Snow Flurries

Dolly glanced up from her smart phone and saw the snow flurries through the picture window.  Looked across the tarmac to the other concourse at the airport, and saw the beginnings of accumulation on top of the jetways.  “One of these days,” she promised herself, and not for the first time, “I’m going to stop traveling north of Atlanta during the winter.”  As it was, she was hoping to get out of town on time, make a connection in that same city she just thought of, Atlanta, and get home to Florida, where the weather was much, much warmer.  She knew she’d never adopt the policy against northern winter travel she had just thought about.  Too many wonderful friends and fabulous dates here in Washington D.C.

Dolly had not slept much the night before.  A fantastic evening of romance with an elegant gentleman she’d come to know over the past couple years.  He’d scheduled an overnight date, then was contacted unexpectedly at three o’clock in the morning.  International consultants with global interests really never do sleep, Dolly had thought, as she helped her handsome friend with his necktie after his hurried shower.  “We’ll make up the time together on my next visit, sweetie” Dolly told him, before a soft, sensual kiss, during which his hands enjoyed the feel of her toned athletic sexy body. “I’ll try to visit you in Miami soon” he told her, a gentle, appreciative squeeze of her ass and one more kiss, his fingers tracing her triceps and then down to her lats before he left.  The door closed behind him, he shook his head in disbelief, as he did after every date with Dolly.  Most women are self-conscious in a bathing suit, and this nymphomaniac with brains, charm and feminine fitness perfection was so confident completely naked.  He checked his watch, and headed to Union Station to catch the 4:00 a.m. Acela train that would get him to New York by 7:20, in time to join the video conference with Brussels and Dubai.

Dolly meanwhile was now wide awake.  She usually flew home early anyway, to return to her Florida life and career, after visiting friends.  But she wasn’t usually up this early.  Never one to waste time, Dolly realized she could get in a treadmill run, as this hotel had a well equipped fitness center available 24/7.  Treadmills were far from her favorite, but she hadn’t planned on getting in a run, it was cold in Washington, so it would have to do.

All of which left Dolly fully awake and invigorated as she watched the snow start to snarl her morning from the Delta Air Lines gate.  But so far, so good, no delay posted yet as she looked over to the gate counter…where she noticed an absolutely gorgeous guy speaking to the gate agent.  He was about six foot tall, wore stylish dark trousers that were tailored (“nice ass” was Dolly’s early impression), chocolate brown tassled loafers, a weathered leather bomber jacket, and had just a hint of gray in his medium brown hair.  It wasn’t a military cut, but it was short, and as he thanked the agent and turned to leave the counter, Dolly saw a comfortably tanned face, perhaps mid 40’s, and appealing green eyes.  He was wearing a polo shirt, a solid pastel blue color.  The jacket was open enough that she could see that he was fit. And no wedding ring.

He saw Dolly checking him out and smiled.  “Smoking hot blonde at twelve o’clock” he thought, now that she was directly in front of him.  He walked toward her.  If Dolly was confident naked, she was equally in her element when traveling and dressed casually in a way that downplayed, as best as any outfit could, her finely tuned body.  Her date from the night before, on a previous trip, had picked her up at the airport and commented, “wow, out in public, you’re just a gorgeous Milf, the sexy fitness model body doesn’t even kick in until we get in private.”  To which Dolly, on that occasion, responded by going down on him in the taxi, delighting the taxi driver with erotic moans and slurping sounds and delighting her globe-trotting date by swallowed all of the evidence of his first orgasm of that date so that only the cabbie knew what had gone on in the cab, and they had checking in as if nothing had happened before going upstairs and working up a sexually draining sweat as they had this past, unexpectedly shortened night.

But none of that was apparent to “Mr. Bomber Jacket” as Dolly was thinking of him. And he was approaching now… that they’d checked each other out and there was mutual approval was undeniable. “Did they say if we’re still on time?” Dolly asked him, breaking the ice with a relevant question so that she didn’t seem like she was already fantasizing about riding him, her hands on that sexy chest, which is absolutely what she was thinking about. “She said as of now, yes, but the next update is due in five minutes and just look at it outside.  She told me she wouldn’t be surprised if there was a delay and apologized in advance.”

He had a barrel shaped leather duffel hanging from a shoulder strap.  Nice, broad shoulders, and a narrow waist.  Though clothed, he was definitely in shape, she noted.  “I’m Dolly,” she offered.  He accepted the offer, reaching out to shake her hand, ”Daniel” he replied. She let his hand linger in hers.  He noticed her fire engine red manicure.  Sexy, he thought.  He felt her hand, felt that she had a firm grip, and that her hand was lean and muscled.  She was seriously fit under her zipped-up suede jacket, he realized.  Both of their minds were processing the basic biological attraction between these two wonderful specimens. He let go first, having enjoyed the touch of her hand but realizing he’d just met her and they were in a very public setting.  But damn, this is the woman who you always pray will sit next to you on an airplane. “Are you going to Atlanta?” he asked.  “Yes, I’m on the same flight,” she answered and he laughed.  She liked his laugh. “No,” started to reply, “I meant to ask if Atlanta was your ultimate destination, or if you were just connecting through Atlanta.”  Dolly giggled, “oh, I get it now,” she responded, “I’m connecting to Miami area.  You?”

