Dolly at the Twin Spires

Dolly at the Twin Spires


Dolly was exhausted.  Mentally, physically and emotionally.  It had been the most amazing, and totally draining, 18 months of her life.  The Carver contract had catapulted her into becoming the youngest partner in the history of her firm and her team’s performance on that contract had solidified her position in the boardroom.  But it had kicked her ass.  The Carver contract hadalso spanned two tax seasons, and while Dolly wasn’t responsible for tax preparation, she was responsible for the financial health of her clients’ portfolios, and Dolly was very fond of saying “managing a personal portfolio is like making love – it’s a very hands-on experience.”  For Dolly, that made tax season draining.


She stepped into Phil Duggan’s thirty-second story corner office.  Duggan was the managing partner, her first mentor and the closest thing to a father figure Dolly had besides her own father.  


“Hey, Phil.  We made it.  My desk is clean.  I’ve been thinking I’d take two or three days here to sleep, run and eat healthy.  And I want to give some of the Carver team a few days off, too,” she said as she settled into the soft leather couch by the west window of his office.    


“Actually, Dolly,” Phil said as he handed an envelope to her, “you’re going to take more than a long weekend.  I’ve marked you out for a month.  And the firm has covered the first two weeks.  Cheryl said you’ve never been to Arizona.  There’s a one-way ticket to Phoenix in there for Saturday morning, a rental car reservation, ten days’ reservations at the nicest resort in Sedona and a four day weekend at a five-star in Scottsdale.  After that, you’re on your own but I don’t want to see you in the office.”


“I can’t take a month, Phil.  There’s just –“


“Dolly, Carver’s done, taxes are done, and you’re done.  Get on the plane.  Thirty days from now, your office will look just like it looks now – but you’ll look better.  I’ve told everyone that Cheryl and I will handle all your key business.  I have your cell phone and the numbers to the two resorts…if the Chinese don’t show up at the Treasury auction or if Portugal defaults on a bond payment or if the Tea Party rolls back Obamacare, I’ll call you.  Other than that, your clients are safe with me.  See you in late May.  Get some sleep and find some guy to dangle your feet in Oak Creek with…Sedona is a wonderful place.  Climb Cathedral Rock your first evening – it’s amazing.”


He turned, walked to his desk and picked up his phone.  The debrief was over before it started.  And Dolly knew she was on vacation. She was also grateful.  She had heard that there was no place on earth quite like Sedona.




Forty-eight hours later, Dolly pointed her four-wheeler Jeep up I-17 out of the Valley of the Sun and began the long climbtowards Sedona.  While the desert landscape fascinated her, the idea of a late afternoon hike had her even more fascinated.  Dolly longed to return her body to the finely tuned specimen it was 18 months ago.  Dolly was acutely aware of her body, as was every other human being that she came into contact with.  Dolly, quite simply, was stunning.  Tall, blonde, blue-eyed and fit beyond belief, Dolly would turn heads at a Victoria’s Secret photo shoot or at a reunion of Sports Illustrated swim suit models. But Dolly knew the truth…this eighteen months had been tough on her training and nutrition -- she’d  lost a couple of minutes in her five mile runs and just wasn’t Dolly-fit.  She knew she still looked awesome, but when SHE looked in the mirror, SHE saw “99%-Dolly” and SHE wasn’t satisfied with 99%.  Yes, she’d definitely sleep in tomorrow, but this eveningshe was taking a nice long hike.  And eating right.  When she got back to Miami a month from now, she vowed to FEEL like Dolly.  


She took the turnoff into Cottonwood and spun the Jeep up the hill as the red rocks of Sedona slowly unfurled in front of her.  Phil was right…a very distinctive beauty.




Dolly had stopped by the side of the trail to look down toward Oak Creek and then west over the horizon when Ty came around from behind a pinon tree with a roll of hog wire over his shoulder.  The bulky roll of wire balanced between his head andhis knotted right forearm, fingers entwined in the wire.  His US Forest Service shirt was soaked with sweat and stained with red rock dust.  His tanned and slightly weather-burned face was streaked with dried salt rivulets, and his Forest Service cap had seen a rough day, or week.  He had a huge, compartmented belt wrapped around the middle of his body, and carried a sledge hammer in his left hand.  


“Afternoon,” he said, and kept walking, though slower than before.


“Good afternoon, err…Officer?” It was a question.


