Dolly's Deposition

"Because he couldn't keep up with me in bed, alright?  Is that what you want to hear?"


Dolly's frank admission stunned the lawyer for her estranged husband who was taking her deposition.  The court reporter, professional as always, contained her joy at hearing another sexually exciting tidbit.  God, how she loved working divorce cases!  But the lawyer, middle aged, something of a spread in the middle, pin stripe suit, this was the first time all damn day he was speechless.


"Okay?  Did you want to keep asking me why I had the affairs?  Your client, Mr. Big Shot pro athlete over there can't get it up anymore, probably from some kind of steroids, and back half a dozen years ago when we got married, he still didn't do the job the way I like or get me off, but shit he was trying hard and look, life with him was exciting."


Don Berman had never in twenty years of practicing family law had an unfaithful spouse just blurt out anything remotely close to this.  He looked over at Dolly's lawyer, a female lawyer whom Don had faced in many cases over the past two decades named Elizabeth Becker. Liz.  It was clear that Liz had not expected this outburst, either.  Yet Liz didn't appear terribly disturbed by it.  And Dolly wasn't through yet.  Don wasn't about to try to stop Dolly.  For one, she was confessing the adultery charge.  In this state, that meant "goodbye, alimony".  For another, Dolly was incredibly sexy, the whole case had been a blessing for Don who himself wasn't getting any at home, and now he had a sexy woman under oath talking about sex.  Hal-e-fucking-lu-yah.


Dolly stopped facing Donald Berman, Esq., and turned her model-beautiful face, framed by light blonde hair, her makeup seemingly expertly done, toward her husband, an NFL Pro Bowl receiver known in the league for his great hands.  "Sorry, honey, I offered you the chance to just separate privately and handle things ourselves.  But no, you had to defend your fucking honor, or whatever reason you had to go get Donny the Destroyer here to take the case, make press releases, order up this stupid video crew to get video of my deposition, and why?  Because you either fuck like you're eighty years old or not at all?  Really? What are you going to do with your copy of this video, baby?  Because Liz is getting a copy and I'm pretty sure neither you nor the team want this going viral.  Poor thing, you didn't give your lawyer a clue did you?  Mr. Berman, he can't fuck for shit, bottom line, okay?"


Liz about sprayed her water all over the table on that last line, spoken directly to Mr. Berman.  "You wanna take a break, Don?" Was all Liz could say once she managed to swallow her water without choking.  Berman still hadn't said anything.  Dolly's husband was a shade of red not seen on him since he played college football at Nebraska.  The gentlemen stepped out of the room and went down the hall.  The conference room door was barely shut when the muffled sound of yelling back and forth began.  The court reporter simply said "wow" as she looked over at Ms. Becker.  "I know, right?" was Liz's reply.  Then the three women, and the men working the video camera and the lights, all burst out laughing.  But a tear came to Dolly's eye.


"I'm sorry Liz, I know we talked about how to handle this deposition, but I never wanted to humiliate him.  The dumb fucker has a big heart, is fun to work out with, listens to good music, buys me nice stuff, is sweet to my family.  Once the initial romance was passed and I thought I loved him enough to say yes when he proposed, I figured we'd work together and make the sex better, because I just didn't realize a guy could be that good of an athlete and look that good and be shit in the sack."


"He'll settle, Dolly.  This is a reversal, he thought he had you in his cross hairs, and suddenly you unloaded both barrels and Don knows he walked right into a trap.  I've known Don twenty years, he's a good lawyer, a good guy.  No way he knew any of this.  Don will tell him to settle.  You'll get your alimony.  I've had clients hold out on me, and it always backfires."


Down The Hall


"I need to know, how much of that is true?"  Don asked his client.  A face that red meant the sexual accusations weren't just made up.  Don had heard everything, a dozen times over.  And often there was not a grain of truth to it.  Just made up posturing for the purpose of negotiating.  This seemed pretty true at first glance.


"Its just stress.  And she's my wife.  This doesn't change anything.  She fucked my teammates.  Two of them.  And her old college boyfriend.  And a cousin of mine at a wedding.  She's fucking everyone but me!  She can't get away with it!"


