The Movie Date

Dolly barely laughed at the movie, one of the few people in the theater who wasn’t in hysterics.  Its not that she didn’t find the comedy to her liking—the cast had some of her favorite comedic actors, a recent Saturday Night Live alum, it was just….she hadn’t thought she would ever have the chance to fuck Bill and his absurdly huge cock ever again after they broke up.  No other cock before or since had ever fully satisfied her.  Bill.  Had to be, what, twelve inches?  That’s not a cock, that’s a foot, she thought, now smirking at her pun with the word foot.  Maybe not literally a Coke can in circumference, but close. And the pounding he could deliver with that club.


            And then out of the blue, a text.  Years later and he still had her number.  A text that read simply:  I’m back in town.  Let’s get together. 


            Another woman might have been angry.  Who the fuck is he to make life changing decisions and leave town, no discussion, then just show up years later and not ask if she wants to get together, but just say “lets do it”.  She could be married for all he knew.


            Another woman might have been hurt.  Did he just think of her as a sexual stopover that he could revisit any time he wanted, like a truck stop, always open, no questions asked?  Did he have any idea how long it took for her to come to terms that he’d taken a job overseas, left town and took away from her the best sex of her life?  The feeling of belonging that she felt with him.  Poof.  Was she supposed to have dropped everything and moved to another part of the world?  He’d never asked.  And yet, he was so damn good looking, his body just naturally muscular without any particular gym discipline, and his cock was so talented she’d felt owned by it.  Seriously, as self-assured and sexually confident as she was, Dolly had done anything Bill ever asked of her as a lover.  No hesitation.  And now he just pops into town.  How long was he even here for?


            But another woman never would have let him go.  Dolly was strong enough not to just be a slave when the time to stay or follow presented itself.  Which wasn’t to say she’d ever felt like she was better off.  Just that no man was going to own her.  But shit, that cock, the way she couldn’t get much of it into her mouth, how it felt to touch, to stroke, to guide into her straining beyond capacity pussy.  And yes, all that she endured to train and condition her ass to accept that monster for the anal fuckings of her life. 


            A gratuitous topless scene in the movie caught her date’s attention.  Rob took Dolly’s hand.  He’d been caught up in the movie.  Hadn’t noticed his date’s distraction.  Dolly momentarily forgot Bill.  She was on a date with Rob.  Good old Rob.  Let’s fuck in front of a mirror Rob.  Can I go down on you again Dolly even though I’m kinda clueless down there Rob.  Nice Lexus he drove, though.  And loved his condo, great location, near the bars and restaurants and nightlife.  And about half as much cock as Bill.


            Not like it was Rob’s fault.  They’d met through work.  Dolly and her team making a presentation to Rob’s company.  Well, Rob’s family’s company.  Dad still ran the show.  Rob was the heir apparent, and was doing a fine job learning the business.  And then when they opened that one particular contract to bidding upon a supplier’s retirement and sale of his company, into his life walked Dolly.


            The best legs he’d ever seen.  Period.  Models, swimmers, actresses, runners.  Maybe, just maybe somewhere there was a dancer with fit, trim, toned, shapely, developed but not bulky, defined yet feminine legs like Dolly’s.  Oh please goddess, wrap those around me and squeeze me with them when I fuck you legs.  Fashionable high heels, no stockings.  Oh to run those calves, skin so smooth looking, along his face as he traveled to the magical sexual play land that must, he immediately decided, live between the tops of those legs.  His eye ventured upwards, saw her royal blue eyes.  Seductive.  Red manicure.  The better to dig into me when I’m making you cum, he imagined.  Her smile.  Damn, like an anchor woman, like she’d been to one of those dentists to the stars who take out full page ads in luxury magazines.


            Dolly’s noticed the younger man by the boss’ right side.  He was eyeing her.  She was used to it.  Her mother had been a model, and told Dolly around the time Dolly reached middle school and began to blossom into the next generation of beauty and sex appeal, “don’t let it interrupt you when the boys stare, dear.  Yes, you’re beautiful.  But you’re more than your looks, and make sure the people you meet get to know the part of you beyond your looks.”  Thanks, Mom.  Get right on that.  Mom had grown up in the age of gentlemen.  Dolly was living and working in the age of internet porn.