“Ranger, actually.  And ‘Trail Laborer’ today.”  He stopped and turned to face her, letting his eyes move down her body and back up again.  Quickly, assessing, not leering.  


“Umm, nice.  How long to the top, Ranger?”


“Well, you’re not going to the top of Cathedral Rock.  You’re going to the saddle between the twin spires, and I’d say about 20 more minutes from here.  By the way, you’ll want to be carefulcoming down in those shoes.”  Ty motioned to Dolly’s cross-trainers, and this time his eyes lingered for a moment on her legs, as many men’s did.  “The loose gravel and red rock pebbles make for pretty treacherous footing if you get to moving too fast.  A little slippery even with hiking shoes.


Dolly smiled inwardly.  The young Ranger had dark sunglasses on, but she knew he had noticed more than her shoes.  “What should I be wearing?  The concierge said it was a trail…I just assumed…”  She let her words trail off and underneath HER sunglasses she did a little noticing of her own.  Impressive build, 6-foot and a bit, sandy hair, she guessed, when it wasn’t covered by a hat and matted with sweat.  She could tell he was pretty good looking under those sunglasses and layers of sweat and rock dust – and that disastrous hat.  


“There’s hundreds of trails in the Red Rock, and almost all of them have lots of tiny loose pebbles over rock or hard earth.  I’d wear hiking shoes.  By the way, this is THE spot.  I’ve climbed Cathedral 300 times and I never get tired of the view and the way it changes in the light.  Enjoy yourself.  Being careful, it’s 45 minutes from the saddle to the parking lot.”  He smiled.  “I gotta keep moving – this thing is a pain to hold steady,” meaning the roll of hog wire, “but I don’t want to set it down.  Nice shoes, by the way, even though they’re impractical.”  And he started to turn.


“What is that on your shoulder if you don’t mind me asking?”


“I repaired cairn baskets – trail markers – all day today.  This is what we use for the baskets.  And cairns are how you keep from getting lost.”  Ty motioned to a stack of small red rocks in a hog wire basket, and turned and headed down the hill.  Dolly got a great look at his red rock dusted ass as he strolled away.  I can work with that, she thought, if I meet him again.




She slept well that night.  Even if Sedona didn’t roll up and store the streets at 9 pm, she would have hit the sack early.  She had a healthy meal (her sixth in a row after weeks and weeks of bagelsand coffee, carryout sandwiches and trying to eat reasonably when tax season wouldn’t let her).  Her last thought was of Ranger Roll-of-Wire’s ass, and if only she weren’t so tired….she slept almost ten hours and her first thought the next morning was also of Ranger RofW’s ass, and this time she rummaged in her closet for her battery-powered-best-friend, then snuggleddown in the warm, clean sheets.  Turns out Ranger RofW was great in bed….




Richie sat at the bar of the Tse Na’ashqia unique local bar and restaurant which had three important attributes – it was the best restaurant for 150 miles in any direction, it had one of the best views of the sunset of any spot in Sedona (a town known for off-the-charts sunsets), and Forest Service personnel ate and drank for 30% off.  Sedona in general and the Tse Na’ashqi in particular, could make a guy really happy to be a Ranger.  But the current glorious sunset didn’t have his attention right now…the blonde in the skintight blue jeans did.  She was tall in open-toed CFMPs – close to six foot, standing with sunglasses on as she faced the setting sun in the panorama windows, waiting to be seated.  Her blouse was blue, different than the blue jeans, and not too tight.  But there was no question what was under the blouse.  She was well put together.  Then, when she spun to follow the hostess, Richie saw her face.  Wow.  Gorgeous wasn’t quite right…not quite enough of a superlative.


Dolly was starting to feel like herself.  A second great nights sleep, two good runs (totaling about 14 miles), three good hikes (including another up Cathedral Rock early this morning in the late April desert chill) and one very nice swim at Sedona High School, and she was getting some semblance of “Dolly” back.  She had also eaten well since the night after her talk with Phil, and some of Miami’s fast-food poisons were starting to leave her system.  She always began to really enjoy life on the third day of vacation and this was no exception.  And she was falling for Sedona.  As she walked through the restaurant toward the big windows and the patio beyond, she looked around the papaya colored room.  The bar dominated the west wall, which was all glass and featured a great view of the sunset.  Barstools faced west and the bartender looked east out into the room. Hmmm…nice looking guy sitting at the bar, she thought.  Dolly was REALLY starting to feel like herself and…Holy Shit, that looked like Ranger Roll-of-Wire.  She quit trailing the hostess and strolled toward the bar.


