about her was vulnerable.

She was stunning. A model's smile, blue eyes, blonde hair below her shoulders, at the moment pulled into a pony tail but ordinarily worn down, straight, tanned, perfect, minimalist make up, a body to die for. Looked like she could fuck a man in half. Just might have, in fact. She was young enough to be Harrison’s daughter. Standing in front of him in a tennis skirt, tight fitting tank top, tennis shoes, deep red manicure, biting her lip after being the bearer of bad news.


"Well I'm all sweaty, I must reek, but Harrison didn't know who else to call, so he asked me to get you the message. He knew you'd be here and not at the course."


Why hadn't he instructed his assistant Paula, the one who was always there because business never rests, call or text him, he wondered. Or leave a message through the hotel voicemail? Whatever.


"It happens, just like when we get all ready for trial, show up, and the Judge issues a continuance", James remarked. "I appreciate you finding me and letting me know. I guess I've got some downtime. Good."


"You're not the only one. I get stood up too when business calls," Dolly replied knowingly.


A pause. The implication that here we both were, in a hotel, without our spouses.  "Where's Betsy?" Dolly had asked when he happened upon her in the lobby on check-in day.  "She’s a teacher. School starts early," was his quick answer, again trying to keep his eyes off her. Had been really tough that time, as she was in a pair of flip-flops on her tanned feet with matching pedicure, legs that went on forever, a cover-up hiding her slender hips and world-class ass.  Her propensity for teeny bikinis was known, so that was undoubtedly what was underneath, and that six-pack tummy and enhanced D-cups barely contained in a bright hot magenta metallic string bikini top, only slightly concealed in a button up waist-length sheer gauzy top that gave a hint of modesty to her un-concealable sexual magnetism. And now again.


"I'd probably be broke if I was married to you. I would never stand you up, would always place you before business, so I have to hand it to Harrison, staying focused like he does."


Did he really blurt that out loud?


A smile, as she said, "Well. you can prove that by meeting me at the Overlook Bar in forty minutes for a glass of wine. I'm buying. Is it a date?" she asked with a wink.


He sensed that she wanted him to flirt back, so he did.


"A hot date. See you then." As she turned, she bit her lip.



Chapter Two -- Wine at the Bar


He rarely pleasured himself in the shower, but he felt like he needed to after his little exchange with Dolly Jewel. The big boss's wife. Whom he was meeting for a drink downstairs. He was hopelessly attracted to her.  Perhaps rubbing one out might save him from having a raging hard-on while sitting with her in the bar overlooking the river. The Overlook Bar.  Which, as he approached, turned out to be lightly populated, since such a large collection of the hotel guests, from his firm, were all up at a golf course a hundred miles away which is famous for the pro tour event that is played there every few years.  All the partners throughout the firm considered it a treat to play the course. In his fantasy, a treat wasn’t a golf course, it was the moment later than night when his cum shot was inside her married pussy, in missionary position, her toned runner's legs locked tightly around him, her nails digging into his shoulders as she hissed "your fucking cock feels so good fucking your seed into me," He loved dirty talk, but never got a peep of it at home. Shit, he better knock it off or he’d humiliate himself by sportin’ wood with the big boss’ wife. Not smart.


She was dressed simply in a tight dress held up by spaghetti straps and her magnificent breasts, her athletic shoulders and toned, sculpted arms looking perfect. Brightly-colored pattern, perfect for the summer, ending well above the knee. Bare, spectacular legs, and about five-inch heels on strappy sandals. How women walk in such things he never understood, but they made her legs and ass look perfect. Did he detect a hint of body glitter?  She was shimmering in the late afternoon, early evening lighting. She sat, her legs crossed more strategically than any woman since Sharon Stone, and she patted her hand on the leather love seat next to her, wordlessly commanding that he sit close beside her. He sat, and before he could ask for a drink the server arrived with an over-sized glass of the same Merlot Dolly was drinking.


"I told him to, I hope you don't mind, but I love this wine and it wasn't available by the glass, and I was hoping you'd help me drink the bottle since I shouldn't drink a bottle by myself."