“Atlanta’s home.” He answered.  And just then, the public address system came on, drowning out any chance to continue the small talk with Dan the Man from Atlanta. “Ladies and gentlemen, Delta Air Lines regrets to announce that Flight 839 will not depart as scheduled at 6:59 am, and has been delayed for an as yet to be determined time.”  Dolly and Dan’s faces went from smiles to cringes, but then morphed into renewed smiles at the thought of additional time together. Dolly glanced at the long line at the nearby Einstein Bros. Bagels.  Dan followed her eyes, and seeing the same line, advised her, “c’mon, the coffee’s better at the end of the concourse at Dunkin’ Donuts, and we’ve got plenty of time.”  “Hmm, a hunk who knows his way around National Airport” Dolly thought.  “Sure” was her reply, and she began to tow her carry on.

They watched the overhead departures board at the head of the concourse begin to add more and more delays, and realized they had time to grab a table, and Dolly learned that Dan was in public relations, based in Atlanta, but came to Washington often, “I’ve got a lot of federal agency clients, I like to say I put the “public” into “public relations”.  Dolly explained she was from Miami, loved the weather and the lifestyle there, and had been in Washington visiting a friend.  Which was true.  That he was a friend with benefits who gladly provided generous untraceable gifts and she’d fucked his brains out didn’t need to be mentioned.

Dan saw a glow about Dolly.  Her tan, a dazzling smile, he could see she was very fit, very sexy with long blonde hair, blue eyes, … she just seemed to be drawing him in.  She was.  Her body was in fully operational mode from the impromptu early morning run and now she was thoroughly enchanted with Dan.  She excused herself to send a text to a colleague in her office to explain her circumstances and that she would be late.  She got a quick reply text, and shared the news with Dan.

“My friend said Al Roker just described a late-developing storm that was catching the nation’s capital by surprise on The Today Show.  Shit, I’m never going to get my connection today to get to work.”  The truth was spending more time with Dan was not a let-down and she’d only said “shit” for effect.  Dan smiled, partly for the same realization that there was more time to be spent with sexy Dolly, and partly at hearing a sexy woman say “shit”. Dolly realized she’d just met this man and cussing like that was not her usual first date.  Not that this was a date.  It wasn’t, was it?  It could be….

“I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t talk like that,” she began to apologize and Dan placed his hand on hers, which sent an emotional charge through her body and yes, a tingle down to her doo-dah, which had been gradually moistening since she started checking out handsome Dan. “I liked it.  Not as hot as when a sexy woman drops the F-word, but close.  Thanks for making my morning.”  They both laughed.  And left their hands together.  The decision to interlock fingers, to make it an affectionate hand-holding was mutual.  Each took another sip of coffee, their hands still together.  Because Dolly had removed her jacket when they sat down, Dan had seen Dolly’s D-cup sized bust, trim fit feminine figure, and hearing her cuss, holding her hand, enjoying her presence, he realized he was going to have to adjust himself when he stood up to try to hide the fact of the erection she’d inspired.

The Dunkin’ Donuts’ manager changed the channel on the television in the dining area from BBC International to the Weather Channel.  Ten minutes of watching the Weather Channel convinced Dan this wasn’t a delay, this was a cancellation.  And Crystal City hotel rooms convenient to National Airport were always at a premium during such situations.   Dan took Dolly’s other hand in his, so that now they were face to face, each of them holding both of the other one’s hands, both of them incredibly aroused between the legs as well as between the ears, and told her, “being stranded with you is lovely; but being stranded with you and being comfortable later will be better than you and me spending a snowed-in night in the terminal, don’t you think?”

“I’m with you” Dolly told him.  And squeezed his hands, before releasing.

Dan hit his iPhone twice and then put it to his ear.  As it dialed he explained “I’m like a Titanium level Hilton Honors points holder, they know me here in D.C., I should be able to get us rooms if anyone can.”  Dolly smiled and nodded.  HHonors’ top level was called Diamond, but Dan was cute. 