"In most cases, that would be true.  If you were a private citizen.  Not a public figure.  Because then the only people who would know that your beautiful wife was fucking around would be the guys she fucked, two lawyers, and you.  And her.  But you're a public figure, you've got less of a right to privacy than most of the rest of us.  Yes, less than me.  And you make as much money from endorsements and appearances as you do in salary.  And football will end in a few years and there is a decent future for you on camera afterward.  But not if your legacy isn't as a good looking Pro Bowler, but instead as the football player who couldn't get it up.  Do you want the world to hear what we just heard?"  Now Don had a football player with a red face who was crying on his hands.  And a really hot blonde who loved to fuck and was fed up from not getting any at home in the other room.  She wasn't wearing stockings, her legs were so toned, magnificent, that slit in the skirt....


Don's eyes had been all over Dolly.  He was kind of sorry he hadn't heard the rest.  What was her waist, maybe twenty four inches?  Looked like about a D-cup.  Tanned skin, blue eyes, that red pedicure got Don's attention.  Shit, how the hell had any of his client's teammates kept their hands off Dolly once she was making herself available?  And Don suddenly realized he was thinking about how he'd love to see a porn of Dolly getting fucked, she was so damn gorgeous, and he was supposed to be listening to his client, whose lips were moving....


" I'm just going to the team complex and you just tell them we'll send an offer.  Send it to my agent.  And don't let her tell anyone else."


A shame.  Don had enjoyed having an excuse to be in the room with Dolly, voted #2 hottest NFL wife last year.  #1 had been on Survivor, stripped after she'd lost fifteen pounds in the jungle which left her with no body fat, and then did a photo layout in Playboy.  No word on whether she fucked teammates like Dolly did.


Off The Record


When Don stuck his head in the deposition room, Liz knew the case was over from the look in his eyes.  "We're 'Off The Record' gang.  Thanks guys, no more taping, shut the lights, you know where to send the invoice, see you next case.  Liz, I'm going to have my paralegal send over a proposed temporary confidentiality agreement, until we sign a settlement.  Which will contain a final, permanent confidentiality agreement.  But today’s video isn't being distributed, nothing is going viral, and nothing is being disclosed, right?"  "No problem, Don, we understand.  Can we wrap this up sooner rather than later, though?  I'm going to draft a neutral press release that says the parties called off their deposition and agreed to finalize a settlement privately.  The usual neutral bullshit."  Liz turned to Dolly, and as she admired her client's sexual potency, she realized she'd gotten lucky here, that Dolly really was insatiably slutty and probably would have fucked around even if she had been married to a stud.  A woman can always go longer, more frequently, and harder than a man over the long run.  "You're on board, right?  No talking about this, it’s going to end how you wished it had been all along, okay, the rest of this will be private."  "Sure Liz."  Dolly turned to Don Berman, stood, walked to where he stood in the doorway, and shook his hand, as she had when the parties all arrived at the conference room a couple hours ago.  "I'm sorry I had to say those things.  He's not a bad guy, I wish him well, I do."  And then Dolly cracked into a big smile,  "And I'm sorry I talked like that about fucking, Liz has said great things about you being a good guy and a professional and a gentleman, I shouldn't use those words."  This had been a  hell of a day for Don.  And he'd held her handshake a few seconds longer than a typical handshake, they'd both looked down when they each noticed their hands were still touching.  The thought of her fire engine red manicure digging into his shoulders while he fucked his client's soon-to-be-ex wife floated through his head.  And kept going, since it wasn't going to happen in a million years.  "No fucking problem.  Its actually kind of hot when a sexy woman talks dirty.  I'm the lucky guy who gets paid to hear it." And with that, Don held the door, and Dolly walked through, a smirk on her lips from his response, and Liz laughed as she stepped up, shook Don's hand, and followed her client out. He couldn't believe he'd said that to Dolly.  And yes, he'd meant to flirt when he did it, he confessed internally.  Kind of wished they'd gone ahead and hired the P.I. to follow her, wishing to get some footage of Dolly in the act.