            Rob only made business presentation appropriate comments during the presentation.  She was surprised not to hear from him the next day, his eyes said he was interested.  They got the business, and Dolly was out to celebrate with her colleagues when her phone rang.  Rob.  “I didn’t want you to think the business depended on whether you accept my request for a date, or I’d have called sooner.  Congratulations on the business, we’re looking forward to working with you.  Can I take you to dinner this coming Saturday night?”


            And so Dolly had begun dating Rob.  She was in casual fuck buddy mode when she met Rob.  Hadn’t had one steady man since Bill.  Oh, God, how she missed fucking Bill.  Being fucked by Bill was really the more honest description.  She’d experimented with vibrators and dildos like never before after Bill left.  Saudi-fucking-Arabia, she wasn’t following him there.  Consulting.  That was his message when he left.  “New gig inSaudi Arabia.  Huge opportunity. Can’t pass it up. Must leave tonight, starts right away.”  Huge opportunity.  Sex with Bill’s monster cock, that was huge enough opportunity for Dolly.  And he took it away.  And she thought Rob was maybe going to turn into the next “thanks for trying, and we can do it again but it doesn’t make me feel special or fulfilled” brand of fuck buddy she’d slept with in the year since Bill left.


            Rob wasn’t awed by Dolly.  Most guys, she’d learned through high school, college, graduate school, and her early working days, were intimidated by her.  Afraid they couldn’t keep up.  Weren’t good looking enough.  Weren’t going to be up to her standards.  Concerned they weren’t going to be rich enough, on the theory that a woman with a flawless body, cover model looks, brains, style, and a sense of humor and personality that would have made blind men want to hang with her just for the conversation was the object of every man’s desire.  And if every man wanted her, only the richest guy would win.  At least, that was one of the commonly held fears.


            Rob was outgoing, comfortable with who he was, and knew and accepted who he wasn’t.  He knew that a great personality on a guy who was good enough looking could compensate for not being the sexiest guy in the room.  Which was true.  Usually.  Dolly liked to try to see if she could find a male version of herself.  She did enjoy letting the sexiest guy at a party know that she was interested.  Dolly had fucked many really gorgeous guys.  Some of whom came close to fucking as good as they looked.  Some of whom were actually more infatuated with Dolly than they were with themselves.  But none of whom could do to her body what Bill did.  Rob didn’t seem self conscious that he wasn’t God.  That, and a good personality, some appreciation in fine restaurants and the arts, some shared recreational and outdoors interests, and being pretty good in bed, for a non-Bill mere mortal, had earned Rob the status of boyfriend.


            So hand in hand with Rob, Dolly tried to push Bill out of her mind.  No, not going to go fuck him.  There’s more to life.  Rob has a life, wants a life, wants a family, is interested in the parts of her that Dolly’s mother had stressed, the inner person the boys couldn’t see.  She tried to laugh along with the funny parts of the movie, and when it was over, hugged Rob, which never ceased to be a hard-on inducing event for Rob.  They made their way out of the theater, to his car, and then passed about five minutes while the traffic backed up leaving the parking garage by deeply kissing.  Who cared who saw, they were consenting adults, attractive, in a good looking car, and they were fashionably and appropriately dressed.  No one noticed much.  A couple honks.  But Dolly’s tongue was off it’s A-game, Rob thought.  Maybe she had a lot on her mind.  Work?  Or was it her period?


            When Dolly sweetly whispered, “Rob, thank you for a lovely night again, but would you mind terribly just taking me home.  I’m just not feeling like it’s a good night for more than that, I’m sorry, I hope you’re not mad,” Rob decided that meant it was her Aunt Flo coming to visit, and he didn’t need to try to change her mind, he was a gentleman and drove her home. She felt bad, she hadn’t given him her full attention.  She prided herself on being in the moment, always with the man she was with.  Which had been a struggle since Bill had left, but she’d mostly lived up to her own standard.  Dolly leaned across, slid her hand onto his thigh, up to his pleasantly semi-hard cock, and teased him through his jeans as she kissed him good night.


