Summer Internship

I guess, because I was in my 30’s when I went to college for a degree in business, I wasn’t nervous like my younger classmates during on-campus interviews for summer jobs.  I had done an 8-year stretch in the Army before college and used the Army college fund to pay for tuition once I rotated home from Iraq to go to school full time.  The Army taught me to be confident, aggressive, and very observant, and that nothing I would encounter in a conference room during an interview for a summer job was as crucial as what happened during my time in a war zone.  I was an MP, guarded the entrance to the base, and rode in the lead vehicle when transporting VIPs.  Typically they were generals, but sometimes media or visiting politicians trying to get re-elected, traveling between the air base where they flew into or out of hell, with civilization, home, and safety thousands of miles away.  If my father had any life insurance when he was diagnosed with cancer and died within six months, maybe I wouldn’t have had to go into the Army to pay for college.  But he didn’t, and I think I would have been less of a person if I hadn’t learned the lessons of Afghanistan.  Sometimes things happen for a reason.


Applied statistics--that was my major:  applying mathematical analysis to marketing, consumer behavior, and supply chains.  Throw in some finance, psychology, and accounting, and I had a lot to offer a major consumer product corporation looking to hire top students for a 9-week summer job.  The fact that there were great looking women in the city where the company was headquartered was a lucky after-thought.  Shit, the group manager from the line organization interviewing me was a fucking knockout.  If the rest of the women in that city were like her, I would have a great summer.


I don’t hear as well as before I went to war.  Being close to explosions will do that.  I’m lucky as hell, and may God bless my battle buddies who were closer and didn’t make it home.  So, because of my bad hearing, I thought her name was Molly.  “Call me Molly.”  I liked the friendliness.  She liked the resume.  I liked her bust, her tight crisp button-up blouse, her blonde hair, her tan, her blue eyes … you want me to go on?  I will, except that before I totally fantasize about how I got the call back, I have to be honest and explain how I stepped on my Johnson and endeared myself to her.


“No, not Molly!  Dolly, like Dolly Madison.  My name is Dolly.”


Dumbass.  I called her by the wrong name.  In an interview!


But, as I said, such a flub was hardly the end of the world.  When you see a guy who flew over on the same chartered troop transport as you get killed, you have a hint about the end of the world, or at least one man’s world.  This wasn’t it.  She had a look in those blue eyes, the eyes of a seductress, I thought, that said she thought she’d eaten up another undergrad and was about to spit him out ….


“I’m so sorry Dolly, the docs at the VA tell me I’ll just always have a bit of ringing in my ears from roadside IED’s when I was in Kabul.  I hope my transcript will vouch for the fact that I certainly hear and focus well enough to hardly miss a thing, which is how I got all A’s except that one laboratory science course.  Dolly, I know that you value precision, because you’re an MIT grad.”


She turned her sexy face to the side, bedroom eyes narrowing, thinking about how I’d known that.  No advanced notice of the interviewer.  She hadn’t mentioned her alma mater.  How did I know?  Now I had her full attention.  And as she shifted in her chair, to sit up straight, ready to listen to my next answer, I enjoyed a glance at her uncrossing and re-crossing those tanned sleek bare legs.  Sharon Stone had nothing on Dolly.


“Your ring, Dolly.  The beaver, a.k.a. the Brass Rat, on the side; it’s a classic MIT signet ring.”


I was reveling in all this eye contact with a woman this sexy.  God, I loved interviewing, looking interviewers in the eye as a peer, when everyone else who came into this room was a kid.


“Do you have a connection to MIT?”


“A Corps of Engineers colonel at Aberdeen during training.  And if I get my top choice for summer jobs, then I can add you to him and have two mentors from MIT.”


I’m thinking that parlor trick of recognizing her ring was what got me the call back interview at headquarters.  Call-backs were great: business class flights, great meals, room service delivered with a New York Times for breakfast, fresh sheets and towels.  A dream for any college student, but truly appreciated by a veteran.  Dolly’s radiant smile was much appreciated, too, and the handshake and eye contact.  Maybe I’m just cocky, but I know I felt something.  A sexy woman without a wedding ring, somewhere in her 30s, maybe approaching 40, has a well dressed man, in shape and well mannered, focus on her.  That’s gotta feel good to her.  The 21-year-old kids might think she was a MILF.  To me, she was someone for whom I’d buy a drink in a bar if I were home on R&R.  I was comfortable, feeling secure.  I think she sensed that.  “The letters won’t go out until tomorrow, but I’m telling them to invite you back. I just want you to know that.  I hope you’ll accept the invitation.”  Lady, whatever your invitation includes, I’m accepting.


