The Cottage Story

"Yes…mmmm…oh, yes…right there…oh, yessss…just like that…God, you do that so well..."


Dolly hadn't expected her date to begin until the next day.  She was meeting an internet email friend with whom she'd exchanged many messages, revealed much of herself, emotionally as well as physically, paying particular attention to her sexual likes and dislikes. He had offered to fly her in to their destination, and she had readily agreed. She arrived there on what she thought was the night before their date would start.  She wanted to surprise her future lover and have their cottage, their love nest, all decked out for romance when he arrived.  Her plan had been to fill the refrigerator with champagne, steaks, and seafood to grill, strawberries and grapes to feed each other, and plenty of bottled water to remain hydrated during their tryst.  Dolly would place candles around the bed, and she had bought some porn videos featuring some of the porn stars he'd told her were his favorites.  When the FedEx envelope he sent with her flight arrangements arrived, she'd contacted the airline and limousine company as well as the property manager to change everything to allow her to arrive the night before.  She wanted to surprise him when he walked in.  The romance and erotic workouts would commence as soon as he got to town.


Richard never mentioned that the cottage was actually his family's beach place.  He merely told Dolly he loved going to that beach and would arrange for them to stay at his favorite cottage.  And he'd certainly never told Dolly that his younger brother, Steve, would be leaving the cottage the day before he arrived.  But now, Steve's thick, hard cock was deeply penetrating her from behind, to Dolly's obvious delight.  Steve was stretching her vaginal membranes to their limit and stimulating all of her pleasure zones just perfectly, and she was just trying to hang on and not lose consciousness from the amazing sensations rushing through her body.  As erotic thoughts wended their way through her imagination, Dolly was trying to recall if Richard had ever mentioned he had a brother.  If he did, he certainly hadn’t revealed that his brother was extremely well hung, young and fit, or that his brother could fuck like this.  She laughed inside as she thought about her original goal of surprising Richard the following day, only to be so pleasantly surprised herself. Hallelujah for surprises!


Her path to this sweaty, mind-blowing sexual extravaganza began after her startled double-take as she arrived at the cottage door and saw Steve’s handsome, delicious body see if she was in the right cottage, when she walked in and saw Steve in his board shorts, barefoot, bare-chested, tan, muscled, and with dimples and green eyes to just lure any girl (or woman) to bed, in the living room.  Steve was equally startled but quickly recovered, smiled, and said,


"Dolly, right? You're in the right place, just earlier than I thought Richard said you would be arriving.  I’m Steve, Richard’s younger brother." 


As Steve strode toward her with an outstretched hand to politely shake hers, Dolly felt a twinge of lust and a warm vaginal response as her eyes took in this young hard-body in her cottage.  Her cottage  Oh my gosh, it was their cottage—Richard and Steve’s family cottage, she quickly surmised. 


 "Richard asked me to clear out tomorrow morning after he arrived, asked if I could help him get the place ready for romance, and I can see why he sounded so excited," Steve continued. 


Dolly blushed.  Richard had really planned a sweet getaway and cared enough to solicit his brother's help to make it special.  She had grown to really like Richard since they “met” through a discussion board, and she’d even did some phone dirty talk with him (which wasn't her style).  However, Steve was really making her body and mind imagine the idea of sex on the beach with this hunk of a young man.  First, she told herself to stop such thoughts.  But then, she told herself to shut up and enjoy them.  These were only thoughts, weren’t they?


Explanations of the day-early arrival followed while Steve took Dolly's bags and placed them in the master bedroom, even though the bed was not even made up yet. 


"Housekeeper was going to come tomorrow morning and change out all the linens, Dolly, but I can call to see if she can come earlier. She's worked for us for years, and I’ll bet that she'll swap her schedule for us."