            He knew he had no food in the house for breakfast.  Hadn’t expected to need any, thought he’d be sleeping over with Dolly.  So he hit the 24 hour grocery around the corner from Dolly’s subdivision, and grabbed a quart of orange juice and a dozen eggs, an onion and a green pepper to add to the eggs.  A package of whole wheat English muffins completed the grocery run, and he checked out, walked through the doors to where his car was the only one in front of the store.  And watched Dolly’s car zoom by down the street, away from her subdivision, past the intersection, into the night.  Where the fuck was she going?


            Dolly had planned to try to fill her empty night with a vibrator and a thick dildo when she walked into her house.  She slipped off her jeans, her sleeveless top, her 34D bra, and was down to a black lace thong, her own fingers wandering to her nipples, rubbing herself, stimulating herself, applying just the right amount of pressure with sensitivity to get a tingle down her back and a beginning of a moistening between her legs.  She’d tried fucking guys while thinking of Bill, and didn’t like doing that.  Her hands were expert in knowing what made her feel good, or at least as good as she could make herself feel, and add her toys and that was pretty good.  Just felt more honest, and avoided the temptation to groan out Bill’s name while Rob was doing his best.  Which was an admirable, if not fully satisfying effort.


            And there was the message notice on her cell phone.  She’d turned it off altogether when the movie started because the battery was down to 20%, and now that she was home she was going to plug it in overnight.  When she turned it on, she saw Bill had called.  At 11:00 p.m.  Who the fuck calls a woman at 11:00 p.m.?  She was just about ready to call him even though now it was after midnight and tell him he had no fucking business trying to barge back into her life when she listened to the voicemail.  “Come over when you get home.  I miss being with you.”


            Was it the choice of words?  Was it hearing his voice?  Was it simply that she had to admit she wanted his cock?  Did it really matter?  If she was honest with herself, hadn’t this what she’d hoped to come home to tonight?  Hadn’t she known all along that she’d end up fucking Bill tonight? Wasn’t that why she really sent Rob home?


            She brushed her teeth.  That, and putting her clothes back on, was all the prep work she did.  She was going to go see him.  She knew he’d kept his place, his expatriate package provided him the ability to do so.  She’d driven by, looked in the windows a time or two just after he left, now two years ago.  It was still his place.  She hopped into her white two seater and drove off into the darkness, still angry in her head, but rapidly getting wetter in her thong, her nipples hard.  God it hurt when he’d fucking bite her nipples when he came!  She hadn’t thought of that part of their time in bed together in a long time.  Why now?  Oh, she hadn’t put her bra back on.  The cool air conditioning invading her blouse, blowing on her breasts. Her asshole was pulsing with anticipation.  She had tunnel vision as she drove out of her subdivision, past the Publix, toward his home.  And the light at the end of that tunnel was an oncoming sex train and Bill was the locomotive engineer who was going to be driving it into her.


            Where the fuck is she going?  What the hell is going on?


            Rob tried to make sense of what he saw.  Yes, it was her.  It was her behind the wheel, it was her car.  Same teal colored top. Same blonde hair, long and straight. So what the….she had been distracted in the theater.  And had been less than fully present the latter part of the week when they’d spoken.  What could be on her mind?  Something she needed to take care of after midnight on a Saturday?


            Bill.  That Bill guy.  Her ex.  She’d said he was good in bed, no, great in bed, but then refused all questions about what was it that made him great in bed.  She’d spoken bitterly, spitefully about him.  She’d spoken of him more than all other ex-boyfriend stories combined.  On the surface, she was telling Rob how nice he was, how much she liked their relationship, how he did thoughtful things that other guys didn’t do, how Rob was the boy her mother hoped she’d meet.


            Below the surface, if Rob had been looking at the situation with a more critical eye—something that was coming into focus now, here in the dark of the Publix parking lot in the middle of the night, it was clear she wasn’t over Bill.  Remembered her saying he had lived near her, out here near the lake front.  She’d said it while complimenting Rob’s home and its exciting, upscale in-town location, walking distance to everything.  She was going to Bill’s house.  He must be back.  Nothing else possessed her like sex, and no sexual thought was greater than Bill in Dolly’s world.