“Reservations…wait, is this Cassie?  Cassie, hey, its Dan from Atlanta…yeah, right, what’s it been, two hours…”  It was plain for Dolly to understand Dan did indeed have a friend at the Hilton.  But he’d never taken his eyes off Dolly the entire conversation, and had a lively animated face as he spoke to the hotel representative.  “Exactly.  Not yet, but I just saw the weather channel and I didn’t want to waste time…no, didn’t even board… can you help me, I’d rather sit this out there instead of here…and I’ve got a friend here, hang on….” Dan looked even more directly at Dolly. “Do you have a Hilton Honors account?”  Dolly shook her head no, as she preferred not to have such records kept. “Uh, Cassie, my friend’s not Honors, so I need to really beg you for two rooms, I know, I hear you working the keyboard already …”

Dolly reached across to Dan and took his loose hand in hers again, lightly scratched his palm in a “come let me seduce you” sort of a way, and in a loud whisper told him, “One room is all we need, Dan”.  Dan went silent.  Dolly smiled.  Big.  A very slight “yes” nod toward him. As Dan’s smile slowly occupied first one half of his face, then the other, Dolly was reminded of Robert Redford’s patented slow, leading man smile that was a signature of so many of his films.  “Cassie, scratch that dear…just one room after all.  My friend’s got plans already.  Uh huh, right…that sounds good (he smiled even wider and winked at her!), so regular check in…awww, you’re going to do that for me?  A woman treats me that nicely I’m going to have to fall in love with her, now Cassie…this could be dangerous, you know, with you knowing my hotel room and all, you know you’re my girl Cassie…” Dan was shamelessly and obviously playing in his use of a sarcastic tone with his flirty talk.  Now it was his turn to whisper, “She’s been checking me in and out since she was a trainee, she’s now front desk manager”.  He finished up his call with Cassie at the Hilton, “So you’ve got a helluva day in front of you, I’m going to let you get to the next stranded soul.  Thank you, Cassie, you really need to let me buy you a drink one of these days, the mini bar has some great choices you know.  Yes, I’d love you to send the courtesy van.  Give me ten minutes?  Oh, it’ll take twenty anyway?  No problem, that’ll be fine, I’ll grab something here for the room. Thanks, I’ll see you soon.”

“So you don’t mind me barging in on your room during a snow storm?” Dolly asked rhetorically as Dan ended the call. They were still holding hands. She smiled again.  “Are you a spokes model for your dentist’s office?  Yes, I can’t sleep without a nightlight and your smile is luminous.”  She got me a suite, gave me my standard AAA regular room rate, and set aside the last early check in slot.  Let’s go, they’ve got a Delta concierge there who can re-book us when the flight finally gets cancelled officially.”  “Awesome.  And what was that crack about grabbing something for the room?” she asked with a wink.  “We’ve got twenty minutes to kill, lets hit the sundry shop, Dolly.”

Dolly watched as he put his jacket back on over his muscular arms, and thought about how those arms would feel holding her while she made love with Dan.  She’d made up her mind that she wanted to follow her body’s instincts about this gorgeous man who’d chatted her up at the gate.  This was a special occasion, after all, how often does a girl from Miami get snowed in and can’t get to the office.  And she loved sex after exercise, and this morning’s surprise treadmill session had her hornier than she usually was at the end of a city visit date.  Usually the date took care of her needs.  Or came close (Dolly long ago recognized her huge personal appetite for sex, and loved having her dates try their best to satisfy her…and she traveled with extra batteries for some supplemental friends since not every man could really fulfill her…though she loved the adventure  and finding out if they could or not.)  But handsome Dan, as she thought of him, this was a whole new desire.  Specifically targeted lust. She wrapped her arm around his and they walked through the terminal.

Dan picked up a couple citrus flavored waters and some trail mix and went to the cash register on the left.  Dolly grabbed her favorite mints, and then a three pack of Trojans, and went to the register on the right.  Dan and Dolly glanced at each other’s items, Dan’s eyes growing wide and excited.  He couldn’t remember the last time he’d smiled this much.  Dolly looked back at the rack of personal items that included the condoms, and raised an inquisitive eyebrow to Dan, looking at the pack of Trojans, back and the rack, and then back to Dan.  He understood the question, and nodded yes, then made some head gestures toward the rack while holding his hands apart.  Dolly smiled, and as she stepped up to the register she said she’d be right back, and in a flash went back and swapped out the Trojans for a pack of Magnum sized condoms.  There was no hiding the outline of his excited sex stick in his pants.  This was the right choice.

The Hilton driver had a carefree Jamaican accent.  “Mistah Daniel I just bring you here, now you come back.  The snow.  Welcome back.”  “Hello Joseph, thank you for driving over in the snow for me.  This lovely lady is my friend Dolly.”  It occurred to Dan he didn’t know Dolly’s last name.  Dolly had the same thought.  Made the upcoming afternoon’s tryst that much hotter, she decided.  Since everyone else at the airport was still in the process of hoping against reason for a chance to get out later that day, no other passengers boarded the Hilton courtesy van that Joseph drove.  Dan didn’t ever remember making out with a woman on a courtesy van before.  This seemed like a ground based version of the mile high club.  With the slow driving in the not yet plowed, slick, rapidly deteriorating streets, this was more like the Mile An Hour Club.  Dolly’s kisses were passionate and promised of spirited sex to come.