“Ranger Roll-of-Wire, imagine meeting you here…we met Friday afternoon while I was climbing Cathedral Rock and you were finishing with those rock thingys,” Dolly said, extending her hand, the hostess forgotten.   “My name’s Dolly.  I was the one in the tennis shoes.


Richie had had this happen before.  His twin brother, Ty, was also a Ranger, and they’d been mistaken for each other countless times over 30 years. They were accomplished, polished even, at quickly deciding whether or not to disabuse the mistaken party of their confusion.  It took Richie about a nano-second to decide that Miss Dolly was just fine thinking he had been making cairns on Cathedral last week.  In a small tourist town like Sedona, you learned quickly to take your good fortune as it came, and this hottie was GREAT fortune.


“Yes...Dolly.  I do remember – you must have survived the climb.  Did you go to the top?”  Avoiding introducing himself to see how complicated this was going to get.  But not letting go of her hand for several seconds too long.  He noticed that she didn’t drop his either.


You don’t go to the top, you go to the saddle between the spires,” mocking him a bit.  “And yes, twice now.  You were right about the light; it was amazingly different this morning than it was Friday.  Hey, you clean up nicely, Ranger…?”  It was a question.


“Richie.  Are you meeting someone, or can you join me for a drink?” as he stood to pull out the barstool next to his.   “And, yes, the light in Sedona is everything…and thanks.  You look better than you did Friday, too, but we’re splitting degrees of awesome, sooooo…”


Dolly flashed the “Dolly smile”.  Ranger Richie was flirtingback.   Maybe a light dinner instead of a full one, she thought…”I’d love to join you and I’m easy -- a Coors Light will do nicely.”  Double entendre was a weapon in Dolly’s arsenal to find out what depth she was playing in.  Ranger Richie would get a couple more in the next few minutes.  


“Coors Light, Johnny, in a glass, please.  I love a girl who drinks her beer, but you’ll get a lot of stares around here if you raise a long-neck to your lips,’’ indicating that two could play that game with a sparkle in the eyes that Dolly hadn’t seen last week.  


They settled into an easy discussion about their jobs, Sedona and the difference between working out and staying in shape by working.   The physical fitness level of each was not lost on the other, and Dolly was very comfortable with her hand regularly visiting Richie’s thigh.  Dolly was not having any problem interpreting signals from her body.  This guy was hot, manly and quite pleasant.  This evening was becoming quite interesting.


After fifteen minutes, and ordering a second beer, Richie ran his hand down Dolly’s forearm and squeezed her hand.  “So, did you come in for dinner or just to have a couple of drinks?” he asked.


“I came for dinner, but now I’m thinking an appetizer may be more in order.  I don’t feel like getting filled up with dinner,” she replied and turned to look him right in the eye.


Normally, I would recommend the bison nachos with gouda sprinkles and papaya salsa,” Richie nodded, smiling.  “But that’s as heavy as a full meal -- how about we share a plate of chicken sliders and have that papaya salsa on the side – I do love sliders with something hot on the side.”


“Perfect.  I’ve never had papaya salsa,” with a wink and the Dolly smile.


The plate sitting between them at the bar was all the excuse they needed to turn into each on their barstools.  Dolly’s jeans-clad knee slid between his cargo pants, and she was not shy about touching his legs with hers, and her hand was now continually resting on his knee when she wasn’t eating.


When the sliders were gone, Dolly cut to the chase.  She reached toward him, gently but firmly grabbed his shirt pocket and whispered into his left ear.  “Ranger Richie, is there any better place in Sedona to get dessert than my condo?”


“I really doubt it, DollyI really doubt it.”


I need about a ten minute head start, Ranger Richie.  I wanta run a brush through my hair.  But why don’t you stop at the market and get a pound of red grapes and a box of your favorite kind of cracker?  If Coors Light doesn’t suite you, then grab something else for you to drink – that should give me my ten minutes.  I’m in Casa 145…got it?




There was no rush.  They were adults and had done this before.  When she was ready, she cracked the door and left it ajar.  He started to knock, then saw the door was open and walked inShe was in the kitchen of a dynamite suite, laying cheese on a green pottery platter.  She had lost the shoes and was barefoot, red toenails and all.  The Dolly smile was there, and the light in her eyes was mischievous.