            What the hell was Bill’s last name?  She’d said one. ….Pickens.  Bill Pickens.  She’d made the joke “well I guess Mr. Pickens couldn’t pick ‘em, if he left me behind, right?”  Bill Pickens.


            He glanced back at the Publix.  If he hadn’t gone in to get tomorrow’s breakfast, could he have intercepted her?  Stopped her?   And then something surprising caught his eye.  Didn’t know these still existed.  A pay phone.  With a phone book.  This was an affluent neighborhood, many older residents.  Folks who didn’t live on their smart phones, maybe didn’t have a smart phone.  This was exactly where the dwindling number of pay phones left inAmericawould be located.  Rob walked back to the store, still toting his groceries, and set the bag down to thumb through the white pages.  Pickens, Pickens….Willis Place condos, unit number seventeen.  Where his girlfriend had just gone to see another man. Rob ripped the page out of the phone book and took it with him, not trusting his memory to recall the address just a few minutes from now, frazzled as he was in his anger and his shame.


            He drove in silence.  He was familiar with the general area, passed the complex once, circled back through the BP station, and pulled in, surveying the unit numbers.  It was one o’clock in the morning.  The complex was asleep.  Except for one window where light could be seen at the edges of the closed curtains.  Number seventeen.  The one with her car parked in front of it.


            The condos were duplex.  Upstairs and downstairs, and Bill’s place was a downstairs unit.  There was an alleyway in the back, which led to garages.  And another window.  With a cooler, bluish tinted light escaping from the edges.  Rob parked.  He approached the front window.  Couldn’t see through the curtains, didn’t hear anything.  He set the groceries down, and tried to see if the window could be opened.  What the fuck, Rob, he suddenly thought, that’s breaking and entering, hello!  Rob then went around to the back window.  As he drew near, he saw that the glow was characteristic of the television being on.  There was a slight gap in the curtains, which were drawn as far shut as they went.  Rob felt like a fucking pervert sneaking up on Bill’s apartment.  Had no idea what he was going to say to either Dolly or Bill when they opened the door in response to his knocking.  Hadn’t thought that far ahead.  There was no plan.  But this was bullshit.  Dolly had never seen Rob this pissed.  And he wanted to know what information he could get from the back window before he went to around to the front door.


            Rob had a sliver of a line of vision into Bill’s bedroom.  And lying in the unmade covers was Dolly.  On her side, her hip, bare, in evidence.  How he loved her slender, athletic hips, holding them during sex, the feeling of making love with a woman whose body was equal to the women in Playboy magazine.  Her hair was mussed, and she was talking to him.  Could not see Bill, he wasn’t in the bed with her.  She sat up, turned her head, it became clear she was talking to him while he was in the other room.  Her breasts were gorgeous, so surprisingly large relative to her swimsuit model flat tummy.  Dolly’s nipples erect, which came from a blast of cold air, or being played with, or even with no contact, with sexual stimulation of other parts of her body.  The window being shut muffled the sound, Rob couldn’t make out the words, and he couldn’t get too close to try to read lips, and wasn’t going to allow his presence to be known.


            And then Rob saw it.  As Bill returned to the room, walked into the line of sight, he was three quarters erect, and it was like no cock he’d ever seen in any health club locker room, or anywhere else with his own eyes.  In porn films, that’s where he’d seen cocks like that.  My God, such cocks really did exist in the real world.  Bill carried two beers, handed one to Dolly, who took it and drank a deep swallow then set it aside.


            Dolly never drank beer with Rob.  Rob heard the muffling of Bill’s deep voice, again, couldn’t make out the words, but Dolly responded by looking down.  At herself.  She looked back at Bill, who had now set his beer down as well.  He waved an arm at her, gesturing as if he were saying, “go ahead”.  She looked down again, and reached between her legs with her fingers.  Was he telling her to play with herself?  She did a lot of touching herself when Rob had sex with her.  Hadn’t considered that it was anything other than horniness before tonight.  But seeing Bill’s cock, maybe she was touching herself because Rob’s average penis didn’t get the job done.  No shit it didn’t, look at that thing.