Dolly accompanied Dan up to the front desk, where a trio of guests were each inquiring about extending their stay in light of the weather. Three Hilton employees were busily trying to accommodate the changing reservations and room request in the deteriorating weather conditions, and one of the employees, a twenty-something red head, her hair professionally up, with light blue eyes and high cheekbones, did a double-take and looked up and smiled at Dan while maintaining her cool in front of her stressed out hotel guests.  Cassie.  More travelers, stuck between whether they should be coming or going, were gathering into lines at the desk.  A minute later, when Cassie finished doing what she could for the guests in front of her (yes, they could extend their stay, but they would have to check out and then check back in to another class of room based upon availability), then pointed to Dan and spoke in an announcement-to-the-crowd voice, “Sir, thank you for waiting and for coming back I can finish your check-in now” and Dan stepped up, passing a handful of frustrated other guests.  Cassie saw Dolly next to Dan, and smiled, her lips parting, and suddenly Dolly wondered if Cassie had ever served Dan a special, personalized form of carnal room service as she observed the unspoken interplay between this attractive young go-getter and her new gorgeous stud lover. “Two keys?” with a smirk, and Dan just said “thank you”.  Too many people near for any flirty lines.  Cassie blushed as she kept stealing glances at Dolly.  She mouthed, “Hi” to Dolly.  Was she flirting with Dolly?  Now Dolly, her body already in a sexually anticipatory condition, was blushing at the idea of a bit of girl-romance with Cassie.

Dolly noticed Cassie’s lovely French manicure as she pointed out Dan’s room rate, deliberately not mentioning anything about the room, and the hint of buttoned-up cleavage when Cassie had to slightly lean forward to do so.  Cassie was runway model tall, appeared to be five foot ten, though if much of that was from heels that couldn’t been seen from this side of the desk.  The surprise was the two carat diamond solitaire in a gold setting on her left hand, no wedding band.  Engaged.  “I’ve got your flight information for our airline concierge, please understand they will be very busy today, may I please have both sets of travel numbers?”  She looked up at Dolly, who handed her own boarding pass forward.  Cassie’s hand touched Dolly’s as she took the boarding pass, and both beautiful women looked up into each other’s eyes. “Thank you, we’ll have you both re-booked as soon as possible. It will probably be a while, I’ll check on it later. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your stay more enjoyable.”  Dan’s cock was unrestrainably causing a bulge in the front of his trousers.  The leather duffel bag helped keep this enticing spectacle from drawing more attention as Dan led Dolly to the elevator.  Cassie’s eyes never left the pair until they turned the corner into the elevator bank. Top floor, where the suites were located.

The walk to the room was silent, filled with sexual tension.  Dan fumbled with the do not disturb sign as he inserted it into the outside of the key card slot on the outside of the door. By the time he turned around, Dolly’s clothes were tossed onto a chair and she was approaching him with lust in her eyes and in a black lace thong, the only thing separating her from complete nudity.  Soon enough, he almost had time to think before she took his face in her hands and drew his mouth to hers, resuming the high school make-out session they had begun in the courtesy van.  The drapes were open, the snow was getting heavier, and Dolly was sucking on Dan’s tongue, his eyes darting around as best he could to get his first glimpses of Dolly’s athletic body.  He’d known she was sexy, that she was fit, but suddenly out of her clothes she was some kind of fitness competitor, or so she appeared. Her hands were already undoing his belt, stroking his cock through his trousers, and she broke the kiss just long enough to hungrily command him, “help me get you naked.”  “Yes ma’am” was all he could say as he felt his fully engorged cock twitch and he detected a pre-cum smear on the boxers that Dolly was lowering.  He somehow found time to step out of his loafers and get his shirt off. What he really couldn’t wait for was to get his hands on her skin, now aware of her gym toned muscles, still sexy like a bikini competition champ’s fit figure, and her skin was tanned all over and he slid his fingers to her thong, feeling her ass as she helped him step out of his trousers.  Dolly knelt, and her fingers tenderly lifted his heavy cock to her lips and Dan gasped “oh my God!” as her tongue ran all over his already-excited cock head, licking the pre-cum smear off his over-sensitized cock.

His hands followed the thin fabric of her thong down her crack and found that Dolly was as wet as he was hard.  He couldn’t focus on that too long, however, because Dolly’s nose reached his public hair as she was deep throating him, savoring the feel of his strong tool in her mouth. She bobbed her head, faster, determined to taste his offering.  “Dolly, baby, let’s get in the bed,” and though she’d have gladly sucked him off right there in the entry to the suite, she popped his cock out of her expert mouth, stroked his full balls, and licked her lips as she said, “God I want you... take me to the bed lover.”