“Throw the grapes in the sink and let me show you something,” Dolly commanded.  This was a woman that liked to be in charge.  He set the grapes under the running water and handed her the crackers which she set on the counter without looking.  Her hands reached around him, and now 5’8” sans heels she reached her lips up towards his, lips slightly parted and pulled him towards her.  Her tongue gently found his lips, then slowly his tongue.  It was a graceful first kiss, lingering and sensual, the kind of kiss you can get lost in.  And it lasted a minute or so.


“Ummm…I love to get that first kiss out of the way – gives you something to think about for a few minutes.  By the way, you’re dessert, Sweet Thing.  Dry the grapes and let’s get naked…I need you.  Want a beer or bottled water?” she asked, reaching for the fridge.  She pulled a beer for him and water for her, set the cheese and grapes in the refrigerator and pulled him toward the king-sized bed in the candlelit bedroom.  


Dolly didn’t want to be seduced, but she had loved the way he kissed her.  If she had wanted to be fucked, she’d have shucked her clothes on the way to the bedroom.  So she hit a happy middle ground between fucking and seducing and, setting his beer and her water on the nightstand, dropped her blouse and jeans at the side of the already-turned-down bed, leaving onlyher lacy bra and panties on.  She kissed him lightly, tongue darting, while helping him with his shirt.  Richie kicked his shoes off and, taking his cue from Dolly, left his shorts on while dropping his slacks.  The candles gave off plenty of light to assure him that EVERYTHING he had been thinking about Dolly’s body was true.  If this wasn’t “fit Dolly”, then he’d be a little afraid to be naked with the improved version.


She pulled his near-naked body on top of her near-naked body and began a thorough exploration of his body with her hands and his mouth with her tongue.  Richie’s hands weren’t idle.  The looseness of her blouse had masked the size of her breasts and he regarded the lacy bra as “in the way”.  Taking the direct approach, he unsnapped the rear-clasp bra and he got his firstview and feel of Dolly’s magnificent twins.  The realization that he had the second best pair of spires in Sedona right at handinspired him to break his liplock with Dolly and move south along her neck and chest, stopping to nibble her ear and nuzzle her throat.  “Tell me what you like,” he said as his right hand lightly pinched her left nipple and his tongue reached her right breast.


“Ohhhh…sfarso good,” she moaned as she slid her hips sideways to put her pubic bone, and the little nub it protected, against his stomach.  She ground against him as he switched from breast to breast, nipple to nipple, testing the difference between pleasure and pain for her.  He discovered that she didn’t need “gentle” and he sucked, pinched and nibbled harder and harder until she pulled him up to her lips and dropped her hand inside the waistband of his shorts.


“Ummm…nice,” she moaned as her hand surrounded his shaft and slid lightly up and down.  Still moaning, she put her mouthby the side of his head, and between gentle tongue-fucks of his ear, said “I want you to lie on your back…ummm… and be very, very still…this is one of my favorite things… in the entire world, and I’ll enjoy it as much as you….so just let it happen.”  And she slid down his chest and took first one nipple and then the other into her mouth, sucking and licking while she removed his shorts and her panties.  She continued her downward trek and positioned herself on her knees between his legs.  Taking his now rock-hard cock into her right hand, she leaned over him and used the head of his penis to rub her very moist slit.  As the head glistened with her juices, she applied it directly to her clitty, like a giant body-temp dildo, using him to heighten her pleasure while staring into his eyes.  


“Ooooo…that’s nice, Richie….” as she leaned down to kiss him lightly, “…but this will be nicer,” and she dropped her lovely ass back on her lovely heels and took him into her mouth.  It was a nice-sized cock.  Not huge, but big enough that she was going to have to concentrate to deep throat….but that was a few minutes off.  Licking and sucking the head while one hand aided and abetted her tongue and mouth, her other hand rubbed her pussy, getting soaked in the process.  Then she slowly reached up and put those pussy-soaked fingers in his mouth.   She was excited, very excited.  And he had what the boys in high school used to call a “diamond cutter”.