She smiled.


"Shouldn't?" he replied, implying that there was a method to her choice of words. Was there a history of her drinking a bottle by herself? Might be fun to see that result. They clinked glasses and he took a sip after swirling.  Nice nose, rich texture, very mellow but full-flavored merlot.  Couldn’t have picked a better one himself, he thought.


"I try to stay in control. Too much wine, lots of fun, but sometimes not so good later,” she tried to explain.


“Your secret’s safe with me,” he told Dolly, which inspired a wicked grin from her.


“My secret is, but we’ll see if I am”.


Was she trying to get him hard? If so, it was working.


They talked about the wine. He mentioned a wine class he took in college which actually gave him two pass/fail credits toward his bachelor’s degree. They discussed their dogs, both being parents to Labrador retrievers. He knew Harrison had Labs, but he'd always assumed they were from a breeder. James found it warming, (or was that the wine?) to learn that the Jewels' dogs were rescues, the same as his boys. Dolly related the story of how she had gotten the cold shoulder from Harrison's daughters, nearly her own age, when she'd met and married Harrison within about a six-month span twenty years earlier. However, things eventually smoothed out between them when Dolly proved to be a helpful rather than meddling step-grandmother to children about the same age as the son she and Harrison had together. James talked about his own son, a year ahead of Dolly's at the rival private school where Harrison, Jr. went. That's right. James remembered he'd seen her at the annual football game between the schools last year, marveling at how every other dads' heads turned to leer at this feminine vision. Most of the varsity football players’ heads turned, too. The word MILF was in frequent use that night.


Their refills were dwindling, and the over-sized glasses had allowed the bottle to drain in just four glasses instead of the usual five. He'd never spoken with her like this, he'd almost -- ALMOST-- forgotten how intimidating her stunning good looks and body were.  He was just enjoyed her wit, warmth, and friendliness, and, of course, her raging sensuality.


"Well, you joked this was a date, and I have enjoyed myself, so thank you for your company, Dolly."


He started to motion for the bill, but Dolly placed her hand on his, and he was powerless in her touch. He put his hand down, hers remained on his, and the tops of her fingers curled around his, her eyes intently focused on his.  


"This is on my room tab, just like dinner is. C'mon," she said with a head nod, and she took his hand more solidly as they stood.


"Oh, nice. So do I have a say in any of this?" he joked in a sarcastic voice.


Dolly looked up into his eyes, again freezing him and commanding his full attention.


"Any objections, counselor?"


"No ma'am" was his reply. "To the restaurant?" he suggested.


"No, counselor. Something more intimate," she said, and led him to the elevator, releasing his hand when they left the shelter of the Overlook Bar.


"No view in the restaurant, but I've got a great view in our suite from the dining room. Can you imagine that I'm in a suite with a dining room? The fucking airs Harrison puts on sometimes, " she started rambling. She was feeling the wine. "So I thought we'd order in. But why don't you give me a five-minute lead, then come on up to room 1104," and into the elevator she went.


He wondered how hard he might have been if he hadn't whacked off earlier, because he had a pile-driver between his hips right now.



Chapter Three -- Upstairs


No one was on the elevator with him. Lost in the moment, he got off on the eighth floor, his floor, anyway, and took the stairs when he realized his error. He wasn't sure if he was out of shape, nervous, or tipsy, but he was out of breath when he got to the 11th floor. He hadn't quite caught his breath when a tidal wave of anxiety kicked in as he noticed she'd left the door ajar. He knocked lightly.


"C'mon in," was the response.  


She wore the same dress, but she'd lost the shoes. There was something deeply sexual about those tanned, bare feet and that sexy pedicure. He didn't have a foot fetish, didn't want to worship or suck anyone's toes, not even Dolly's, but there was something sexually inviting about her barefoot look. Certainly on her, a woman in complete command of her environment no matter the social arena.