When they reached the foot of the bed the two new lovers stopped and faced each other, vanishing into an embrace and deep kiss that had no bounds.  This was their first nude body to body embrace, and Dan couldn’t stop running his hands all over Dolly’s gym bunny body.  He imagined every time he’d lusted after a woman in any gym he’d ever been in.  He had experienced such lust and desire for a fit, athletic beautiful lover many times.  But today, amidst the snow and cancellations and frustrated travelers, Dan was living out his long dreamed-of desire. 

Dolly was also pleased with the fitness and conditioning of this man.  She usually was scrupulously careful about vetting her dates, leaving nothing to chance.  Today however she was nude in a handsome man’s hotel room within less than two hours since she first heard of his existence.  His wonderful cock had filled her mouth, her talented tongue having already traced the length of his shaft, her lips having caressed the circumcised head.  Handsome Dan had now kissed, licked, and sucked every last trace of his own pre-cum from her mouth.  His cock had brushed her smooth, moistened labia as their bodies rubbed against each other.  She was absolutely hairless south of her eye lashes, and Dan loved the feel of her, the wetness of her sexually ravenous body, the responsiveness when he teased her enlarged clitoris with his fingers.  They moaned into each other’s mouths, their tongues deep into a mouth tango.  She slid her smooth fingers around his thick cock, and rubbed her clit with the head of his cock, then harder, faster, her body’s natural reaction being to increase the natural lubricant it sent to her pussy.  “I want to taste, make you cum with my mouth” he moaned into their kiss. “Yessssssss” was her hiss of an answer.

Dan was an extremely sensual cunnilinguist. His hands had a light touch in supplementing his tongue and lips, and Dolly’s naturally fresh and erotic flavor drew him in.  She caught a whif of her own scent, and wanted to kiss her own flavor off his mouth.  She reached over and felt his tool.  It had grown.  He was approaching the hardness of steel. Dolly thrust her hips into his face. She bucked.  She wanted to take him into her mouth.  She wanted to thrust hard and fast against his mouth.  “Swing around, sixty-nine me” she told Dan.  She wasn’t asking him.  And he wasn’t second-guessing her.  Dan swung his legs around, now on all fours above her, and each of their mouths worked overtime on the other.

Dolly loved taking command of sex.  Dan realized that just about the time he noticed he was being swung over onto his back by Dolly’s strong hands as she torqued her body.  Both Dan and Dolly managed to continue working each other toward orgasm during the spin.  When Dan found himself on his back, he realized quickly how hot it was for this sexy fitness milf to be so sexually aggressive.  He hoped that pack of condoms she bought was close at hand.

Moments later Dan realized the condoms would have to wait.  She was just too good, her tongue too world class, her body too stimulating and the whole morning too erotic.  Dolly knew he was about to cum, and cum hard, not just from the increasingly intense face fucking his cock was delivering to her mouth and throat, but also from his hands clamping onto her blonde hair to hold her still as he pumped her willing mouth.  She knew just how to position her lips into a tight “O’ with her tongue dazzling his cock as well. A moment later, tremors began to radiate outward from her core.  Not just from the wonderful stimulation of her pussy, but from the excitement of his cum bursting into her mouth. Their sweaty bodies shook together, the intensity ebbed, and Dolly enjoyed the sensation of Dan’s freshly spent cock slowly softening in her mouth after having deposited his potent creaminess into that same mouth.  Dan caught his breath and slowly realized he needed to release his tense grip on her tight athlete’s ass, and lightly kissed her overly sensitized pussy.

As always, Dolly caught her breath well before her lover, and she re-positioned herself into an intimate snuggle, their mouths meeting again in a softer kiss this time.  More licking, tasting, savoring the flavor of their impromptu tryst.  There wasn’t anything about her body he didn’t love.  Who was this woman with a fitness competitor’s body?

“What are you doing with this body?  I mean, are you a professional fitness instructor? I’ve never been with anyone like you.  And my college girlfriend was an all conference quarter-miler, she was lean and sexy.  And you’re way beyond her.”  Dan was all set to worship Dolly, he was just trying to figure out where her temple of a body came from.

A sexy smile, a soft kiss, her tongue delivering a wonderful “thank you” to the mouth that had just praised her.  “No, I’m not a trainer; I just always loved staying in shape, running, being in the gym, and 10-K’s and triathlons and now pilates and yoga make me feel good.” Dolly explained.  “Believe it or not, I work in an office.”  Dan was still shaking his head, not able to keep his hands off her. “Your mouth felt so good on me; my whole adult life I never felt like that, its like you’re some sex goddess of something.”  Or something.  Dolly stifled a giggle, and pushed Dan onto his back again, pinning his wrists by his ears and kissing his neck, his ears, and then his mouth again. “You inspired me, you’re gorgeous,” she told him. 