            Dolly ran her fingers along her pussy.  Though shaved fully, it was smeared and clearly had already been used. Her full, sensual labia looked stretched and tossed about, well fucked. Dolly closed her eyes and dipped her fingers into herself.  She was still gapped, hadn’t fully retracted from having been stretched to accommodate Bill, apparently.  She removed her fingers, they were coated with thick cum.  Bill’s cum.  Which he’d deposited into her.  Rob had always worn a condom.  Dolly said she always used a condom.  He guessed Bill had his own set of rules.  Or maybe no rules at all.


Bill nodded his head, and Dolly, without hesitation, brought her fingers to her lips and sucked his cum off her fingers.  She showed it to him on her tongue, then swallowed.   She shook her head yes to him.    When Bill stepped up to the side of the bed next to Dolly, he was more like seven eighths’ hard.  Dolly adjusted her head, brought her hands to his massive cock, and held the base and she ran her tongue all over the head.  It was about the size of her fist.  Up and down, paying special attention to the underside of the head, where the flared contours of the head met, just below the pee hole.  Or for Bill, the cum shot hole, apparently.


He saw Dolly try to get as much of Bill’s cock head into her mouth.  All by the glow of some middle of the night crime show re-run. She ran her manicured finger nails along the bottom of Bill’s big ball sack, causing a twitch, making Bill lean his head back in pleasure.  Rob wondered if any woman had ever gotten that cock fully inside her mouth?  And then thought if any woman ever might, it was probably Dolly.


He soon saw that Dolly gave it her all, but it was too big to get much more than the head, maybe the first inch of cock beyond that, but the thickness cut off her air, and Dolly gagged.  The gagging just produced more saliva, and she stroked his cock with it, now getting that heavy sex monster to point slightly upward as she decided to kiss, lick, and suck along the edge of his cock head, then along the shaft.  Bill’s muscular arm came up and steadied her head. Then his other arm closed in on the other side of her head.  She brought her lips together and he fucked her lips without penetrating, a move that if done to a woman’s pussy would be known as a stripper slide.  Raw, hard male flesh uncovered against wet female sexual flesh, not penetrating, but sexual stimulation of a highly erotic nature.  Dolly reach for Bill’s hips, held herself steady, as Bill was increasing his pace, humping Dolly’s lips more forcefully.  Rob found it compelling to see Dolly being used sexually, as she was such a sexual creature usually it was Dolly who was using the other person in bed.  But this was the Bill show.


Bill stepped back, motioning Dolly back along the bed, and she eagerly, obediently even, responded and pushed some covers aside, lay on her back, spread her knees wide, and reached for Bill, to bring him to her in a missionary position, offering her entire being to him.  Her eyes were as if in a trance.  He saw Bill position himself between Dolly’s knees, and he kneeled as he took his steel hard cock in his hand and rubbed the head against Dolly’s sex.  She reached down, spreading her thighs, opening her outer lips as far as she could, manually, to assist Bill with commencing what promised to be an impressive fuck.  Rob noticed how hard he was watching his girlfriend prepare to be fucked by a sexually dominant, superior specimen.  Like living porn.  While peeping through the porn star male’s window.


Finally, Bill aimed his cock, and slowly, in an experienced, skilled manner, began to feed and nudge that cock into Dolly’s hungry sex and saliva-slicked pussy.  Her body tensed, her head went back.  She couldn’t be cumming that easily, could she?  He eyes closed, her head turned to the side.  There was pain involved in being penetrated, entered, TAKEN, by that much cock.  His cock was an occupying force and Dolly’s usually dominant body was on this occasion a conquered territory.  From the looks of it, every time she was with Bill she was surrendering.  Wasn’t that the theory behind the atomic bombs in World War II?  Have a weapon so powerful that resistance was futile and left no alternative but surrender?  Dolly, now reaching up to her mouth, licking her fingers, then reaching down to stroke the still more than six inches of cock so thick she could not close her hand around it that remained outside of her.  She bit her bottom lip.  Rob did the same.  He felt a wet smear in his boxers.  A drip of precum.  From watching Dolly be fucked.  And the real deep pounding was till yet to happen.