A tray of over-sized shrimp and bite-sized filet medallions with three dipping sauces sat on the suite's credenza, along with what appeared to be Asian dumplings, a family style bowl of Caesar salad that looked like it could feed four, and a plate of strawberries. A bottle of Perrier Jouet chilled on ice complemented the sumptuous spread.


"All this in five minutes?" He asked, genuinely. Dolly was sipping water.


"I pre-ordered before I went down to the bar."


"You knew you'd be having me up here for dinner?"


"Well, I knew I wasn't going to be eating alone, and as for my dining companion, I suppose yes, you had the best shot since we were meeting for a drink. Unless, of course, you'd prefer I called someone else and ask if they'd like to join me at the last minute?" she said with just a hint of smugness. She appeared confident and unwilling to be like most beautiful women, who live in denial and can’t leverage their obvious feminine blessings.


"No need to call anyone else. You had me once I saw the shrimp."  


They both smiled.


"Shall I do the honors?" he asked as he took the champagne in his hands.


"Please", she said, just as the pleasant popping sound of ejected cork resounded in the special suite.  After filling their respective flutes, they toasted again with another clink of glassware.


"To rain delays and golf," Dolly proposed, and he added, "and to sharing a lovely evening together".   Their eyes met as they drank, their hunger for each other growing more apparent by the second.


They each filled their little plates with samplings from each tray on the credenza, and they sauntered out to the balcony as she showed him the view of the resort from their vantage point.  He marveled at the opulence of the suite. He noticed, during the mini-tour Dolly gave him, that the turn-down service had already taken care of the beds. Interestingly, there were two bedrooms, a king in each.


"So what's with the two bedrooms? Is that just how the suites are here?"


Dolly drained the last of her second glass of champagne, and she stepped up to face him.  She was six inches shorter than him now that she was barefooted.


"He snores. He gets up early for the meetings and I don't want to be disturbed. And I'm an insomniac, so I don't want to disturb him when I watch reruns of “Cold Case” and “Law & Order” in the middle of the night. And we each respect the fact that neither of us makes a big deal about him fucking Paula, which seems crazy, since he can't meet my needs but he's got some left for her? Weird, don't you think?"


He was silent. Had she really said that?  Dolly saw his eyes widen as she sported a little grin.


"You didn't know? I thought everyone knew." she continued.


Dolly then locked her eyes on his, with a knowing smile, bit her lip, then with a gleam in her eye stepped directly in front of him, raised herself up on her tiptoes, placed her hands on his shoulders to pull closer, and tilted her head slightly.  He instinctively lowered his face to hers as their lips met.  He felt a sudden flood of heat flow through his entire body, and he was incredulous as he parted his lips and felt her tongue invade his mouth.  He responded with a kiss that felt natural, deeply expressive, in spite of the fact that he hadn’t kissed another woman like this since his marriage to Betsy. It was a kiss of implied sexual intimacy. They kissed until he needed a breath, James still trying to get a sense of exactly what was happening.  He wrapped his hands into the small of her back, held her close, and while immediately being wowed by the feel of her firm, fit, sexy back, he asked the hopeful, lustful question that popped into his head, and which was obviously swelling up in his little head as well.


“So, if Harrison does, do you also..." he started.


"A few times, I have, yes, so far." she answered before he had finished his sentence. "A divorce would be a scandal, and Harrison doesn't want that. Paula can be bought off whenever he gets through with her. She's not the first, I've since learned.  Shirley, Harrison's secretary, the nice Jewish mother that she is, told me about it once she knew I'd found text messages sent on his phone on a day when he'd left it at home.  She told me everything when she saw the anger in my eyes, the background, the first girl before Paula, and she said to me, "I'm so sorry, darling. I've hated that it was my job to keep all that quiet.'" A deep sigh emerged from her as she softened slightly. “Shirley’s a good person.  She’s just got a shitty boss.”


He nodded knowingly. All the attorneys at the firm knew, if they paid any attention, that Shirley knew where all the bodies were buried.  While he listened, Dolly took his hand, interlocked their fingers, and started leading him to her bedroom.