Sixteen of us were there that day, at the company’s facility.  Rotated through four interviewers, an office tour, a presentation by field marketing and manufacturing reps, and then an exit, end-of-the-day preview of what might happen next was delivered one on one.


I’d gone through almost the entire process before I finally saw Dolly again.  I walked into the “wrap up” and there she was, standing next to the desk, navy heels, had to have been five-inch heels.  Shit, her legs looked perfect for dancing, stroking with  my cock, propping up on my shoulders….Okay, I’d had a great day and was feeling it.  Navy skirt, tight, satin top that was tailored to accentuate her slender waist, large enough breasts that I thought “gotta be implants,” and a French manicure that would look great raking my back as I penetrated her.  Damn, did I want the job, or just to fuck Dolly?


“Mr. Carpenter, so good to see you again!”  She extended her hand. And then placed her other hand on mine when I shook her hand.  That was friendly.  And it gave me a cock twitch, which I swear she noticed.  “Please,” as she gestured to the sofa and closed the door.  I loved watching her walk.  Confident, strong, shoulders back.  Must have a helluva personal trainer.  Reminds me of Army babes--the girls with great bodies, doing time in the Army, trying to get an education after their service. Dolly hadn’t been in the Army.  She was just sexy.


“You’ve had a big day.  I’ve got notes on you from everyone you’ve spoken with.  So I hope you weren’t kidding when you said this was your top choice and wanted me for a mentor.  We’ll be meeting later tonight to finalize the list.  So, be on the lookout for a voicemail when you get home from your flight tonight.”


“Oh, actually, I’m staying over tonight.  The connections where I’m going were booked because of the big football game.  Tens of thousands coming in, so a flight tomorrow around kickoff time had plenty of seats.  Don’t worry. I just prefer eating the cost of the extra night at a hotel rather than the stress of stand-by and oversold flights tonight.  Hope it’s okay if I don’t get the message until tomorrow when I get home.  I’m hoping I’ll like the message. I met a lot of great people today.  And I’m glad I got to see you again after we talked on campus.”


What the hell did that last sentence mean?  Anyway, Dolly blushed.  I was old enough to flirt with her.  “I’d love to give you some restaurant recommendations since you’re staying over,” Dolly said, as I noticed her inviting body language.  Fit, looking like she was a sexual athlete, the kind who was never still, always in motion, her limbs clawing, squeezing, undulating, seeking to maximize bodily stimulation of all pleasure areas.  And Dolly looked like she knew exactly where every pleasure point was on her body and her lover’s.  I swear that she winked as she said, “I liked meeting you, too,” and then she tilted her head, “So, can I answer anything else for you, before you head out for your evening in the city?”  Her eyes looked hopeful.


She reminded me of the first graduate student I slept with after I got to campus.  I was older and met her in a bar.  She just asked me what program I was in, and I said “business.”  I never said “MBA.”  She just assumed.  She invited me to her place after about four jello shots and some fun conversation.  God, she was just what I needed.  Invited me to stay after I’d used my mouth to get her off twice, and then, after a hurried and slightly too toothy blowjob, she found a condom in a bedside basket, asked me to put it on myself, and then pretty much surrendered to my desires.  Looking back, she was drunk, it was late, she was tired, she’d already cum, and she didn’t want to do the work.  I can’t say I lasted terribly long, but my oral skills on her, tart and erotically tasty but not antiseptically fresh from the shower, earned me the sleepover.  In the morning, she offered me a toothbrush.  Then, after wrapping me, this time using her hand, she mounted and rode me through a much longer-lasting fuck, which ended with us sweaty, her hunched over, and her nipple in my mouth while I held her shoulders for leverage and pounded upward.  We gasped for breath, she clung to me and then asked me what year I was in the program.  I guess, when I said first year, I might have consciously been avoiding the word “freshman.”  Two more weekends or pre-arranged “meet me in the bar for pick-up sex” followed before she asked where I lived.  The name of the building was unfamiliar to her, and, when I explained it was an undergrad dorm, well, our relationship lasted about 20 more minutes.  But she was physically my type, and so was Dolly here.  But again, I’m an undergrad, and she’s a corporate junior executive, hiring and firing the likes of me.   But, unlike my grad student first fuck, Dolly knew what my story was.