Only when Don took one last look around the conference room, after the court reporter, videographer, and lighting crew left, did he notice that there was an umbrella on the floor next to the seat from which Dolly had been testifying.  Red, like her manicure and pedicure.  And her lips.  Those lips he'd been imagining forming an "O" around his cock.  Swallowing the spurts of cum that she'd greedily sucked out of his cock.  "Knock that shit off!" he said quietly to himself.  It had been overcast and humid that morning, but never rained.  So when she left, the sun was out and Dolly hadn't looked for her umbrella.  He thought about giving Liz a call, saying she could pick it up next case, which was scheduled for mediation in just two days, back at Don's office again.  Or he could send it over with a courier when he sent over the proposal for a temporary "keep that luscious dick sucking mouth of your closed, do not pass go, do not collect $200, do not suck the running back's cock any more, and for keeping secret the other dicks you sucked when all the world thought your husband was a stud you are going to get a terrific settlement" agreement.


Or, since he knew where this horny, dirty talking, can't get enough sex woman lived now that she'd moved out of Chateau Football Player, as Don called his client's over the top McMansion in a gated community, he could drive it over.  And deliver it personally.  And maybe get to see her in something skimpy.  It was still hot and humid, and now it was sunny.  She probably will change as soon as she gets home.  Don just wanted another glimpse in the flesh now that the case was going to be ending.


"I'm Not Surprised"


"As soon as I walked in and set my purse down next to the umbrella stand, and saw it empty, I realized I'd left it.  Thank you.  You can come in if you like, can I get you something to drink?"


Dolly stepped aside, and Don didn't hesitate to run his eyes up and down her body.  She was standing in the doorway of her rented townhouse in a fashionable mixed use development where street life, bars, restaurants, and entertainment all made for a much more exciting life than anything in a gated community had offered Dolly in the years of her marriage.  Dolly was barefoot, in a tight white tank top, a white bra visible by its outline and slight showing of the straps in the current, slutty, fashion of the day.  He thighs were as fit and toned as her calves. Don had seen the elliptical and other machines in the McMansion.  Mr. Football hero wasn't using that stuff, he worked out under supervision, with a spotter, at club headquarters.  She had a great ass, featured in a pair of cerulean blue shorts, a color he'd previously only seen in his son's box of Crayolas years ago and in the waters off Kauai.  Her arms were trim, toned, feminine but like that sexy personal trainer at the posh gym where you know she only fucks guys without body fat.  He'd always wished he could have just once nailed a woman like that.  "What can I get you?" she asked as she closed the door, gesturing toward a large sectional sofa in the great room for Don to sit, as she walked toward the open kitchen bar, enjoying the knowledge that divorce lawyer Don Berman couldn't take his eyes off her ass.  On one hand, Dolly knew perfectly well she was what guys referred to as a "ten".  But she'd had a thirtieth birthday, and she knew that magazines and men's eyes gravitated toward women in their twenties.  No, receiving signs that she still "had it" was never tiresome to Dolly.  Some days, even Dolly just needed to be reminded.  And a day in a deposition, or even just the morning in a deposition that was cancelled early, didn't do much to satisfy Dolly's carnal needs.  The ones Don's client couldn't satisfy, either.


"Coke Zero if you have one, water if you don't, thanks, and I thought you should have the umbrella back, the weekend forecast is for rain."


Dolly opened one of the side by side doors on the refrigerator, bent over at the waist to peer into the chilled drink section, as she arranged the fridge's contents, and poked her ass toward Don's field of vision.  He was nearly twice her husband's age, thirty pounds out of shape, and not in the same league physically as any of the men she'd had extramarital sex with over the six months leading into the filing of a divorce against her.  Okay, twelve months, but who was counting.  And she'd fucked way more teammates and attendees at her husband's family wedding than he knew about.  Dolly was horny, and let her pussy do her thinking for her, she giggled to herself, but she was smart enough to be careful.  She'd had plenty of great hot fucks that her limp dicked husband knew nothing about.  And old Don here, he seemed interested.  It sure had been fun turning him on during the deposition, licking her lips, crossing and re-crossing her legs.  moving her shoulders in such a way that it caused her blouse to gap slightly and allow Don to see some unclad cleavage.  She didn't have any underwear on under her shorts.    She'd lied.  She knew she left the umbrella when she got to her car, not when she got home.  She could have gone back up the elevator to get it.  She'd wondered if she'd get it back.  And something about Donny boy's eyes made her wonder if he'd offer to drive it out to her, claiming she lived on his way home.  She knew damn well he didn't live in the same direction from his office that she did.