"He's not going to divorce me.  I'm still sexy arm-candy for him, I've got a brain, and I know how the game is played. I don’t give him shit about it, I do the wifely society things he needs, and let’s be honest.  Financially and materialistically, it’s got its perks.  So, at least for the foreseeable future, I’m willing to put up with the price. I’ve been hurt, though, and I do have needs.”


"I first had extramarital sex with one of Harrison’s son-in-law's business partners, who, it turns out, went to Florida State with me. He's divorced, was part of a group that we hosted, along with Harrison's daughters and their spouses, at our lake house. Harrison left first, claiming it was for business, but it was for a tryst with Paula, I'm quite sure. Then our kids and Mike...that was his name...were packing up when I asked Mike to help me with something.  I explained that there wouldn't be a man around the cabin after he left. Of course, what I wanted him to help me with was fucking me, fucking the shit out of me, and he did. We've found two other times since then to get together. He's my fuck buddy. Nothing more. But he's dangerous because he's single and might want more. I like fucking him. He can go for a long time. He seems to get off on fucking me in a million positions. I let him cum on me, and he said that that makes him feel like he's a porn star. But the last time we fucked, he mentioned taking an out-of-town trip together. "Shit, is he kidding?", I thought. "I had to cut that bullshit right out!", she laughed.


"So, with a world full of single available guys who all want to fuck you," James asked, using the F word for the first time with her, "why me?"


Not that he was hesitant. He was sitting on the edge of the bed by now, had kicked off his shoes, wasn't wearing any socks, and was assisting Dolly as she knelt before him, un-tucking his shirt and undoing his belt.


"You've always looked at me like you wanted to fuck me, like you'd been fantasizing about it. I don’t want to sound conceited, but I get looked at a lot. The difference is that you seem to put purposeful thought into it, your eyes aren’t saying, “Wham bam, suck me, Dolly”. I checked the schedule for the conference and saw that you weren't on the golf-outing list because of your upcoming presentation. I figured that my best chance would be after your presentation when Harrison and the boys all went out onto the Overlook patio downstairs to smoke cigars. I remembered you don't enjoy cigars from last year's Christmas party. I waited for you to arrive in the lobby, found out that I wouldn't have to worry about Betsy this week because she wasn't here with you, and after that, you were easy prey. And then the forecast for rain played right into my plans. That was just icing on the cake.  So, when I mentioned the rainy forecast to Harrison, and he confirmed that they would go up to the golf course anyway so all the out-of-towners could enjoy the chance to tour the club, I kept an eye out for you.  I called Paula, asked about what would happen now that it was raining, she told me the new game plan, and I volunteered to get word to you about it."


She lifted his shirt over his head. He wasn't in great shape. This wasn't about boy-toy screwing. Dolly could get that elsewhere. Prospects for that role had indeed been indentified, and she was in the due-diligence phase. This was about pent-up lust. This was about being in bed with an older, mature man, an eager lover, but one with his own family to lose, who would understand that there were limits to her involvement. Mutually-assured marital destruction would not ensue because both of them would be mindful of the consequences of exposing their seemingly-impromptu date.

She unzipped his pants, and his cock burst out from the fly in his boxer shorts, already thick, hard, with a drop of pre-cum on the tip.  Dolly leaned forward, up on her feet slightly, to kiss him again. His hands found the sides of her breasts. She broke the kiss.


"We're going to have fun” . she said with dripping sensuality, her panther-like eyes fixed on his, keeping him entranced under her spell.  “Do you like to eat pussy? I love to have my pussy licked, and Harrison's not into it. I like it all. You can fuck my ass, cum in my mouth, and tell me to swallow. I'm on the pill, but we should use a condom. I took the liberty of bringing them."


She lifted her dress over her head. No bra, that much he'd known. His eyes now feasted on her stringy black thong that barely covered her mound of love.  That was thrilling for him, but even more exciting to see was her slipping it off as she planted her outstretched hand on his stomach to brace herself as she did so. He felt his cock twitch skyward when he saw that Dolly was shaved bare. Oh my, was she was beautiful, a physical specimen. She silently slid his boxers off just before her mouth found his burning, throbbing cock.



