So wrong it was right

So wrong it was right.  That was what Matt told himself as he walked down the hall to the hotel room.  So wrong.  His fully hard erection didn’t think so.  Damn she looked great in that little black dress, those heels.  Her legs, long, toned, tanned.  Her long blonde hair, blue eyes, electric smile. “Nobody is going to know.  Just us.”  That was all she said.  He was on his way there now.  She said to give her a ten minute head start.  Dolly was waiting for him.  How many years had he fantasized about this?

            When Dolly opened the hotel room door, having peeked through the peep hole and seen Matt arrive at the door, she took him by the hand and pulled him in.  It was still early, and the rest of the family would be downstairs at the wedding reception for a couple hours.  Dolly’s dad, a widower, was now remarried, and the music, dancing, and feasting would go on without Matt and Dolly for the next while.  Dolly’s brother was the evening’s self-appointed wedding coordinator, so close he was to his father.  Dolly’s brother worked in the family business with his father, and had been the best man.  Matt, her sister’s husband, had never been shy about letting Dolly know how attracted to her he was.  And Matt was charming.  Dolly had always had sibling rivalry with her bitchy younger sister.  Her sister was somewhat spoiled, having come along after dad’s fortune had grown.  And sis was younger when mom had died, so she was the recipient of dad spending insurance dollars in a way that he thought would comfort his younger daughter.  Dolly was older, more together, less vulnerable, dad thought.  Dad loved both his daughters, but Joanie, Dolly’s younger sister, had become all about the money, and the style, not the substance.  She’d caught Matt’s attention with her lifestyle, all of which was financed by daddy.

Dolly was an MBA graduate and had her own success.  She had married and divorced, had a good relationship with her ex and shared custody on a nearly equal basis, each of them having owned up to the differences in day to day lifestyle desires that had undermined their marriage. But through it all, Matt had been a friendly and supportive flirt.  And had been candid about the things about Joanie that drove him crazy.

It had been the previous Thanksgiving when Matt had drained a few more glasses of wine than usual that he’d told Dolly, “remind me in my next life to meet both sisters before committing to the younger one, will you?  Of course, you were married when I met Joanie anyway, wouldn’t have mattered I guess, but damn you’re awesome.”  Dolly was flattered, and she’d always gotten a rush from Matt’s eyes all over her body and legs even before his drunken honesty. She’d leaned over to him, unseen by everyone else who was watching Thanksgiving football, and nipped his earlobe with her teeth and whispered, “never say never, Mattie” as she raked his thigh with her nails, stopping just as she was making contact with the suddenly aroused head of his cock.  He’d looked into her eyes. “I think Joanie’s the one with the most to lose,” Dolly added.

So when Joanie started showing her attachment to daddy by trying to share her stepmother’s spotlight, Matt had no need for the rest of the reception.  He rolled his eyes, and caught Dolly doing the same.  He went to the bar and brought a pair of flutes of champagne to where his sister in law was sitting, taking in the various sub-plots of the wedding reception.  Jockeying for position and pecking order for positions in the business, portions of the estate and succession plan, and just plain back stabbing and snippiness.  Matt clinked glasses with Dolly, “to the hottest, coolest one here, and at least I can drink with you even if I can’t sleep with you,” and he smiled and kissed his sister in law on the cheek.

Dolly took Matt’s hand and smiled, then drank a sip of champagne, and simply asked, “What if we didn’t sleep?”

The band was playing.  No one could hear them…but had he heard Dolly correctly?

“How’s that again?”

“Well you said you can’t sleep with me.  What if what I want to do with you doesn’t require sleep.  I know what you want, and there’ isn’t any sleep involved in that, either.  Little sister’s in her own world, and wedding’s make me feel romantic.  You’re the most trustworthy one here, Matt.  And you know, you’re not a blood relative.  But if you want me to call you my brother when you make love to me, that would be pretty kinky, now wouldn’t it?”

“Don’t tempt me, Dolly, I’m liable to slip you my room key.”

“Don’t be silly, you’re sharing that room with Joanie.  You’re in 522, right?  I’m down the hall.  Here, take mine.  515, and meet me upstairs in five.  And Dolly left, stopping by the front desk to flash her drivers license and get a duplicate, saying she’d left hers in the room.