“I should let you meet with the others so you can hire me and leave me a message that will make for a happy homecoming tomorrow,” I said.  “So what’s the best place for good bar food, some decent music, and no bullshit velvet rope and line outside with people hoping to get in that’s near my hotel?”


She knew where I was staying; all my travel was through the company’s travel office and was in the folder she was holding.  “Magbee’s.  Your concierge can give you directions.  They’ll hold a table, I’ll have a call made.  See you soon.”


And when I went to shake her hand, she leaned in and whispered, “You’d better accept my offer; you’re my top candidate.”


So I cabbed it back to my hotel, showered, changed, and thought I heard the hotel room phone ringing just after I closed the door behind me and headed to the lobby.  The concierge gave me the two blocks worth of walking directions to Magbees, and I got there in 5 minutes.  Perfect.  Enough flat screens to keep an eye on the games, but not a total sports bar.  Good looking women, but not overdressed.  Real people, not the “beautiful people.”  People like Dolly.  Dolly was a working woman.  I wondered if she’d been married in the past, wondered if I’d find out this summer, wondered what she looked like out of her work clothes … her tan skin, her fit body, that easy going manner, little need for makeup, just a radiant sexuality giving her a sexy glow.


Must’ve been around 10 p.m., as I was finishing my third Coors Light of the night, feeling good, finishing up the tempura munchies, when I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket.


‘Mr. Carpenter, its Dolly Jewel.”


Yes, I was just drunk enough to get excited and feel my cock harden.  “Well now, I must have given you the wrong number; this isn’t my home number to leave me a message, this is my cell number.”  Excellent!  Job offer.  No way she was calling my cell NOT to hire me.


“Oh I’ve already left that message, and the couple of others for the rest of the summer hires.  I remembered your telling me you were still in town, so I wanted to tell you myself—you’ll be working under me this summer.”


“That sounds amazing!”  Yes, I was referring both to the job offer and to the sexual double entendre about being “under” her.


“I have no doubt it will be.”  Shit, does she have any idea she’s making these comments or am I just all horned up?  “So were you going to call it a night or have another Coors Light?”


What the?  How did …?

I felt a tap on my shoulder; it wasn’t a finger, it was a fingernail.


I turned, and there was Dolly on her cell phone, calling me from inside the bar.  I answered into the phone, playing along, even though she was smiling at me, and I’m sure I was grinning stupidly through my buzz right back at her.  “I’m definitely having one more.  I just hate drinking alone though.”  We both laughed and hung up.  I started to extend a hand, but Dolly stepped up and hugged me as I stood.  I felt her breasts press into me.  Firm.  She was toned, kind of a hardbody, was my thought as my hands responded to her embrace with a wrap around to the small of her back.  She was in heels, jeans, and a tight t-shirt, and her ass looked oh so good as she climbed onto the bar stool next to me, pointed to my beer, and held up her index finger as a number one to the waitress.


“I tried calling your hotel room. When there was no answer, I remembered I had recommended this place.  So, when I got ready to leave, I called your hotel concierge, and she confirmed she’d given you directions here.”


I was still glowing from the hug.  Her beer arrived, she raised her glass in a toast, and we drank to “A fantastic summer to come.”  Or was it “to cum”?


“So … Mr. Carpenter, you’re going to accept my offer?”


“Only if you call me Brian and stop calling me Mr. Carpenter, Ms. Jewel.”


Great smile.  And her hand on mine on top of the table. “Okay Brian.  And please, Dolly.  Let me be your Dolly.”  She giggled and took a swallow of beer, then interwove her fingers with mine.  My cock twitched, and I stopped wondering if it was all in my mind.  It wasn’t.  Dolly was here.  She took my hand. I didn’t put any inappropriate moves on her.