Chapter Four -- Becoming Lovers


"Oh, my fucking God…" he hissed as he exhaled, amazed at the heat emanating from her mouth on his organ. He had done his fair share of dating before marriage, but there was nothing in his memory banks that matched the sensation he was feeling at that moment. His next thought was "and this is just the beginning?"


Dolly slid her hands onto his thighs, fingers spread, as if she was a big-game cat steadying her prey after capture. And really, wasn't that exactly what was happening? She moaned as she slid her luscious lips slowly along the shaft of his cock, the vibration causing his thighs to quiver.  Dolly responded by sliding her perfectly-polished fingernails on the underside of his balls as she encircled his shaft with her skilled tongue while bobbing her head slightly.  She then gently ran her slightly-parted lips on his swollen, purple circumcised cock head.  She used one hand to pull back her thick, blonde hair behind her as she held the base of his cock with the other. By instinct, he placed a hand on her head, following it as it bobbed back and forth on his member. He really did need to get laid, she realized, sensing the build-up in his thick cock rather quickly. He sensed it too, briefly considered that he hadn't gotten enough benefit from his shower masturbation earlier, and then acknowledged to himself that he probably had. He most definitely would not have lasted even these few brief minutes if he hadn't done so earlier, he thought.


Dolly looked up, her blue eyes capturing his green eyes, and watched his eyes follow the swirl that she gave to the head of his cock with her tongue, a smile on her face as she did so, pleased with herself for having given him such obvious pleasure, reaffirming that she was so incredibly desirable that even married men not looking to cheat wouldn't hesitate to be her lover if given the chance. She lightly cupped, then stroked his balls, backing away as she saw his calves flex and tighten.


“Slide back, baby. Let’s both get onto this bed,” she commanded him softly, and he lifted himself back onto the bed without his eyes leaving hers. The sight of her strong, toned shoulders supporting her as she crawled on all fours toward him made him glad that his cock was momentarily unattended or he knew that he wouldn’t last much longer.  She replaced her mouth and hand on his cock, lightly stroking up and down his shaft with one hand in synchronization with her ball-playing with her other hand. She released him and lay down next to him, pausing her oral and manual foreplay to gaze deeply into his mesmerized, glazed eyes. Her body next to his on the bed was absolutely scintillating.  They then turned toward each other on their sides, belly to belly.


"Mmmmmm, God that was wonderful," he said blissfully, and they kissed, passionately, their mouths moving together like a symphony now, traces of his pre-cum on her lips, an erotic reminder that this was not a dream. In fact, it far surpassed any dream he'd ever had of Dolly, or any woman for that matter. She hooked her left leg over his right leg as they faced each other, her heel behind his calf, pulling him toward her, capturing him as it were. They wrapped their arms around each other, hers appreciating the desire she felt sending a shiver through his body, and his exploring the muscle tone and definition of her body.  His cock poked into her upper thigh, and she grinned hungrily as she spit on her hand and then slid it down to begin stroking him again. He knew he needed to avoid cumming too quickly, so he surprised her, took the lead, removed her hand, and pushed Dolly over onto her back so that he was now on his hands and knees straddling her beneath him.


"I get to taste you now," was all he said, and his trip down the valley between her breasts and the narrow canyon between the twin muscle columns that formed each side of her six-pack, was a mix of soft caresses, licking, nibbling, and running his slightly-parted lips along her body. He commented at how smooth and soft her skin was, and she softly smiled as she told him that she had her skin waxed at her salon the day before.  She was obviously excited and fragrant, her hot, moist juices already responding to his overtures. His tongue took one tentative quick flick on her clit, then one slower and longer, and his mouth began a step-by-step familiarization with her womanhood,  She gasped as he did so, inviting him to pursue his imagination with her.  His fingers briefly enjoyed her breasts before he found that he enjoyed running his finger tips along her core, feeling her abs, her hips, her ass, the insides of her upper thighs. Dolly began slow, rhythmic pelvic thrusts, and he did the best he could to match her rhythm.