Dolly turned and brought Don a drink.  She handed him a Coors Light.  "Oh, no, I just asked for a ....."


She cut him off. "I know what you asked for.  But here's a silver bullet."  Don saw that she had one, too.  She raised it, toward Don, offering to clink bottles with him before taking a swallow from the long necked bottle. "To settlement."  Don played along, clinked bottles with her , and they both drank down a swallow.  "And to getting what I need, that's all.  I'm not greedy."  Don was now speechless for the second time in the same day.  "I'm not surprised to see you," Dolly told Mr. Berman.  Then she knelt down in front of where he'd sat on the sectional, placing her hand on his knee.  "The case is over, right?" She stroked his thigh.  Back when she'd been an event location marketing rep for sports drinks, energy drinks, and a hired spokes model for on-site marketing at major sporting events, she'd occasionally filled her need for sex with executives who, though much older and not nearly in as good shape physically as the athletes to be found at such events who weren't playing the bowl or final four or super bowl and whatever, she'd learned about sleeping with much older men.  Well, not so much sleeping as fucking, though sometimes logistics added up to make it most practical for her to spend the night and yes, actually do some sleeping with the guy afterward.  Which had the benefit of providing a morning wood to mount, ride, and hopefully get off on before doing a quick walk of shame back to her hotel room, showering, and getting to the next day's appearance.  Don was like some of the sponsors in age and appearance.  And he sure as hell wasn't going to let it get around if he fucked her tonight.


Don knew the case wasn't over.  He also knew Dolly seemed to be aware of the legal ethics that prevented him from fucking her while she was the opposing party.  He also knew that whatever game she was running on him, every time he'd ever turned down the chance to fuck a woman this amazingly hot, he'd regretted it later.  He'd been with a couple escorts at a couple conferences, really sexy, as if they were a different breed from his wife, a lovely lady and member of the junior league who, like Don, had reached middle age and was noticeably heavier than in her wedding photo.  He'd someone rationalized the guilt.  It wasn't love.  It was sex.  And his wife wasn't going to find out.  And he'd regret if he didn't play this situation out.  Legal ethics be damned.  "Sure, the case is over.  Just a few details to iron out.  But there's no doubt, we're not going to trial,  we're settling."  And he drank down the remaining swallow on the beer, which gave him believe it or not a slight buzz, since he'd drank it so fast and he was such a relative lightweight from drinking so infrequently.  Then he place his hand, large, warm, and wearing an ivy league class ring, on Dolly's hand.  The one on his knee.  "Don't let me stop you Dolly, you were just about to...." and he let his voice trail off.  And he nodded to her to go ahead with whatever she had planned.  Which he prayed to God was a blowjob considering he'd just crossed a line he had never crossed before.


Dolly didn't even have to force that million-watt smile to occupy her entire lovely face as she nimbly undid Don's belt and lowered his fly, then shifted his undone Brooks Brothers trousers down his hips, revealing oxford cloth boxers with a few tell-tale pre-cum stains showing through the fabric.  He was decent sized, and decently hard.  Better cock than her football player husband brought to the game, she thought as she took it  through the open fly, stroked it a couple times, felt a twitch, detected him getting even harder, and then lowered her head, her eyes still upward looking into his green, grateful middle aged eyes, now wide with the wonder of a sexy younger woman about to suck his cock, and she ran her tongue up the slightly sweaty, and therefore a bit salty, tasting shaft of his married cock.   She intentionally kept her diamond rings on her hand and stroked him with her left hand.  He was wearing his wedding ring.  Fair was fair.  And he seemed like a bit of a kinky guy who liked practicing divorce law because he got to meet all the slutty cheating wives.


"Ahhhhh, " he gasped as tongue met cock, his cock, for the first time in months, in his case. Dolly lowered her head onto his cock, taking the circumcised head into her mouth, feeling the  swelling increase in her mouth as Don's blood raced to the scene of the infidelity.  "mmmmppphh" was the sucking sound she made, her lips and inside of her cheeks sliding down, until his cock moved deeper and deeper into her mouth.