Bill steadied himself on his arms, above her, onto his knees, his eyes on Dolly’s and her eyes focused back.  Fucking time was here.  And Bill began with slow thrusts, nudges, really, slipping a few millimeters deeper into Dolly.  She shook her head yes, as if giving him directions that he could continue.  “Steady as she goes” was the thought Rob had.  Then it was slightly more.  After maybe five minutes of dedicated fucking, there were just a couple inches of shaft that hadn’t violated Dolly’s body.  She’d proven her flexibility in raising one leg on his shoulder, keeping her other leg down but pointed out as if doing a split with that leg.  She reached up to grasp his arms around the biceps, her slut-red nails digging into his triceps.  She was gritting her teeth, and now Rob could read lips.  “Fuck me, fuck me, yes, fuck me….” was pretty easy lip-reading.  Bill was saying nothing.  Bill was fucking Rob’s girlfriend like Rob could never hope to.  Then bill stopped, and repositioned his hands and arms.  He lowered his body closer to Dolly, almost but not quite belly to belly. He reached under her shoulder and grasped the top of her shoulder from behind.  He was going to use that leverage to pull himself even deeper into her body.


Low, muffled grunts, in the tone of Dolly’s voice, could be heard through the glass.  The grunts increased in intensity and volume and were made closer together as Bill’s fucking increased its unbelievable pace.  Still gripping her shoulder, he reached back with his other hand and pulled her leg off his shoulder, wrapped it around his hip, and he saw Dolly hook her heel behind his powerful thigh to use her leg strength to pull him into her.  The pitch of her groans went higher, the duration of her moans longer, and Rob realized that Dolly had taken all of Bill’s cock into her.  Balls deep.  The size of baseballs, practically.  He lowered his mouth toward Dolly’s and she passionate kissed him, as if trying to sooth the pain by sucking his breath from him.  The delicious pain and sensation, if her sounds and responses were any hint.  She began to shake even as she kissed and sucked with her mouth and gripped with her arms and leg.  She had to break the kiss as her head was thrown back.  She was cumming intensely, her sounds all melting into one long, loud pleasure roar.  Bill didn’t slow.  He didn’t change expression.  He did, however, move his head to the bed, and using it for a third point of balance along with his feet, moved his hands under Dolly’s ass, lifted her off and bed, and slammed his cock into her in the air, up on his feet now, pointed downward like the sex rocket that he was. Dolly held on for dear life, and it wasn’t long until Dolly splayed and straightened her fingers, stiffening, obviously cumming a second time, the angle of this lift and fuck technique obviously stimulating her inside in a way Rob had never remotely approached.


Bill slowed his fucking and was saying something to Dolly.  Her eye makeup, always lightly done in the first place, was smeared.  Had she shed tears of pleasure?  Or just that the shiny sheen of perspiration visible on her body extended to her face and caused the mascara to run.  The freshly fucked sexual raccoon look.  Rob had only seen it when they’d been fucking in the shower.


Bill abruptly backed out, and Dolly was not impaled but the gaping hole where her pussy ordinarily was sexy and inviting was quite a site.  Only slowly and subtly closing, and then Dolly turned over onto all fours, hands and knees, and again Bill targeted his howitzer and began the ground assault.  Dolly’s athletic body was being tested today, fucked hard, deep, and long.  And a satisfaction on her face that was unfamiliar to Rob.