Dolly was an expert at sucking cock.  She had discovered in college that if she was inspirational in bed, then her partners tried to please her.  She came to adore giving head, and could truly lose herself in a guy’s tool.  And she was certain that she’d been rewarded many times over for her efforts.  Dolly could be insatiable in bed, and she had often shuddered to think how horny she’d be if the guys she favored weren’t at least trying their very best.  And Richie was going to get her very best.  She hadn’t been relaxed and in the moment with a naked guy in weeks – typical tax season fucking – wham, bam, thank you M’am and masturbate in the shower the next morning…hazardof the trade.  But Richie was going to get her very best…she was going to treat that cock like a giant lollipop and suck it all the way down to the stick….


As she sensed that Richie was close, she slowed and raised her head and purred, “What’s it gonna be, Lover…you want my throat right now…or do you want to drag this out a bit?”  


He responded by pulling her up, sliding his hands under her thighs and lifting her dripping womanhood onto his face.  Dolly was so worked up from weeks of frustration and the last thirty minutes of passion that his tongue on her was electric.  She jumped as he ran his tongue from back to front, moaned and then ground down onto his face.  He attached his lips to her clit and gently sucked her straight up and non-stop, poking her nub very gently with his tongue every few seconds.  In just a couple of minutes, Dolly’s abs were spasming and her thighs began to twitch.  In an unbelievably short amount of time, the orgasms began.  Dolly was truly multi-orgasmic, and waves of pleasure flowed over her.  Her abs contracted and she pushed against the headboard, letting herself grind in very small movements against his lips until she couldn’t take it anymore and held his head while she fell away to his side, her chest heaving and her skin glistening with sweat.


He rolled to the side of the bed and pulled a condom from his pants pocket.  He was still rock hard and ready.  He rolled it on and rolled on top of her.  She was still breathing very hard, but was REALLY ready for more.  She spread her legs and let him enter her slowly.   Richie exhaled upon entry as Dolly groaned.  They kissed and squirmed and thrust easily as they got to know each other.  There was a very natural rhythm to their movements, a comfort that did not lessen their wanting.  He’s not in a hurry, she thought, and they moved against each other, into each other, with each other.  


Dolly’s desire was reaching another peak and she moaned, “CanI be on my stomach?”


“Of course,” as he lifted his hips and pulled out of her.  She rolled over onto her stomach and he reentered her.  Her hands were above her head on the pillows and he grabbed her hands and intertwined their fingers.  “Hard, Baby…really hard…fuck me…fuck me hard…please!!”  Just a minute later, they stiffened together and he unloaded inside her, “ummm…ummm…Dolly!”  But she was too lost in her own pleasure to hear him.  He collapsed on top of her with his mouth to her ear.  “You with me, Dolly?”  


“Oh, Jesus, that was….wow…that was…I was ready for that. Want some grapes?”


Two hours and two passionate sessions later, they lay in each others’ arms whispering, loved-out for the night.


“So what’s the conditioning-slash-recreational-slash-nutrition plan for tomorrow, Miss Dolly?”


“You mocking me, Ranger Richie?”


“It occurs to me that you are on a mission, and yes, I am mocking you.  I hope you’re having fun while youre reconfiguring ‘Miracle Dolly’”


She had a big smile by now.  “’Miracle Dolly?’  Ouch!  You’ve known me four and a half, maybe five hours, and you’rerethinking my vacation for me?”


“What hikes are you going on?  Obviously, I have some opinions.  What do you want to see?”  


“What’s your favorite?”


“You mean after Cathedral, of course.  West Fork of Oak Creek, by far.  Seven miles of heaven.”


“Can I run it?”


“I suppose, but I’d rather you enjoy it.  It’s a glorious little creek that comes straight out of the rocks upstream.  It’s amazing.  Only one problem.”


“And that is?”


Well, we have a bobcat influx right now, and they’re mean.  If you head up West Fork and see bobcat droppings, you should turn around.  Bobcats are bad news and they don’t like blondes…actually they don’t like anyone.”


“How do I know what bobcat droppings look like?”


“Well, did you see the droppings on Cathedral…those were coyote droppings…Bobcat droppings look almost exactly like coyote droppings.”


She propped herself on her elbow, focusing in on the handsome Ranger.  “Richie, if coyote droppings and bobcat droppings look the same, just how the hell am I supposed to tell the difference?”


“Bobcat droppings are saltier, Richie deadpanned.  


Dolly stared at him for a few seconds and then burst out laughing.  “Is there really a West Fork of Oak Creek?” she asked.