Dolly made a show of making a popping sound as she let his cock out of her mouth, but continued to stroke the now saliva coated eager poke stick while she returned her satisfied face upward toward his.  "Long day at your office for both of us...lets go get naked and take a shower together...."


Rubbing and Scrubbing and Tugging, Oh My!


Dolly turned the water on in an oversized, double-walk-in shower.  Big enough for pro athletes to fuck their wives in, and big enough for the wives to fuck the husband’s lawyer in, on this occasion.  Don’s eyes were focused on Dolly, and as she smiled with excitement of seduction and victory while unbuttoning Don’s pinpoint shirt, she realized she hadn’t kissed him.  Not Dolly’s style.  Dolly loved the passionate aspect of sex—she even questioned within her own mind, “when was it sex, when was it lovemaking?”.  This was sex.  But you’re going to take a man’s cock into your body, he’s worth kissing, that was her philosophy.  So she moved her hands to his face and kissed Don.  He was stiff at first, nervous as hell.  Okay, beyond nervous, he was scared.  He was in way over his head but was just following what he’d been taught for whenever he might find himself caught in a rip-current or any other force of nature stronger than he was – go with it.  And Dolly was a force of nature stronger than Don.  By a wide margin.


Don’s hands found Dolly’s waist.  He wasn’t sure when she’d stripped, but she had.  He’d been in a daze on the way to the master bathroom.  And she hadn’t been wearing much.  The feel of her muscular core, yet her skin still so silky…it was indeed a sex goddess fantasy come true.  His fingers found the underside of her breasts.  Firm, her nipples of the self-erecting variety, excited by her own sexual hunger and needs.


All the while, Dolly’s expert tongue had delivered a graduate-level tutorial on sensual kissing, not too much slobber, not too quick and random in the movement.  A slow, entangled dance between the tongues, sucking each other’s lips, alternating between taking the lead.  Don wasn’t a physical specimen but he made his living speaking in a court—he had control over his mouth.  At last, an area where he could keep up with her.  Or damn close.


Dolly’s hands returned to Don’s clothes, and then she abruptly broke off the kiss.  Before he could worry that she’d changed her mind, she turned around and thoughtfully hung Don’s suit, shirt, and accessories on the deluxe men’s clothing valet stand in the bathroom.  The one she’d bought to handle her husband’s clothes. Now holding her husband’s divorce lawyer’s clothes.  While Dolly fucked that lawyer.  Victory has many forms.  Dolly was on a rush of victory in the divorce settlement.  Don’s victory was … well, he was getting naked with Dolly.  That’s a victory in any language.


Don took an extra moment to take in the muscle tone of Dolly’s back, her magnificent ass, her quads, her hamstrings and calves, as she bent over to smooth Don’s suit as she hung it.  Then she turned, smiled mischievously, and led Don by the hand into the shower.


The water was just hot enough, stimulating, erotic, he could have stayed in that shower forever, his mouth filled with Dolly’s kisses, his body against hers, and his hands trying to make life-long muscle memories of the feel of such a female athlete’s body.  Every female body-building and bikini contest he’d ever watched, this was the fantasy, to hook up with one of the competitors.  Dolly rubbed his body clean of the day’s sweat and effort with a few handfuls of liquid body wash.  Don returned the gesture, proving to have a sensitive touch as he reached her most intimate curves and folds.  She stroked him to maximum hardness, and he twiddled and inserted his throbbing cock between her thighs to get her thrusting her hips just as he was doing for her.  “Mmmmmm hmmmm” was her affirmative moan into his mouth as he took a chance and slid a finger into her back puckered flower. “You can fuck me there, too, baby. Do you want my ass?  Your cock would feel good in my ass, lover,” she hissed into his mouth, and she felt him twitch and ooze a few more drops of pre-cum to mix in with the unscented body wash.  Don remembered the anal references from his client meetings.  He wasn’t getting that at home.  To make his body one with that ass, holy shit…


Dolly parted her legs, then nudged Don toward the corner of the shower where a build-in seat allowed her to raise her foot, bend her knee, and give Don wide open access to bring her to a manual orgasm if he could find the way that worked for her.  Then she took his hand in hers, whispered a few directions, and once he was onto the desired rhythm, she locked her hands onto his back, held her body close to him, and nibbled on his shoulder as his hand, with her guidance and the humping she was giving his hand, brought her off to a gasping, water-splashed shaking “aaaaahhhhhhh, fuck, yessssss!” with her body’s tremors soon to follow.  He’d worked three fingers into her, his knuckles having stimulated her clit and his finger tips having brought forth inner pleasure.  Dolly licked his fingers, then rubbed his yearning to cum cock against her clit, skin to skin, which excited Don almost to the point of cumming.