Sex had always driven Dolly. In high school, she didn't yet have the implants, but she was fully a woman by fifteen and spent her freshman year, the first year she was allowed to date, keeping boys' hands out of her pants. She tried to convince her dates that feeling her up and making out with her would give them enough pleasure. This was perhaps Dolly's first and last sexual miscalculation. It would never be enough she would later realize and acknowledge.


Back in the present, her married first-time lover lightly sucked her labia, and Dolly dreamily encouraged him.


"That's nice, go a little higher ....wait, wait, yes, there, like that", as he returned his tongue to the process.


Her ankles wrapped around the sides of his ribcage, holding him to her as he worshipped her pussy. Not the muscular sport fuck that she was offered by every guy at her gym who tried to hit on her. This was deeply sensual and erotic. He was much older than her first sensual fuck, when she was eighteen. She experimented with sex with the high-school boys when she was sixteen and seventeen. She enjoyed it, gained experience, but she did not feel fulfilled by their immaturity, their beginner's abilities, and she was left wanting as they simply plowed ahead satisfying their own needs without considering hers. She had accepted an invitation to a homecoming formal at a nearby university from a college student who'd gone to her high school,  who knew Dolly because he had a sister who was a classmate of hers. He had never asked her out during high school. During his last two years of high school, Stan had been having a secret but lustful affair with his uncle's second wife, who was just ten years older than Stan. "Aunt Sue", as she was called, had been his first fuck, and she had taught him well. However, when Stan asked Aunt Sue to go to his prom, she realized she needed to set him free, to release him from her web. Thankfully, he understood and got over the disappointment. But his taste for older women was cemented, and he found sensual experiences with graduate students, a departmental secretary, a coach's wife, and then during a weekend back home, with Dolly. Sure, she was three years younger than he was, but he sensed that she was a worldly soul in a world-class body. Stan asked Dolly to be his date for his fraternity’s formal, she readily accepted, and they enjoyed slow dances and slow fucks, all night long.  They then spent much of the rest of her senior year together.  He would drive back home for the weekends, or she would visit him, telling her parents that she was staying with a girlfriend from her high school.  Stan was still banging older women, but Dolly was not so self-assured at that young age that she was willing to share Stan with the other girls. So Dolly bid Stan adieu in time to find a young stud named Jenson, who was her own age, to take to her prom for a sport-fucking good time at the after-party.


Jenson, the captain of the high-school football team, was getting the best side of the deal because Dolly was already an expert in giving head.  He was blown away with her skills and blew three loads into her hungry throat within an hour.  However, she realized midway through swallowing his warm, young cum that she had absolutely no interest in him beyond the rest of the evening, and he was lost without a map at cunnilingus no matter what directions she tried to give him. Nonetheless, he was a fun prom-fuck memory, and together with her sensual Stan experience, Dolly realized that she not only loved how sex made her feel and was flattered by the appreciation of the men she had sex with.  She also had figured out something that would prove invaluable to her for the rest of her life – she was awfully damn good at sex.


Her mind left Stan and Jenson and returned to her lawyer-lover just as he began to suck gently on her clit, and slide a finger into her sopping wetness to find the textured target of her g-spot.


"Mmmm, yes, fucking go for it, suck my clit, baby...shit, yes...finger fuck me, too."


She felt her own internal temperature approaching the boiling-over point. Pretty good mouth skills for a guy who apparently isn’t getting much, she thought fleetingly, just before her sexual pleasure reached the threshold at which all else left her consciousness. Clamping her hands onto his head and thrashing her pussy rapidly across his lips when he was in just the right spot, she basically masturbated herself to her first orgasm of their evening together against his face. Like him, however, she had rubbed one out in the shower earlier, so this one was a bit longer-lasting, as her second orgasms generally were, and she enjoyed the sense of pleasure she felt radiating back to her from her lover as her stroked her skin, holding her tenderly as if trying to share some of her pleasure with her.



Chapter Five -- Their beginning is consummated


Dolly finished her climactic tremors and squeezed him between her powerful thighs.