“Yes, and it really is my second favorite hike.  It is unbelievable – and I may be up there tomorrow.      


As Richie walked to his car an hour later, he knew his brother Ty really owed him for this one.




The leaves were still light green and small in Oak Creek Canyon, but Dolly knew she had left the desert.  The buds of spring made the Canyon less stark than she imagined it would be in full winter.  Dolly imagined what the West Fork area would look like in full-on summer and decided maybe this was a great time of year.  She had an only lightly obscured view of the soaring red and white rocks that formed the walls of the canyon around her, and still some green on the trees.  Those walls would play peek-a-boo in the summer when the oak trees and other deciduous trees had all their leaves.  But then, catching a glimpse of those towering canyon walls, and the red rocks views between the mature summer green leaves, would be inspiring.  This is the kind of place that could make photographers and artists, well, forget about sex, Dolly giggled to herself.


As she walked quickly through the ruins of the little farm at the mouth of West Fork, Dolly remembered that Richie had encouraged her to enjoy the walk, not to use it for “conditioning”.  That was why she had swum 75 laps this morning instead of her normal 50 – so that this could be a nature walk instead of an integral part of the, what had he called it – yeah, the “Miracle Dolly” plan.  Well, the first part of the hike was certainly starting as well as the previous evening had ended.


Ty was doing what he loved the most about his job – messing with nature without messing up nature.  A lot of the work of the Rangers in the district was making sure that the hordes of visitors that buried Sedona and the red rocks each year were pretty safe in a pretty harsh environment.  And Ty really loved his task today – determining the path of the West Fork, without disturbing the path of the West Fork.  Right now, he was in wading boots, knee deep in cold muddy water, building a small dam to create a small pool about halfway up the lower part of the hike.  He had made sure there was a  mud on his face – the day would play out better that way.


Dolly spotted Richie before he saw her.  Last night had been enough fun that she was definitely up for a repeat performance tonight.  There was nothing like great sex to remind you just how far behind you could get during tax season.  Richie was a lucky find and she intended to reward him.


“Hi, Lover.  You didn’t tell me this was a dress-up affair,” she said as she walked up behind him.


Ty looked down at his shirt and shorts as he turned to face her.  “The shorts had a crease in them when I got here…of course,the shirt was just one color when I got here, too.”  Unlike on Cathedral, he let his eyes move up and down her body.  She really was just gorgeous, and she had worn a tight white t-shirt today – with light hiking shoes.


“Nice shoes.  Now those DO make sense.  Those will keep youfrom falling on that lovely bottom.”


“So what are you doing here…are my taxpayer dollars paying you to make mud pies?”


Ty explained the benefits of creating small ponds.  Dolly sat at the edge of the creek and talked to Ty for half an hour.  Finally, Ty mentioned that he had to get back to work or he wasn’t going to finish today.


“Up for an encore tonight, Ranger Richie?  Meet me for a drink and then I’ll feed you more grapes.”


“Actually, Dolly, are you into fantasies?  I have a fantasy that I’d like to play out…”



Ty and Richie had done this before, and had never been caught.  The “I have a fantasy about total darkness yada, yada, yada…” had served them twice in college and once before in Sedona, butit did have a level of insanity to it. They’d never tried it after just one date – on a virtual stranger like Dolly.  They were getting a little old for college-get-laid tricks, but Richie said Dolly was sooooo worth the risks.  Richie had assured Ty that Dolly had a great sense of humor, was certainly no virginal maiden, and, in her mind at least, had already bedded Ty the night before.  Trust me, Cuate, this is going to be fine, Richie had said.


He slipped the card key she had given him at the pond in the door, quietly opened it and slipped his shoes off.  By the faint light coming under the door of the second bedroom, he found the open door of the master suite and stepped inside, shedding his shirt at the door as he made out the outlines of the king-size bed right where Richie said it would be.  Unbuckling his belt, he let his pants and jockeys hit the floor at the bedside and set three condoms (might as well dream big, he thought) on the bedside table.  He slid under the covers and reached for Dolly, saying in his best Ricky Ricardo voice, “Luu-ceee, I’m hoo-ome!”  


A totally naked Dolly giggled, grabbed his rapidly hardeningcock and said, “Yes!!! I always wanted to do Richie Ricardo.”  