Dolly hopped up, headed to the mini bar, opened up and asked her lover, “what can I bring you?  I need to rebuild your strength so I can feel you inside me.”  Dan paused, trying to figure out how he got so lucky.  Dolly investigated the offerings. “Red Bull or Smart Water?”  “Mmm, let’s go Red Bull, you’re right, I need to recover, I need to feel you from the inside.”  She returned to the bed, Dan admiring the grace of her body as she moved, nude, carrying drinks naturally, just at ease in her body, strength, confident, positive…a woman fully in charge of her sexual desires, fully capable of satisfying any man’s sexual desires.  And he owed it all to a freak snow storm.

Drinks and rejuvenation led to pillow talk.  Dan was divorced, many years, his explanation simply that he’d been in consulting ever since business school and he never stayed home long enough to work on the marriage.  She was lonely, and wanted a family, and at the end of yet another business trip, he returned home to a stiff hug, a passionless hug, and a “we need to talk.”  She was a physician’s assistant, made a good living, and asked merely to split the home equity, if he’d pay off the last twelve months of her car loan, and to divide the savings and checking accounts.  Each kept his or her own then-fledgling retirement accounts, whatever gifts could be traced back to his or her own family, and in the end, it was straight-forward.  Even then, and still all these years later, Dan explained, he “didn’t blame her.” He loved his work, and figured that his lifestyle was probably as incompatible with family as his young ex-wife had assessed it to be.  He answered a question that Dolly didn’t ask, telling her, “I’d love to have someone to come home to.  Even half the time.  I have Friends With Benefits, and not just in Atlanta.  But those FWB’s who are single want more, want kids, want the things that are normal and natural and understandable to want.  So, um, I hope you don’t think I’m a pig, but I’ve got some FWB’s who are married. Incredible heat and passion, hunger for something physical, sexual, they don’t get at home.  And neither do I.  And I know who comes first, and it ain’t me, and when she tells me its over, its over.”

Dan saw that Dolly was considering his confession/explanation.  “I saw you, I couldn’t take my eyes off you, and yes, I looked for a ring, didn’t see one.  I’m assuming you’re not married, but if you are…”  A Dolly smile.  “I’m not.  Not now.  I was once, and it just wasn’t right. He’s remarried now and happy, and I’m happily unmarried.”  Dan accepted that surface explanation.  A naked sexual being was in bed with him.  She kept re-starting the sex and she apparently had  more desire than a high school boy.  No reason to insist on a discussion of any topics she didn’t want to pursue.  What she wanted to pursue was sex.  Sounded like a plan to Dan.

“I wanted you as soon as I saw you,” he continued, “and making love with you is waaaaaay beyond what I imagined it might be” Dan told Dolly.  He said it sweetly, not lustfully, and Dolly enjoyed the innocence of the man.  They’d been together half a day, and the best was yet to be.  She kissed him, and again her hand found his cock, which was no great discovery since he was rather large even when flaccid, and he hadn’t spent very much time flaccid since he’d been with Dolly.  Remarkable recovery time for a man of his age, whatever that age might be.  Neither one had asked the other the ‘how old are you” question.  When the sex was this hot, passionate and unbridled, who cared?


Dolly licked her lips just before running her mouth up and down the underside of Dan’s shaft.  He was rapidly approaching take-off speed. As she took his swollen cock head in her mouth, circling her tongue around every sensitive nerve ending, it seemed, in a torturous bombardment of pleasure, Dan arched his back, curled his toes, and groaned, “oh fuck Dolly, please, fuck me, take me in you, God, fuck me, pleeeeeeze…..”


Being the target of that kind of desire never got old.  It was what motivated her in the gym, in the pool, during a run, and when taking her lovers to bed.  Which fed which, her desire to please, or the hopes of pleasing a man so much that she’d experience such desire?  Rather than ponder that unanswerable question, she reached over to her bag, by the side of the bed, retrieved the pack of Magnums she’d bought in the airport, and skillfully covered Dan’s aching cock with one hand while teasing his balls with her nails.  The twitch in his cock as she finished unrolling the condom onto him let her know he was ready to fill her.


“I want you in me,” she began, deciding spontaneously to give him a seductively slutty monologue. She raised her body up, and while his eyes went to her beautiful, large labia as they draped the tip of his cock, her red nail polish adding a lustful detail to the visuals of Dolly taking control of Dan’s cock and lowering herself onto him, he couldn’t help but be amazed by her flat, rock hard abs.  “I’ll bet your delicious cock will feel even better fucking my hot pussy than it tasted, and I loved having you fuck my mouth.”  Every female fitness and bikini competitor sex fantasy Dan ever had, and he’d had many, was coming true in the form of this passionate sex-loving woman.  He closed his eyes, lifted his head, and she met his lips, and they kissed as his cock finally entered her.