“Have you eaten?” I asked her, trying to be a gentleman.  “We had dinner brought in for our meeting, yes, just after you left.”  She finished her beer.  Fast drinker. “Why don’t you get the bill – you’re sending it in to be reimbursed, and the hiring officer – that’s me – will approve all the drinks.  You can slide me your key card and, after you pay, come on back to your hotel.”


No sense being subtle.  I liked her even better.


I nodded my head yes, stood up, and reached into my pocket to get my card key.  She stepped up to me, chest to chest, and pressed my leg down so that I was seated on the stool.  That brought us face to face, as she was standing between my legs. She slipped a hand down to my crotch and felt my hardening cock through my jeans as she leaned in to kiss me, aggressively, passionately, hungrily, on the mouth.  She locked her eyes on mine, then sucked my bottom lip into her mouth and bit it, not painfully, but enough to let me know she not only wanted to fuck me, she wanted it to be a very good fucking.  “Okay?”  “Room 1219,” I told her.


I put way too big of a tip on the charge.  So what!  Dolly had just sucked my mouth, rubbed my cock, pressed her tits into me. 


Good thing it was nighttime, as I’d have been self-conscious walking down the street with that much of hard-on in daylight.  I made my way through the lobby, to the elevator, and up to the 12th floor.  I knocked on my own door.  It opened, but there was no one in front of it. The room was fairly dark, just a bit of glow from the desk lamp, all the other lights off.  Dolly was hiding behind the door.  I didn’t see her until I was in and the door was shut.


Barefoot, red pedicure, black thong, flat tummy, no tan lines anywhere around the thong, runner’s toned, fit thighs, feminine but defined muscularity on her arms, like the sexy fitness instructor at the gym you always wished you could fuck.  Black lace bra, still no tan lines.  Her hair was down, straight.  She cocked her head to one side as she stepped up to kiss me while reaching for my belt.  I kissed back, and our tongues searched and quickly found each others.  Deep kissing, desire, sexual need about to be fed.  Something forbidden, the hiring officer fucking her summer intern immediately upon hiring him.  I kicked off my shoes, and my shirt was pulled out of my pants and lifted over my head.  She pushed my jeans down, followed by my boxers.  Now her slender fingers stroked my cock.  The heat of my cock met with her approval.


“Mmmmm, your cock is so nice and thick, so hot,” she said, as we were now breaking our kisses to nibble on each other’s bodies.  Her neck, her ears, her shoulder.  My hands all over her, removing her bra, feeling her breasts.  Implants, firm, perfectly done, nipples tender to the touch.  I slid a hand down her toned tummy, found her smooth, hairless pussy, nudged her thong aside, found her totally wet and receptive already.  “You’re so wet!”  Genius thing to say, I know, but shit, this was a flood. She smiled and moaned into my mouth with another kiss.  “I’ve wanted you to fuck me since campus.   We can do this all night.  All summer.”


I slid her thong off, the last tiny bit of fabric separating us from complete nudity.  I twiddled up and down that luscious moist sex slit, reached around with my other hand and held her ass, firm, shapely and tight.  She began humping my fingers, and I had to fight to keep my fingers on her clit as she bucked, ground, and humped me while I tried to finger her to a climax.  Dolly dragged her fingernails down my chest as she took my cock and rubbed the fully engorged head against her clit, well coated in her fragrant sexual juices.  I could smell the sex of her body.  She was all over me with all of her body, and we dragged each other to the bed.  The covers had been turned down, and the sheets felt good against my skin as we hit the bed.  My mouth found her nipples, and I sucked, licked, squeezed, teased. 

“Play with them Brian, go ahead, suck them hard, feel me, Brian!” she practically hissed.  She was in a sexual frenzy, and I was right there with her.  Dolly couldn’t hold still, pressed me down on my back with her right hand, strong, like a predator pinning its prey and about to eat.  With her left hand she reached down, took two fingers worth of her own lube, and stroked my cock before lowering her tongue to the underside of the head, then circled it.  She licked around the head, up and down my shaft, and then took me more fully into her mouth while stroking from the base with her hand.  “Oh God, Dolly, I’m going to ….”