But the unmade bed and the half-dressed young man made Dolly’s mating instinct take control of her finely-conditioned body.  Dolly placed her hand on the young man's chest, in what was initially just a reflex, to tell him not to bother, to stop reaching for the phone.  But as she felt the warmth of his chest, the slight stubble from his chest shave being a couple days old, and seeing her freshly-manicured hand on his skin, Dolly let desire take hold.


It’s not like Steve did anything to stop her as she stepped up to him, slid her hand up his chest, wrapped her arm around his neck, and lifted her mouth to his.  Steve knew she was sexy, knew she was older than he was by more than a decade, and knew that she hadn't actually dated his brother yet.  Steve loved his brother Richard, but they were brothers, and brothers always want to play with each other's things.  Hell, Dolly wasn't a thing, but even if she was, she wasn't Richard's thing.  Not yet, anyway.  As the younger brother, Steve hadn't been able to "beat" his older brother at many things.  He couldn't beat him at golf, and was so much younger that any hand-to-hand competition just never took place.  Richard was a dozen years older than Steve.  Steve was comfortable with the knowledge that he was the "oops" baby. 


He loved how sensual Dolly's touch felt, how her tongue seemed worldly and experienced in ways Steve didn't know a tongue could be.  She is attracted to me, Steve thought.  I didn't hit on her, she came on to me, Steve thought.  Oh fuck, Richard's girlfriend is rubbing my cock through my shorts, was Steve's next thought.  Steve’s excitement grew by leaps and bounds when he felt how rock-hard her late-thirty-something ass felt as he grabbed it in response to her cock-grab.  God, she was in better shape than some of the early-twenties fitness-instructor types that he dated.  The rush of hormonal desire for this woman at the height of her sexuality put Steve into no-hesitation mode.  He was going to have wanton sex with his brother’s beautiful date!  Score one for the oops baby!


His hands were so large, Dolly felt, that his finger tips were into her tender anal rim, even as he firmly held her tight, athletic tush in his hands.  He had just enough finger length to nudge, rub and stimulate her. Her knees felt like she’d just finished a 10K, and her sudden, unexpected orgy was just beginning with this hot beach boy. She felt like she was being controlled by Steve, and that excited her.  She felt as is she was submitting herself fully to this hard-cocked poster boy.   The feel of his hand on her, the feel of his body in her hands, the intensity with which he responded to her kisses…


Damn it, she thought!  She couldn't fuck him.  She was here to have a romantic tryst with his older brother.  As she tried to will her logical brain back to this fact, her body was busy doing otherwise.  Her pussy was lubricating, telling her hands to rake her nails down his bare upper back, which drove him wild.  Her hands lifted her top over her head and reached behind her to undo and drop her bra in quick succession.  Steve looked at her body, which was incredibly tanned and athletically firm, the latter obviously the result of long hours in the gym, pilates or yoga studio.  She was flat-out gorgeous. Yes, her breasts had to be enhanced, impossibly perfect, and unlikely to have been naturally that large given her trim frame. Nevertheless, he was so hard that he was pitching a tent in his shorts as he took the full measure of this MILF goddess with his eyes.   The male instinct took over as nature, or perhaps Eros, designed it—his cock had to become one with her body, the merger was destined. Now, both bodies were in control. His hands went to her breasts, circling and tweaking her nipples, followed by his lips and the tip of his tongue. 


"Oh God, mmm, yes, that feels so nice," she hissed at her young lover. It wasn't the last time she would be saying that to Steve.


His hands next found her thighs.  A runner's toned legs, super-smooth skin, freshly waxed, and he found a wet thong waiting for him up under her short skirt.  Their hands did a bit of fumbling as each tried to do the job, so Dolly kissed him again, this time took the aggressive lead with her tongue in his mouth more hungrily than sensually, and Steve got the message.  Her hands were on him, and as she stroked and detected a stain soaking through the nylon of his shorts to show that his pre-cum was flowing, she wanted to feel Steve TAKE her.  Steve removed her skirt and slid her thong down to the floor.  As he held her to maintain her balance as she did so, she still wearing her five-inch Fuck-Me pumps, Dolly noticed he didn't drop the thong on the floor, but stuffed it in his pocket.  She smiled a crooked grin. 