She took him in all the way, loving the fullness sensation her delivered to her starved loins, in one swift downward thrust.  Dan’s hands on her legs, her ass, fingers playing with her puckered ass, the tender skin between there and her sex, her “’taint”.  And then the lifting, pumping, the sheer animal fucking that Dolly’s lower body delivered to Dan’s cock.  He’d have cum in maybe thirty seconds if he hadn’t already cum this morning.  Was it still morning?  A glance at the window showed it was still snowing, but he couldn’t keep his eyes off Dolly’s body, off the journey his hands took up to her breasts as she rode him, his thumbs and forefingers squeezing, and not necessarily gently, her nipples, her large areolas, the hunger for a hard fucking in this magnificent woman’s eyes.


After forcing his pelvis upward, trying to drive himself as deeply into Dolly as Dan could, he moved a hand off her firm D-cup breast to her hair, took a handful, grasped, and pulled just hard enough to simulate a touch of S&M.  She loved the kink.  “Mmmmm, yes, do you want to make me your slut, and fuck me hard?”  Kind of a hiss, kind of a play acting line.  He smiled, not a sleazy smile, but a genuinely, “that’s funny” kind of smile, and then he laughed. “Just kiss me, Dolly, I love this,” he half laughed, and they both knew the actual connection between them made any role playing superfluous.  This wasn’t a date with a friend with benefits, and there was no generous gift.  This was two attractive people acting upon the attraction, finding each other sexually desirable, and the best snow day either had ever experienced.  “Do you want me from behind?” she asked him, her eyebrows arching up in a sincere question.  “Is that a trick question?’ Dan responded, and they repositioned themselves quickly for him to stand by the foot of the bed and once more slide into her amazingly well lubed pussy, seemingly custom designed to caress his cock. Their bodies had begun to sweat, and he didn’t know how long he’d be able to hold out, when they both heard the hotel room door shut.  Who the hell was in the room as their heads spun and Dolly instinctively dove forward, an undesired dismount and covered herself with the top sheet.  Dan was fully erect, glistening with perspiration on his body and slick pussy coating the condom-covered cock, when they both heard a “Dan?”


“Hey we’re um….” Dan had begun to shout, initially angrily thinking that house keeping had for some reason ignored the do not disturb sign.  But Dolly recognized the voice, too, and as Cassie stepped deeper into the suite, entering their view, she was unbuttoning her blouse with one hand and removing her heels, apparently five or six inches of “come fuck me shoes” with the other.  “Cassie!” Dan shouted, now sounding excited rather than perturbed.  “I hope I’m welcome to stay,” Cassie purred in a wanton voice, her eyes moving from Dan to Dolly, and her left hand, bearing her engagement ring, now removing the pin from her hair and she shook her head, her auburn/red locks flowing around her shoulder.  Dolly began to exhale, seeing that she hadn’t been so much “caught” as she had been “surprised”, and from the looks of things, it was going to turn out to be a pleasant surprise. Dan’s cock was still erect, exposed.  “Cassie, um, you remember Dolly…” “No kidding I remember her, I’ve been thinking about you and her up here since I checked in you,” Cassie replied. 


Dolly realized the familiarity between Dan and Cassie extended to sex as well as checking in and checking out at the front desk.  “Oh, and you’re both on the 6:59 tomorrow morning, I checked with the concierge just before I came up.  I’ve got forty-five minutes for lunch, and I definitely want to eat.”  Smiles all around as Cassie’s blouse, and now her skirt, landed on the hotel suite desk. Burgundy lace v-string panties slid down her slender, elegant young legs, a landing strip and navel piercing completing the revelations of what does the babe at the front desk look like naked.


Dolly dropped her sheet, and Cassie’s eyes grew wide as she saw the fitness Goddess revealed. Dan recognized and shared the amazement, and encouraging his engaged friend with benefits not to waste any time, added, “she tastes as good as she looks Cassie.”  Cassie stopped to kiss Dan, deeply, reaching her hand toward Dolly, who took Cassie’s hand in hers, locking fingers in a sign of acceptance of the proposition for a bi-festival threesome, and Cassie looked toward Dolly, who was moving toward her new same sex playmate.  Breaking her lips away from Dan’s, and licking his mouth as she did so, Cassie told Dolly, “you do taste so good on his mouth, can I taste for myself?  I promise I’ll make you cum baby, and Dan here feels so good from behind, doesn’t he, I just want a little of that for myself while I please you.”  Dolly’s embrace of Cassie’s attractive, young and pert B-cup breasts on her young bridal body, and responsive kiss provided all the answer they would need.  Dan removed his condom, and reached for a replacement while Dolly laid down and Cassie moved her face down Dolly’s more physical, toned body, a form of worship and wonder filling her as she, too, grew wet and excited being with Dolly as well as Dan.

