Don't Break the Button

I watched him dress, fresh from the shower after he'd given me his best in bed.  Nice guy, makes me look forward to my trips to this town.  Wears nice suits and takes his wedding ring off.  I think that's cute.  I never mentioned that I don't care if he wears it or not, and that, in fact, its a little bit of a rush to know that married men are willing to take a walk on the wild side to be with me, that I make them willing to be bad boys!  I figure it’s important enough to him, so no need for me to mention it.  It’s personal, right? 


But maybe that's part of what makes him so damned uninhibited!  Average, pleasant looking man in a nice suit shows up at my hotel room, we've swapped some flirty emails, and I love teasing the shit out of him with candids from the beach.  He hasn't seen a gym in a while, but that's okay.  He's got the desire to try to please me, and that, along with my Dolly gifts and a pleasant personality, are really all I ask of my dates.  And after we close the hotel room door, then Mr. Solid Citizen (drives a nice car, too, I've watched him exit the hotel from my window, so I've seen the car he gets into) gives me a kiss that just melts my fucking tongue right into his.  A lot of handsome guys can't kiss.  It’s a wonder, but kissing is about inner feelings, emotional, sensual.  Not that my motor needs any help to get to full throttle, but a mouthful of kissing pleasure, wow, George Clooney, wait your turn, Mr. Super Kiss is taking a long lunch from his office, and that boy is all mine!


He's buttoning up his shirt.  The first time I saw him, I was so excited from our emails that I accidentally ripped a button off his shirt as I stripped him and lovingly raped the happy man!  He was so pleased to go along with that aggressive sexual introduction.  Showing him my mouthful of his seed after I sucked him off ... and he and I have been off to the races ever since when we get together.  But I do let him undress himself since then.  I hang up the suit, and we drape the shirt over a chair.  He was fine about that button the first time, said that he'd go fro a workout in the gym in his building just to have the excuse for the broken button.


Today he had me over the desk in the hotel room.  I'm on a high floor, and we had a view of the big downtown park.  Then I rolled over and he did me face to face, my ass on the desk, him still standing.  "That's it baby, let me fuck you just like this," he grunted.  "Take me any way you like, sexy," was what came out of my mouth.  We made our way to the bed.  He kissed his way down my abs, which makes the crunches all worth it.


And he's so enthusiastic to try a variety of positions.  Like half a dozen thrusts and we're repositioning, which is fine by me. I like to know that I'm fulfilling all my guy's sexual desires.  I love when he finishes in doggy, his thighs touching the back of my legs, his hands gripping my waist even more tightly when he fills that condom and I feel him pulse inside me. Mmmmmm.  Then we collapse and I get to kiss him more.  And his kisses are more tender after he's cum.  Not to mention they are Dolly-flavored from him going down on me and getting me so damn wet and in need of being filled. We were breathless, a bit sweaty as we came down from our high.  He said he loves to watch me walk away from the bed naked when I go get him a warm washcloth to clean up.  He tells me how fit I look, that my athletic figure is what first caught his eye, and then my personality is what kept him coming back.  Sweet man.  Seems to know that a woman can never hear that enough. 


He walks back over to me as we make small talk, sits on the edge of the bed, leans over and licks, then sucks my nipple, and I squeeze his cock through his pants.  He's semi-hard. I mention to him that I've got an hour free in my schedule.  He says he's got to get back, but then I place my hand on the back of his head and pull him tight to my breast again, and his mouth can't resist.  And he's so good with his lips. As his hands are stroking the skin of my legs, I hear him mumble, "Will you wrap these tight around me and devour me like you're some kind of succubus?"  His little fantasies--succubus, that's a new one.  We do a little role-playing, but mostly it’s us.  I've got his belt undone.  He takes his lips off me and looks me in the eye, and I know I own him.  And he loves that I own him.  Sexually, for the length of our dates, anyway.  And part of that ownership is the license I grant him to take me everywhere he wants.  Looks like Dolly is going to get to fill up that extra hour in her day with some fun!


He's unbuttoning his shirt again.  Careful with the buttons, lover.

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