I would have loved to pretend I was some porn stud and enjoyed her foreplay for hours, pumped her all night, and stayed hard, never cumming.  But I’d be lying.  “I’m gonna ….” was all I could get out, a second time, and she never hesitated to suck and stroke me through a toe-curling, back-arching, groaning, gasping climax into her hot sexy mouth.  “Suck me hard, suck me dry, Dolly.   Swallow my fucking cum,” I barked out.  Nice.  Just fucked my boss’s mouth, came real quick, and felt her swallow my load with my dick in her mouth.  She licked my shrinking, post-orgasmic cock, taking all of my seed into her lips.  I tasted my own spunk, in remnants at the corners of her mouth, when she deeply kissed me.   As I lay back, she straddled me, thrusting her ridiculously wet womanhood up and back along the sensitive underside of my emptied cock.  The kiss lasted a long time.  Deep, sweet, unrestrained, now familiar.


Dolly didn’t ask when she rotated her body to re-take my cock into her mouth.  As she moved us to a 69 position, I thought again about Miss Grad Student as I tasted Dolly’s sweet, mature, sexy flavor in my mouth.  I again was moving up in sexual partner class.  Not a fellow student.  Not a waitress on a trip off campus in search of someone my own age who wouldn’t hold it against me that I was an undergrad.  Not even that young MILF mom of a freshman who went back to my apartment with me the first night of Orientation Week, after just dropping off her son at the dorm and coming into the bar around the corner from my apartment for a drink.  The MILF’s head was blocking my view of the television, so I tapped her on the shoulder and asked if I could buy her a drink to convince her to move over one seat to the right or left.  She had been a bit older than Dolly, not as fit, but very sexy, and the wedding ring on her hand was very taboo   Suddenly, she said, “I’ll move and let you buy me a drink, but you have to sit next to me so I can buy you one back.”  I didn’t have any condoms.  I know--bad mistake by one old enough to know better, but a few drinks later, I figured we would work something out when she said, “My husband was too busy to help drop off our son, and he’s been too busy for a lot lately.  Do you know how long its been since I’ve had sex on a college campus?”  “I live off campus,” I told her, as I smiled and put my hand on her thigh.  “Same difference,” she replied, and she rubbed my cock through my shorts and leaned in for a drunken kiss.  She opened her purse, tossed a 50-dollar bill on the bar, and took my hand as we made our way out the door.  Around the corner, I leaned her up against a brick wall, and we started making out.  “Get a room!” someone yelled, and we laughed.  She said, “Yeah, take me to that off campus room you mentioned.”  When we got there and I realized I had run out of condoms, she said, “There’s another thing my husband hasn’t done in a while.  How are you with your tongue?  I’m great with mine ” 


And so, with Dolly’s sweet pussy in my face, this was my latest opportunity to please a mature woman with my mouth on her sex.  So warm inside when I tongue fucked her, so wet as I smeared my lips all around her labia.  Doing my best sucking and tongue flicking on her large clitoris.  Dolly humped my face, having to remove my not yet fully revived cock from her mouth as her body’s convulsions told me we were approaching cum number one for Dolly. “Aaaaaggghhh, aaaahhhh, ooooh, God, oh God, yes, aaaaghhhh,” she groaned on and on.   Then her finger slipped right into the sexual frenzy that was my mouth on her pussy and she joined in, frigging herself with a finger twitch, rapid fire while she ordered, “Yes, lick me fast, hard, right there, right there.”  I found a pleasure point just below where her finger twiddled, and Dolly’s body stiffened. “Uuuughhhhh!” she grunted, as her juices spread all over my face.  She then twisted, twitched, and finished cumming.   Exhausted, her body was coated in a fine layer of perspiration, having just been orally and manually fucked.  I was hard again, and she barely took a breath when she told me, “I need you in me already.”


Dolly’s purse was on the nightstand, and she reached in and produced a condom.  She skillfully rolled it over my cock, laid back, spread her legs wide, pulled me toward her well-licked and lubed pussy.  It felt so good, firm, not so tight that I thought I was going to hurt her, but I felt her vaginal muscles squeeze me, and I knew we were going to feel good together.