Bill again fed his cock into Dolly.  The sexiness of her back, her toned legs, her muscles fatigued from the late hour and the ferocious fucking giving her fitness an even more obvious quality.  Rob compared it to her look after a lower body workout in the gym, her leg muscles were all pumped up.  Her pussy was pretty fully pumped, too.  Bill reached forward, again grabbed a shoulder, from up top this time, to use for a handle of sorts as he pulled her onto him, him into her, that finely conditioned body now near its limit and still fully impaled on a pussy load of cock. Bill took a handful of Dolly’s long blonde hair and began to tug on it, not viciously, more like handling the reins of a powerful filly he was breaking.  A gasp of pleasure hit Dolly’s face as he did so.  He was going even deeper it seemed (was that possible, Rob thought?), and Dolly was his human fuck doll.  And thrilled to be used as such.  Dolly’s moans of pleasure, and a few more instances of her body tensing, stiffening, then releasing as she shrieked made Rob lose count of her orgasms, and he couldn’t help but adjust himself and rub himself a bit through his pants as he did so.  This was the live sex show of all time.  And it was his girlfriend being fucked in it.  By a porn-worthy cock.


Bill released her shoulder, though not her hair, and pointed toward the bed, to the side, in the covers.  He slowed somewhat, and Dolly reached over and Rob saw her hand lift from the covers a tube.  Lube.  He’d fucked her dry.  Dolly was never dry during sex.  She lived for sex.  Her wonderful flavor and syrupy thickness of her fluids had always taken his condom clad penis into her with ease.  But this wasn’t Rob’s penis.  This was Bill’s cock.  The one Rob now knew she’d never forgotten.  Never stopped wishing for.  Always wanted, the entire time they’d been dating, he suspected.


What Rob didn’t expect was that the lube was for Dolly’s tender ass, not her thoroughly savaged pussy.  Bill was still inside Dolly’s pussy, absent mindedly pushing partly in and out, but his attention was on well lubing her ass, and inserting a finger to that ass.  Finger fucking Dolly’s ass as his cock was inside her.  Bill wasn’t fucking Rob’s girlfriend, Rob realized.  Rob had been a place holder for Bill the entire time.


Deeper.  Probing deeper, slowly, gradually, with skill, precision.  Rob wouldn’t have known what Dolly liked.  Bill remembered from years earlier.  Surely Bill had longed for Dolly.  Who wouldn’t?  And Dolly was at Bill’s command.  And as he seemingly had trained her ass for one thick finger, he withdrew his super thick cock from her overly-fucked pussy, and began to use two fingers to liberally spread lube everywhere it needed to be. Bill pressed down on the small of Dolly’s back, and she drew her knees forward while preparing to be speared in her third port of entry.  It was close to three o’clock in the morning.  Bill had been fucking her for hours, had obviously cum quickly once before Rob got there—the source of the cum he ordered her to taste from herself when Rob first got there.  And he still hadn’t dropped his second load into her complicit body.


            Bill’s anal entry into Dolly was slow, practiced, expert.  Pausing for her to adjust to her body being unnaturally, but to Dolly apparently, oh so wonderfully, fucked in her ass.  Again, the lip reading was simple, “yes, yes, yesssss….”  A smile, a grimace at the next advance, another smile.  Satisfied.  Her face was satisfied.  She had never shown such bliss with Rob. 


            It took a while so Rob glanced in the mirror. There was a photo of Dolly tucked into the corner of the mirror’s frame on Bill’s dresser.  Had it been there all along?  Rob thought of his sex with Dolly as he watched Bill take the last of her holes.  To Rob, it had been thrilling.  But compared to what he had watched Bill do to her, Rob knew he was a kiddy ride compared to the Mr. Bill thrill ride Dolly had gotten tonight. Dolly’s groan’s, pained and yet, pleading for more, broke Rob’s concentration, brought his eyes back to anal pairing of fuckmaster Bill and the fit and fuckalicious Dolly.  He was jamming his cock into her ass, in a way that Rob didn’t know was possible.  He wasn’t into anal sex.  He’d never asked, and Dolly had never offered.  From the looks of this, Bill owned her ass, and he owned all of her.  Dolly leaned on the front of her shoulders, one hand squeezing her own nipple, the other reaching back to feel Bill’s thigh as he plowed back and forth, front and back, deeper then backing away partially.  Bill moved a hand down to meet hers.  They locked fingers as he continued fucking her ass, gaining speed, increasing power, and Dolly once more cried out, this time differently, but the communication was clear though now words could be made out:  don’t stop fucking my ass, it hurts so good.