Dolly loved watching this young woman perform oral on her.  It had been a while since she’d last experienced the touch of a woman, a woman’s tongue, a tongue with knowledge of what felt good to the woman attached to the clitoris being sucked….and her young body so sexy, about to be taken by her handsome lover.  Dan knelt behind Cassie, licking her from behind, and the excitement passed through Cassie’s body to her mouth, which in turn excited Dolly by rapidly flickering across Dolly’s pleasure zones.  Dan then straightened up, locking eyes with Dolly, and lined his cock up with Cassie’s vagina, his hands now enjoying her trim young ass and taught skin.  Dolly, too, was enjoying the feel of Cassie’s skin beneath her fingers, and Cassie’s fingers soon supplemented her attention to Dolly even while Dan was rapidly pounding her engaged young body.  “I love when we get together Cassie” Dan said, and Cassie’s moaning with a mouth full of pussy and a pussy full of cock was a thrill for both Dan and Dolly.

Dolly deeply sighed, moaned, and ran her fingers through Cassie’s hair as Cassie’s knowing mouth performed oral on Dolly in a way that no man would have had the insight to do. Cassie reached one hand up and clasped one of Dolly’s, and their fingers played with each other as these two beautiful women, different in age, different in physique but similar in their sexual open-mindedness this snowy day.  Dolly got into her pleasure in a way she hadn’t expected to and began thrusting her hips into Cassie’s face harder and faster, as Cassie worked to keep up with her more mature, physically toned lover.  Cassie was so focused on trying to keep her lips and tongue on target with Dolly’s rapidly moving pleasure zones that she was caught by surprise as Dan reached forward to pull her hair with one hand as he drove his cock even harder into her betrothed loins. When she’d first fucked Dan, she wasn’t engaged.  Soon enough Dan noticed her engagement ring when she arrived at his room for a fuck break.  “Are you okay with this?” she asked him.  He hadn’t expected their sexual friendship to grow into more, but he wanted to show deference to her engagement ring.  “It’s my business.  Let me be your bad girl for as long as we have the chance, okay, I’d hate to lose this” she said as she grabbed his cock.  He didn’t argue then, and now, in his first three-way with Cassie, he wasn’t complaining, either.

Dolly’s eyes caught Dan’s, they smiled greedily at each other, two strangers, having met, answered their lust, pleasured one another, and now he was sharing his young, bi-sexual bad girl with her.  Dan and Cassie had discussed the idea, but in the excitement of his Dolly hook-up he’d forgotten about his three-way discussions with Cassie.  “Dolly arched her back, stiffened, curled her toes, “aaaaahhhhh, ahhhh, oh fuck yeah, mmmm, oooff, uuughhh, fuck… God, yessssss….” as she  came hard into Cassie’s slickened face, now well coated with Dolly’s flavor.  The excitement of that lady love in front of him brought Dan over the brink and he slammed forward, grabbed Cassie tightly, and emptied his seed into her already-spoken-for pussy.  The naughtiness of this sexual trio was delicious.  And Dolly was thinking to herself, as she eased down and caught her breath from her orgasm,“I think I got a gift of about three grand last time I had a threesome like this, but those friends weren’t nearly as hot as these two.”  Cassie crawled toward Dolly’s face, Dan moving right along with her, and soon Dolly was tasting herself from Cassie’s pussy fucked face, and Dan dismounted to join the kissing. 

A glance at the clock by Cassie forced her to exhale sadly, and announce “I need to hit the shower, God this was hot.”  And her cute young unfaithful but oh so yummy body was off to the bathroom to get herself together before heading back to the front desk.  Dolly looked at Dan’s glistening with mixed cream cock, crooked her finger and signaled Dan to bring it to her.  “I want to taste the both of you.  Dan kissed Dolly once more, tasting Dolly’s own second hand pussy that was smeared onto her cheek from Cassie’s face, and soon Dolly’s mouth was filled not with Dan’s appreciative tongue but with his post coital cock, Cassie’s young pussy and Dan’s potent flavor having been mixed and churned by his joy stick.

When Cassie emerged from the bathroom, already dressed and finishing putting her hair back up, she saw the action on the bed, and told her lovers, “I’ll put the do not disturb back in, This was fun, I hope you’ll come on back and see me again, both of you.”  She smiled and winked and left, and Dolly, her mouth full of Dan, realized this had been her best snow day ever.


Purely fictional fantasy for your erotic reading pleasure ... HOPE YOU ENJOYED!

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