Dolly, always a fan of orgasm as another form of victory, decided Don needed one, too.  Right there, while they were both wet.  So she knelt down, and opened her throat for a deep-throat swallow such as he had never experienced. He was not so large that this was a hardship to Dolly, but she did love cock, and being the first woman to have a married man’s cock in adulterous sexual pleasure was another way in which she gained some satisfaction despite not having gotten enough from her husband.  Her left hand at the base of his cock, and when she drew her mouth, tightly wrapped around his pecker back along the shaft, dragging her tongue for slow stimulation, Don could see Dolly’s wedding and engagement rings, from his client, on the hand that was steadying his cock.  He knew he wasn’t going to last long.


Dolly knew this first swallow was soon to be.  More head bobs, then alternating with removing his cock entirely from her mouth and firm lengthy strokes.  He lips teased his heavy balls as she stroked his cock.  Raking his ass, down near his own back door, with her nails was a tantalizing detail she figured would work with him.  “Uuughhhh, uuughhhh…fuck, oh fuck, Dolly, shit, oh, ohhh, uughhhhh nnnn, yessss!” And she thrust her mouth back toward his wet, matted pubic hair, taking him deep, then backing up to get her mouth wrapped around the sensitive mid-point of his shaft.  She sucked him hard, as if she were trying to leave a hickey, but all she was doing was creating a suction to empty his cock and balls of all available seed as it flowed into her mouth.  His body stiffened as she took his offering.  She swallowed it all, her hand slapped against his belly, fingers spread, pressing him against the wall of the showed, controlling him, holding him still while she fed.  A vampiress of cum, sucking the essence of her victim.  Don realized he was light-headed, giddy.  He was having True Blood cum-sucking vampire fantasies while this athletic fitness chick goddess was swallowing his seed.  At that moment, he was as totally in her control as he’d ever been under anyone’s control.


He was catching his breath, trying to regain his wits, as she handed him a deluxe, extra thick over-sized towel.  The kind a five star beach resort provides by the pool.  Again, there she was, naked, casually confident and comfortable being nude in his presence.  He was trying to cover much of his mid-section, out of shape and not what he wished for her to keep as a visual souvenir of their sex.  She wanted to relax him.  She wasn’t nearly through with him.  “Don,”  she began, “take your time, get nice and dry, grab a second towel if you like.  You did want to continue this in bed with me now that we’re all freshened up, didn’t you?


“Is that a rhetorical question?”


Dolly smiled.  Don had his wits back.  The promise of a fun fuck in her marital bed awaited.


Attorney-Client Privilege

Dolly sat on the edge of the bed and crooked her finger toward Don Becker in a “come hither” motion. Don obeyed, and her touch was his command as she put her hands out to stop him, and hold him in place when he arrived in front of her.  Don stood as Dolly looked up at him, gently raising his cock to her lips, and she licked the head, swirling her tongue around the circumcised rim, then dragged her nails along the underside of his balls. Dolly’s blue eyes looked up into Don’s eyes, and he nodded his head “yes” and held her long blonde hair, running his fingers through it, as Dolly’s focus on Don’s cock inspired her mouth to thoroughly coat his cock with saliva, adding hand strokes, taking her time, reviving his sex stick so that she could feel it within her soon to be divorced pussy.

He began to fuck her mouth.  Hadn’t fucked a woman’s mouth in so long.  Law school?  College maybe?  Polite perfunctory oral, for purposes of helping achieve erection and then nothing more, had been part of his marriage.  Years earlier, that is.  Not now.  And never as receptive to allowing him to truly thrust, pump, and fuck his cock into the marital mouth at home.  But Dolly wanted her mouth to be fucked. She opened her throat.  Teeth apart, no contact between her teeth and his slowly but surely resurrecting dick.  Her lips all over, back and forth, tight enough to create pressure but not friction. And the tease of her tongue now dancing along the most tender flesh on the underside of his shaft.  Moaning, wordless moaning as she continued to vary the pressure of her mouth on his cock, back and forth, more and more slick.