"Kinky.  I love it," she said, and their mouths were back together again.


Dolly grabbed his shoulders and clung to him as he lifted her nude, beautiful, tanned, fully-waxed body onto the unmade bed.  She instinctively spread her legs.  These were not just sexual desires driving her. This was nature, surrendering the fertile female to the virile seed-carrier.  Dolly wasn't thinking, she was reveling in the experience with all of her senses.  He smelled like a fairly recent shower and Mennen Speed Stick.  She hooked her thumbs in his shorts and started removing them as she positioned himself.  Her bags were out of reach.  Her condoms were in the bag.


Only later would she try to figure out how exactly her brain temporarily took back control from her body's natural desire to be inseminated by this fine genetic specimen.  But momentarily, at least, she forced herself to extricate herself from their pre-coital embrace, each of them already having oozed sex onto the other’s legs, and she raced the few steps to her bag, unzipped, briefly searched, and then returned to the bed, eyes wild with desire, with a trifold of condoms.  Dolly usually didn’t go to bed with a man she’d just met literally minutes earlier, but this felt so…right.  As she kissed her way down his chest, her nails gently tease-raking his balls, her tongue slowly got to know the sensitive underside of his thick, long, youthfully-twitching shaft.  As Dolly unwrapped a condom and removed her mouth from his throbbing cock, a long, thin strand of pre-cum and saliva dangled her bottom lip to the tip of his aching cock head. 


Was it his youth, the life force he oozed from every pore?  Was it the naughty excitement bringing out the “bad girl” in her?  It sure felt nice to get that bad girl out of her imagination again.  She'd been good a little too long for her taste.  But then, wasn't that part of what this weekend was supposed to be about anyway? 


Her mind suddenly recalled that she was at this very cottage to have a fantasy weekend with Richard.  But as she felt Steve’s thick, hard, safely-wrapped tool in her hand, Dolly certainly couldn’t think about Richard just yet.  Her DNA was summoning Steve.  She started teasing her own clit with his cock, coating the outside of the condom with her own rapidly-thickening natural lubricant.  Her body was built for sex, and at that moment she felt it was built for sex with Steve.  Their mouths met again as they instinctively embraced and positioned themselves to be joined at the loins.  Oh God, he's a good kisser.  As she bent her knee to wrap her left leg around Steve's hip, her slender manicured fingers guided his throbbing, hot cock into her ravenously hungry pussy. Dolly just wanted him inside her immediately.


And now, after he pushed into her fully in one, slick, pleasurable thrust, they experimented with fucking rhythms until they found about three speeds that they were in unspoken agreement made for a wonderfully enthralling medley.  Slow and tantalizing, drawing back until his circumcised cockhead was no longer fully in her, to tease her labia and clit before pressing back in, inch by inch, until he had plunged deeply into her and completely conquered her pussy again.  Or hard, deep, banging, pubic bone crashing into pubic bone, she could swear he was permanently ruining her for any lesser-cocked man ever again. And finally, a medium to slow, gyrating, erotic pumping.  She'd wrapped both legs around him to pull him in, to drain his youth from him, but he hadn't cum as quickly as she expected.  Nice staying power, kid.


She tossed a leg over his shoulder for some of the deep power thrusts.  Hit her just right on the inside, and she moaned deeply and loudly into his neck as she came, but he never relented.  Loved it when the guy wasn't so amazed to witness her orgasm and the rush of liquid desire that gushed from her that he kept fucking her right through it.  Mmmm, yes, how she did love that so.


After coaxing him onto his back, riding that joystick with rapid pelvic thrusts, she'd turned herself around and offered herself to him from behind.