Dolly held her hands on my face as I supported myself on my arms, in a missionary position, slowly pistoning up and down, in and out of her body.  “That’s it, yes, fuck me. I want you inside me, keep giving me that cock.”  Nice, sexy talk from my boss while she fucked me in my company-paid hotel room.  She raised her legs up over my shoulders.  “Really do me, Brian, go deep in me,” Dolly told me.  Having already cum, I was lasting much longer now.  We fucked in missionary a long time, alternating between fast and slow, sensual and slamming, and then Dolly pressed me away, told me to sit at the end of the bed.


Dolly lowered her body, facing the same way I was, toward the open window with a view of the city lights, and she pointed my cock, still in the condom she’d wrapped onto me, toward the entrance to heaven.  She hovered over me and then slid down onto my sex pole all in one motion, until I was balls deep, and her fine ass was resting on my lap.  She was impaled on her intern’s cock.  She used both her arms and legs to pump her body up and down, in a reverse cowgirl female-on-top sex position.  I leaned back, improving the angle for penetrating my new boss’ body.  My hands went to her thighs. I loved to feel the flexing of her quad muscles as she lifted and lowered her hips on and off my dick.  Then to her hips, allowing my hands to ride up and down to the sexual rhythm she was directing with her body.  Then up to her stomach, feeling her abs flex, tighten, and making me even more turned on – if that was possible!—at the evidence in my finger tips of her fitness model physique  This was the woman who’d come out looking for me to be her sex partner tonight, the woman whom I was going to see this summer.  A lot, I hoped.  I was glad I was lasting so long, as she wanted more sex from me.  The fast one in her mouth had only turned her on more, it seemed.


Dolly wordlessly dismounted, then got on the bed next to me on all fours.  “Take me from behind, Brian.  Fuck your Dolly hard in doggie.”  Now she was as wet as any woman I’d ever been with, and more .  She lowered her head to the sheet as I slammed into her, and Dolly whispered, “Play with my ass, baby, finger my hole,” which caused me to have an even greater blood rush to my cock.  I applied some spit, and my finger circled her brown puckered bud, apparently very sensitive, and she reached down to frig her clit while I fucked her pussy and played with her back hole.  I poked in and out with just the first knuckle of my index finger, and she rubbed herself more frantically. I grabbed her hair with my free hand and just started slamming myself into Dolly’s body hard, knowing I would not last long.  An evening of beers had many effects, and, at this point, the delaying effect had worn away.  My body was as sweaty as Dolly’s when she reached her orgasm and collapsed to the bed.  I finished in what became a lazy dog fuck, my body flush on hers, both of us flat on the bed.  We reached our hands to each other, interlocked our fingers, and caught our breath.


We rearranged ourselves, and I loved holding her body against mine.  It was late, or maybe it was early for the next day, but the next day was not a workday.  Would she stay?  I asked her if she would stay, but she said she couldn’t.  “But we’ll have plenty of fun this summer,” Dolly told me.  “Do you want to shower together?”  “If we did, I’d just want to fuck you again, and I have to meet someone.”  Huh?


“Meet someone?  At this time of night?”


“No, for a pre-dawn run, and we’re several hours into tomorrow, Brian.  You fucked me good all night, and I loved tasting your cum, feeling your cock in me.  I just need to wash away the evidence, maybe get two hours of sleep, then do about four miles with my running buddy.  Don’t want him to think I’ve been out fucking my intern before the summer’s even started, now, do I?”  She laughed.


As she dressed, I asked her, “So, do you and your running buddy …?”


“Yes.  You don’t mind, do you?  You’re a big boy, you’re not going to be jealous, are you?”


“No, that’s fine, I just … this was a surprise. I just wondered what it meant, that’s all.”


She kissed me, again passionately, with her tongue circling inside my mouth.  She’d helped herself to my toothbrush and Colgate Fresh Gel. “What it means, Brian, is that we’re going to have a great summer.  And I come back to your campus to recruit engineers in a month, so we can answer any other questions you have about the summer after you fuck me good again on that visit.”


“Yes, Ma’am”


“Good night, Mr. Carpenter.  Congratulations on your job offer.”


“Good night, Ms. Jewel.  Thank you for delivering the offer in person.”


The End

Fictional fantasy for your reading pleasure. ENJOY!

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