Don’s hands left her silky hair, found their way to her breasts, and gradually his handling of her breasts advanced to hardernipple tweaking, full hand mashing and squeezing.  She liked it, her body longed to be touched, sexually, played with.  Dolly was lubricating quite nicely between her legs again, and she reached down with one hand to touch herself just right.  Her finger’s twitch, speed, targeting to her inside pleasure spot, as Don moved a hand to the back of her head as he fucked her mouth even harder….

She smiled as his dick emerged from the wonderfully warm, pleasure palace that was her mouth.  Dolly laid back and reached for a condom from her night stand, and as she did Don admired her washboard abs as her body tensed and flexed from her reaching and extension.  He knelt and allowed his tongue to approach the arousing aroma of sex from her womanhood.  She was beyond wet.  Her body was fully prepared, by nature, to be fucked.  Dolly closed her eyes as Don gently sucked on her clit, then again ran his tongue along her slit, gently taking her large labia between his own lips, smearing her fluids on his own facial lips.  A nice warmup, but she wanted to be penetrated.  Filled.  Fucked.  To squeeze her pussy muscles and feel a cock inside her being gripped, held, possessed.  She ripped the foil packet open, took the condom in her hand.   Don’s hands once again explored her hard body flat stomach, runner’s legs.  Her ass could probably take a lump of coal into it and produce a diamond.  

“Get on this bed.  I need to put this on that tasty cock of yours so you can fuck where you’re licking.”  Not a request.  A demand.  “Yes ma’am” was Don’s response.  He was close to ready.  A few more mouth strokes from Dolly took his the rest of the way there, and then she unrolled the condom onto his cock, and positioned herself above him, holding his cock in place as she lowered her wet, hungry pussy onto the condom covered cock head that was so eager to go inside her.  In a series of strong hip pumps, she gradually took more and more of him into her.  Then his pubic bone was pressed up against her smooth, hairless pussy, his own pubic hair becoming coated with her excess flow of her body’s fragrant juices.  And her up and down pumping, assisted by her powerful legs, as she rested on flat feetabove him.  Dolly’s hands maintaining her balance on his chest.  Her middle fingers and thumbs tweaking his nipples.  Don wasn’t used to having his nipples played with.  And he instantly found that by doing this to him, Dolly was advancing his stage of erection from hard to “on the clock and cum shot approaching”.

Don would have closed his eyes and vanished into pleasure town, but he didn’t want to miss a glimpse of this dream of fitness and sex moving above him.  Dolly used remarkable body control, balance, and flexibility, in using all of her limbs to find every one of his pleasure zones.

“Please….” was all he could say.  So she did.

Dolly applied the condom to the tip of his straining, suffering cock, aching to be buried in a warm, tight fuck tunnel.  She used her mouth, tight against the contours of his cock, to push the condom over his cock, down the shaft.  Her oral application complete, she leaned forward, kissing Don, and his lips tasted the condom manufacturer’s lube.  “Sorry,” she said, “my mouth tastes like condom.”  “It’s fine, baby, it’s my condom” was Don’s reply to Dolly.

She mounted him, taking him into her heated body in one swift strong downward push.  Don’s mind went to a new level of disbelief.  His cock was inside Dolly, and she was now pumping her pelvis and finding her speed for cock riding.  Dolly closed her eyes, she loved the first couple minutes of a new cock in a special way.  Another man’s desire’s fulfilled.  Another fantasy she had made come true.  Another man showing that she was the object of his desire.  As Dolly fucked Don, their lusts, not emotionally targeted to each other, found their physical answers.  She had captured this man, and he had been accepted by her.

Her breasts felt firm in his hands.  Her nipples so responsive.  He had no previous experience with augmented breasts.  They felt so … sexy, so much like he was actually having sex with a porn star, or a Playboy centerfold.  He’d been with few women before his wife, and none of a sexual caliber anywhere close to Dolly.  But then, very few women who had been with any man were on a par with Dolly.