Rob turned to go back to his car.  He’d been standing a long time, his back was tired from doing so, his knees were kind of locked, the inside of his boxers were smeared.  Perhaps it was the last straw as just after he turned away, he heard a low, deep animal growl, followed by shorter, quick grunts.  Bill had cum in Dolly’s ass. 


            Rob got home, got into bed, and stared at the ceiling.  There was a hint of a pink glow just starting in the predawn sky through the window as he half-dozed and then heard his door open.  Huh?  Glanced at the clock, six fifteen.  Who in the hell…..and now rustling in the kitchen…..then the bedroom door pushed fully open.  Dolly.


            “Shhhh, surprise, Rob, I hope its okay, you always said I was free to use the key you gave me.  I’m so sorry about last night, I just had a lot on my mind.  But I didn’t sleep a wink.  I didn’t think you’d mind if I just got into bed with you and snuggled.”


            She smelled fresh and clean.  Her makeup was removed, and she hadn’t reapplied any.  Dolly was beautiful without makeup.  Her hair was fragrant, but not her usual fragrance.  More of a fruit scent than her usual floral.  She’d showered at Bill’s.  Her skin, too, was fresh and clean and smelled differently.  Whatever soap Bill had.  She’d taken the trouble to get her hair pretty dry, and she spooned her body next to Rob.  What the hell?  She’d wildly fucked her old boyfriend with every hole she had all night long at the end of her date with Rob, clearly enthralled to completely be used by Bill for his pleasure and she’d cum more often than the express subway at rush hour in New York.  But she had been so sexy to see in action, to see her body being pleasured, and used for pleasure, by an obviously superior expert.  Rob was still attracted to her, despite the hole in his heart.  She kissed Rob.  The same mouth that had licked Bill’s cum that she’d scooped from her pussy.  He’d cum in her!  The same mouth that had sucked Bill’s freakishly large cock.  Rob never hesitated to mingle his tongue with Dolly’s.  Her hand, the one that had stroked Bill’s power tool and grasped Bill’s body, cupped his balls, dug into Bill’s flesh when she came all over Bill’s cock, wandered down Rob’s body and found Rob’s cock.  Maybe half the size of Bill’s.  Rob was hard. 


The thought of being with Dolly now that he’d watched her fuck thrilled Rob, just as much as seeing her give herself to another man had hurt him.  But his cock made it clear.  She was still sexy to him.  Dolly started to push Rob onto his back, seemingly naturally back into her "take charge sexually with all other guys who aren’t Bill" attitude.  She straddled him, then reached into Rob’s night stand for a condom.  Rob couldn’t help but laugh at that after what he’d seen.  “What?” Dolly asked.  “Nothing, you tickled me, go ahead, baby,” Rob told her.  He’d called her “baby”.  It hadn’t been a dream.  But he’d still called her baby.  Was her spell, her power over him so strong that he wasn’t going to say anything about what he’d witnessed?


As Dolly lowered herself onto Rob’s cock, he did notice she didn’t feel quite so good, not as snug, as their previous lovemaking.  No shit, Sherlock, she just took a utility pole hard and long into her pussy, and up the back as well.  Well, eventually she’d be snug again, but how long that might take, he didn’t know.  Hours?  Days? 


She still felt wonderful, she was looking into his eyes, and her mind seemed clear, no trouble or stress on her face despite the fact that she’d fucked Bill so spectacularly all night long.  And her breasts felt so good in Rob’s hands as he reached up, and he was less careful about not wanting to hurt her.  He squeezed her nipples harder than he ever had, and her eyes grew wide, and a wicked snear appeared on her lips.  He thrust hard, up, into her, thought he knew she probably wasn’t feeling much of him at this point.  He reached up, pulled her face to his by her silky hair.  He kissed her, hard, aggressively.


Dolly was into a comfortable rhythm of him pumping as she rode Rob, and when he broke the kiss she smiled at him.  “Mmm, Rob, this is nice,” she told him, a gleam in her eye, “and don’t worry, I brought your groceries over from where you left them, they’re in your fridge.”


Dont be discouraged from this fantasy story- its purely fictional and for your reading pleasure!

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