Dolly pulled Matt into her room.  Bit one corner of his bowtie and pulled it undone.  Helped undress him.  He lowered the zipper on her little black dress.  Thigh highs, black.  Black bikini panties, and black lace push up bra.  Flat tummy, he kissed her hips.  Her shoulders, her neck.  His hands between his sister in law’s legs, feeling her warmth.  Dolly’s heat increasing by the minute at the thought of fucking her bitchy sister’s husbands.  Giving him better sex than Joanie could.  She knew her sister didn’t like to give head, and had never allowed her husband to cum in her mouth.  Dolly kept her heels and thigh highs on, but removed her bra, then knelt and began to work Matt’s cock with her mouth.  Her tongue running the length of his shaft.  Matt’s hands lowered his sister in law’s panties, and got busy massaging and stimulating Dolly’s forbidden family related pussy.

They’d gotten onto her bed, then Matt moved behind Dolly and ate her pussy from behind, grabbing her thighs, controlling her, pinning her.  Dolly was fit, strong, and sexy, and she enjoyed Matt being so empowered, so turned on, to be so aggressive and without hesitation in finger fucking her, deeply kissing her, and enjoying his wife’s big sister giving him head and sharing her body with him. 

“Have you ever cheated on Joanie before?” Dolly asked Matt during a brief pause for breath in between changing positions and the many forms of oral sex between the two in laws.  “Never, never thought about it except you, unless thinking about you when fucking your baby sister counts.”

Excellent, Dolly thought.  Because Dolly didn’t have any condoms.  Wasn’t expecting sex this weekend.  And Matt hadn’t exactly arrived at her hotel room with rubbers.  “You’re clean, right?” “Yes, of course.  But don’t you have….”

No, she told him, she didn’t.  And neither did he, she pointed out.  But neither of them had anything communicable, it was all in the family, she’d never pass anything to her sister’s husband, and she knew he was telling the truth about only being with Joanie the last eight years.  Dolly was on the pill.  And Matt was going to be inside her, and she wanted the feeling of her bitchy baby sister’s husband cumming inside her.

Dolly faced Matt, rubbed his cock along her oh so wet sex slit.  They kissed, deeply, and he placed his hand on hers, the one she was using to guide his cock.  He redirected his cock directly into her wet, hot, sister-in-law pussy.  This was so taboo.  Unprotected, but they knew there was no risk.  He was married to her sister.  But her’s was the body he’d been thinking of nearly the whole time he’d been married to Joanie.  Dolly closed her eyes, feeling him inside her, and then feeling his hands lift her ass, so that now they were standing, facing each other, and he had lifted her onto his cock.  He moved her back against the wall, and with Dolly wrapping her legs around her brother in law’s hips, his thick cock buried in her tighter than her baby sister’s pussy, she held onto his shoulders and bit his ear again, this time with pure lust, and her husky seductress voice gave a heavy whisper, “fuck me, fuck me like Joanie won’t let you fuck her.  You can fuck me as much as you want.”  He accepted the invitation. He was enjoying this.  He’d wanted this so long.  She was likewise enjoying Matt’s cock invading her body.  “Yes, yes, I’m yours, do with me what you like” she whispered, and he moved to the bed, and turned her over, taking her from behind, their fingers interlocking as he held her hands while his cock hit her g-spot over and over.  Matt felt Dolly cum on his cock twice before he grunted, stiffened, and emptied his full balls into his sister in law’s welcoming womb.

They kissed deeply, and then Dolly got some wet washcloths to clean up their intra-familial fornication.  She loved feeling her brother in law’s seed drool out of her slutty pussy.  And she did feel like a slut.  A slut in heat, making Matt whole, pleasured, fulfilled, in ways her little sister never had.  They lived in the same town.  The temptation, the desire, but Matt wondered how Dolly felt even as he plotted their next liaison.  He had to have her again.

“I’m available for you, brother lover, I’ll just make references to software updates and you helping me with my computer.  Don’t erase the text messages, that’ll be a dead giveaway, everyone knows I text everyone in the family.  But I’m going to have you in my own bed.  And if Joanie doesn’t watch out, in her bed, too.

The discussion of their next time sped up Matt’s recovery time, and after another hot fuck, Dolly had to use the hand towels in her room for post coital cleanup.  She sent Matt back to the wedding reception first, then found the housekeeping closet and replenished her towels and washcloths before heading back downstairs as well.  So many things wrong, the setting, the identity, the lack of a condom.  And yet, it all felt so right.



Fictional fantasy for your reading pleasure.


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