He moved his hands next to run up and down her thrusting, straining legs.  Dolly’s legs were lean, unlike any he’d ever felt.  His mind strained to recall a high school cheerleader he’d dated.  She could do flips.  But she was a teenager, and these were a woman’s legs, many years of conditioning beyond any he’d been between.  But nice to think back to his cheerleader dating days.  And so hot to realize they didn’t measure up to Dolly, not at any part of his body.

Dolly sensed Don was close in spite of his earlier pleasure.  She was right.  She paused.  “Do you want to fuck my ass now?  I want you up inside me”

She may have fucked him hard and fast in one thrust, but she rose off him in amazingly slow fashion.  Moved to the edge of the bed, and pointed to where Don could find a squeeze tube of scented lube.  “Cover my asshole, baby, all over, push it inside me, grease me all up with that.  Then fuck my ass.  Start slow and I’ll show you”  Don did as he was told.  His first anal.  She gave him push by push directions, when to slow, when to stop, and then when to go.  And go he did.

He didn’t last long.  She didn’t expect him to.  She loved that his eyes looked so dazed when he collapsed next to her after his barely stifled straining groan announced his seed filling the condom.  He slid out, and Dolly embraced him.  They both needed another shower.  The scent of the lube covered most the air they were breathing.  She loved that her ass was so desired.  Don was well networked.  He was wealthy, had a great life.  He’d put it all at risk to be with her.  God how she loved that.  Why the fuck wasn’t her body enough to make her stupid husband perform sexually?  Didn’t matter anymore.  His underperformance wasn’t her problem any longer.

They showered together again, soaping and rinsing each other, enjoying the intimate nature of the shower, but not engaging in additional sex.  That had been completed in the bed.  When they toweled off again, Dolly put on a short satin robe, it was about half-closed.  She looked amazing, freshly fucked, freshly anally fucked, and that fucking had been done by Don.  As he dressed, his small talk moved to Dolly’s case.  She shut him down.  “Do that with Liz, I’m paying her well.  Actually, you can put that in the agreement too, have my husband pay Liz’s bill.  Settling today saved him millions, and you know that, don’t you?”

“I do.  I shouldn’t ask, but…” Don began.

“Go ahead….”

“Was it your plan all along to say all that today?  You could have said so at the beginning.”

“Don, that’s a question I can’t answer.  All I know is, its done, and we’ve fucked now, too.  This was fun, this was nice, Thank you, Don, you could have said no and not let me seduce you.  And I needed to celebrate today, and you made it happen.”

“I can’t believe you’re thanking me!” he laughed.  “And who are you kidding?  No man can say no to you.  I didn’t have a choice.  But, I do have a family.”

Dolly smiled.  Don was finishing putting his tie on, and she helped him with his suit jacket.  She extended up on her tip-toes, and kissed him lightly on the lips. “Go home to that family, Don.  Call me sometime when this is all done, we can have a private sequel.  I don’t need to be a public slut anymore than my husband wanted to be a public limp dick whose wife was fucking his teammates.  So our secret here today is safe, baby, we’re in it together.  But you and I don’t make sense to be too regular together, do we now?”

Don shook his head.  “I’m not sure I know which end is up, Dolly, but I love my family and thank you for making me so happy today, and then sending me home to be happy with them.  Maybe we’ll have a sequel, or maybe just a cup of coffee along with Liz when the agreement gets signed.  I have no idea right now.  You take care, I’ll see you in a professional manner in about two or three weeks.”

Dolly squeezed his cock through his pants one last time.  He turned, and went to the door.  “Say Dolly,”  he asked as he opened the door, “which of his teammates did you fuck?”

Dolly smiled.  “Let’s just say, Don, that now that you and I had such a nice fuck together today, you know it isn’t true.”

“What’s not true?  What?  Did you never fuck his teammates?  This was all a con?”

She laughed and pulled her robe a bit more closed, the laughter caused it to start to fall open.  “No, not a con.  But that line about once you go black, you never go back?  Not true.  You’re proof that I’ve come back, Don.”



A purely fun fictional fantasy- for your reading pleasure;)

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