"I like it this way, doggy style.  Do you want me this way?" 


A purely rhetorical question -- no man had ever seen Dolly’s ass offered like that and not wanted to be inside her.  She'd cum more times than she'd counted, and she knew he must be getting close to one himself. 


"Yes, mmmm, oh yeah, right there, oh, yessss just like that, mmm, God you do that so well, yesssss......"


And then he stiffened, impaling her from behind as deeply as he could as his moans became louder and uncontrolled.  She was thankful for that earlier moment of clarity had resulted in him being covered for action.  Dolly toppled over her own cliff yet again for one more climax as Steve had his, and her contractions internally milked the rest of his young seed into the filled condom.  Dolly was consumed with the feel of their sweaty bodies together.  She felt a glow that radiated outward from inside her, his cock having reached areas of her body where only a rare few had ever previously touched.  She was utterly satisfied by how thoroughly and gloriously she’d been fucked by the younger brother of the man she'd come to the beach to meet for a weekend of romance.  Maybe he could stay after Richard arrived, she allowed herself to imagine.


After they caught their breath, laying together, holding hands, clinging to each other's bodies, she shifted down to lick their mixed flavor and fluids off the condom still filled by his softening cock.  The cock that had made her lose all control.  She took the condom off, then spread the outflow from the condom onto his cock and licked it off, as if they hadn’t used protection, looking up at his crazily-satisfied gaze as she did so.  So sexy, so dirty.  Licking the remnants of her own gushes from his loins, the musky scent of their freshly-completed lovemaking filling her senses.


Steve responded to Dolly's erotic tasting by some of his own, moving them into a sixty-nine position she hadn't expected, and soothing her well-fucked pussy and over-stimulated engorged clit with a passionate tongue. 


“Baby, it’ll taste like a condom,” she told him, as if to excuse him from orally pleasing her. 


“It was our condom, our sex all down in here. I love every taste of you.”  


Had he said “love”?  No time to ponder this, though, as his tongue invaded her frothy pussy, to taste his own cum, blended with her own pleasure lotion, as he’d said he wanted to do.  It felt wickedly dirty and intimate, a post-coital eating she'd experienced before, but never with a first-time lover. It had always been done with a much-older, mature man with whom she had made love many times.  Steve worked her to another orgasm with his sweet, horny mouth, and then another one after that. 


When Dolly pulled his face to hers, after her second orally-induced orgasm, she tasted all of their mixed fluids from his mouth, and they tasted slightly different than what she'd licked off his cock.  He was hardening again, not having cum in her mouth during sixty-nine.  As Dolly once more covered up and mounted her young lover, he gazed into her eyes, and welcomed her into a cowgirl ride, slow and steady. His hands on her breasts, squeezing her nipples with admirable deftness for a younger man. 


"I know you came her to make love to Richard, Dolly, but he doesn't need to know about this." 


Dolly was relieved, but also torn. She was enjoying the younger, more-fit Steve as such an unexpected physical pleasure, and she had no expectation that Richard could match the intensity and pleasure that she was now experiencing.  With him deep inside her, she bent to kiss Steve.  His fingers now stroked her hair, her nails on his flesh, her toned, fit body molding itself to his own fit torso. He thought to himself that their lovemaking would make an erotic film of fit bodies fucking if they’d had a camera and lighting set up.


"Shhhhh, just enjoy this now," Dolly whispered, and then kissed him deeply and their bodies continued down the road to the morning’s most romantic mutual climax.


Later, when Steve stepped out of the shower to admire Dolly as she brushed her hair, looking so lovely after her own shower. 


"I can't believe we did this," was all she could say. 


Steve smiled, and understood her situation. 


"I'll take you shopping, we can get what you need for when Richard gets here." 


Dolly was relieved, and yet....


"So, Steve, how often do you get to Miami?" she asked him, with a satisfied grin.



Purely fictinoal fantasy - hope you enjoyed. 

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