"MMMmmmm, that was soooo nice, lover.  I love how you use your mouth on me. Come up here and share my love juice with me."


She wasn’t asking, her strong arms made it clear, as she pulled him up from his sex-servant location on all fours between her legs. The way she ran her tongue all over his lips, mouth, chin, basically every part of his face south of his nose, really turned him on. A woman savoring her own pussy juice.  His cock was at full rigidity, and she reached into the nightstand and claimed a larger-sized Magnum condom because she thought his cock was so thick that a regular-sized condom might strangle it. She'd brought a couple of different sizes with her with her since her pre-seduction research had not included package dimensions. She was quite right, however, in her reasoning that a married man not known to cheat and traveling without his wife, might be traveling sans latex.


“Oh, right, we should use that, I’m glad you have one”, he babbled, his lawyerly instincts kicking in, trying so sound responsible while he was getting overly excited by the realization that he was going to soon be inside her.


Covering his eager cock with dexterity, Dolly then flipped him back onto his back and straddled him, hovering above his sex missile, and slowly used her strong thighs to lower herself onto him with her feet flat on the bed in a position she’d learned was known as Asian Cow Girl. She slowly squatted down, millimeter by millimeter, stopping three times to raise herself back up quickly and then pump up and down over the portion of already-occupied territory, before continuing her downward mission to engulf and devour his married cock with her married pussy. Adulterous fucking in all its glory! She bet Paula wasn't thrilling Harrison anywhere close to what Dolly was doing right here for Harrison's subordinate!


Actually, Dolly knew Paula wasn't nearly as good in bed . She'd had a PI install tiny surveillance cameras in the master bedroom of their residence because she knew Harrison was too insensitive to realize the marital bedroom should be off-limits. She also had cameras installed in the master bedroom of their townhouse in the city, for occasions when a trip back out to the suburbs was not practical. The drunk house, they'd once called it.  She knew he fucked Paula there, too, so now the drunk house was also the fuck house. She had cameras installed in a few non-bedroom areas in each location for sight and sound as well.


"Fuck me, Dolly, fuck me up and down like that, I want to be all the way inside you." he begged her.


Now his hands seemed to want a relationship with her breasts, reaching up, kneading them, teasing her nipples with his fingers. She leaned forward, again, an almost animal-like pose just before pouncing, and he lifted his head up and their tongues met, followed by the rest of their mouths. He just couldn't resist her athleticism, however, and soon his hands were grasping her flexing ass, slamming her pussy down on his raging cock, feeling the strength and definition of her gluteal muscles, while teasing the rim of her puckered asshole, his fingertips pulsating back and forth as his mouth continued to savor her kisses.


He began to visualize images of what Dolly must have looked like in the fitness competitions in which she competed before she married Harrison as he rammed his married cock into her love oven again and again. He pulled her down to him, now fucking middle-aged belly to taut flat belly, a complete reversed missionary, her on top. Now all four of their arms and legs were embracing the other's body. As he started to grunt and bite down on her lip in a controlled, non-painful but kinkily erotic way, she knew she'd reached his limit for this round. However, she was just getting started. As his eyes opened widely and he gasped in ecstasy, she inwardly grinned as she’d realized another man’s erotic dreams. Dolly noticed a light sheen of perspiration on her body, and a somewhat less light sheen of the same had appeared on her lover.


As he regained his breath and enjoyed the buzz of a mind-blowing orgasm with the woman of his sexual fantasies, he glanced at the clock.  He'd been in the suite about ninety minutes, in the bedroom for half of that, and Harrison would be back in one hour. He started to move, but Dolly used her strength to pin him and hold him still. She placed a soft kiss on his lips.


"Stay. Stay in me like this. Just for a few more minutes."


She pulsed her pussy around him, her well-skilled muscles embracing his cock, milking him, locking him in place. His eyes widened as he felt that. He was speechless. Dolly was the lover of a lifetime. And their affair was just beginning. 


Purely fictional fantasy- hope you enjoyed.

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