This little fantasy had started to appeal to Dolly, too, and she was pretty worked up.  She had lazily and dreamily used her battery-powered-best-friend on herself in the fifteen minutes before Richie arrived, and she was soaking wet and ready for the party to begin.  The “slow and steady” approach of last night was only one trick in her considerable repertoire, and shedefinitely thought a more direct approach was in order tonight.  She was certainly feeling it.  She pushed his shoulder back and leveraged herself on top of him, lips locked in a passionate kiss.  She put her knees under her to create a bit of separation and rubbed the head of his penis against her clit.  He’d been in bed with her for 90 seconds, and Richie had to be feeling like he was with a different Dolly tonight.  She wasn’t being subtle at all.  Real live cocks could be rubbing toys, too.


Ty was along for the ride at this point, but what a ride.  Richie hadn’t told him anything about sex with Dolly and had just filled him in on some biographical details and some of the details of the time at Tse Na’ashqi, and the layout of her apartment.  He’d set it up for Ty and Dolly to meet on the West Fork, and was going to let Ty’s natural intelligence take it from there.  But Ty had a Miami hurricane on his hands here.  He broke the lip lockto kiss her neck and angle his mouth down to one breast.


“Suck it hard…bite it…you feel so good.”  She had developed a rhythm with her human dildo and was moving her hips slightly against her hand and his super-engorged tool. “Ihavethought,” she panted, “ummm…about….ummm…..ummmm…this…all day.”  Her pussy was actually dripping on him, and it became apparent to him that she was going to finish this way.  He reached for her lips again and she responded with moans and tongue and a small shudder.  Then, very quickly, she put a hand on his shoulder to hold him down, raised her head and her breasts off him and began to slide her soaked, engorged clit up and down the length of his pole, almost fucking him between her drenched hand and her drenched pussy.  She tensed, arched her back and her knees clenched against his lower rib cage for several seconds, then she relaxed and slumped, and gradually lowered her mouth back to his lips.  


“Oh, Sweetie…give me a second…you have a treat coming to you,” she breathed into his ear and then gave her mouth back to him.  


His finger very gently found her slit and he asked, “Would you like a little more?”


“Very gently and very slowly…” and she shifted her body to where he could reach her while she lowered her mouth onto his lovely tool – that rigid piece of manhood was going to get every bit of the pleasure that it had given her.  It was the blowjob of a lifetime.  Dolly, still breathing heavily and ever-so-slightly distracted by the gentle fingering Ty was giving her, went straight for the tonsils.  She knew he was excited because he’d been very stimulated during her “solo” act.  She didn’t want him to cum.  She wanted him excited but in control, so she took all of him into the depths of her mouth, but very slowly, very deliberately and pulled back again.  She did it again and again, very slowly, and eventually pushed his hand away from her pussy so she could concentrate entirely on him.  She let him use her mouth for a long time, mostly taking him deep over and over, but some licking and sucking, not using her hand except to point him and control his angle.


When she knew he was steady and ready, she whispered into the darkness, “You want my mouth, or something else?” and licked the underside of his erection all the way down taking one of his balls into her mouth.  


He reached for a condom, broke it open and said, “Slide up here and sit on me…ride me…” and Dolly straddled him again and lowered her ready-for-a-fucking pussy onto his cock.  She was so wet that she went balls-deep in one motion, and began a grind.  He grabbed one breast with one hand and pulled her mouth to him with the other.  They talked as they kissed, or kissed as they talked.


“Oh fuck me…oh fuck me…”


“I’m…not…going… to …last…”




He put a hand on both of her knees and pushed her legs down so she was laying flat on top of him and sucked her tongue deep into his mouth.  He thrust up hard, over and over until there was nothing in the world but her luscious mouth and her soaking love canal, and he emptied deep inside her with both hands on her ass splitting her cheeks and his entire body, it seemed,driving up into her.  


“Oh my god, Dolly….that was fantastic!” he said, as his armsencircled her and pulled her into his chest for a lingering kiss as he grew limp inside her.  Dolly kissed him, her own breathing irregular.  


Then she nuzzled his ear and whispered, “Fantasy fulfilled, Richie?  I love making fantasies come true.I have a fantasy of my own, and I’d love to have your help with it.”  She carefullyrose off him and rolled toward the light on the bedside table, her chest heaving.  He lifted the sheets to allow her to roll slightly awayoff of him.


“Anything, Dolly.  I’m yours.”  Ty was thinking with the little head – “anything” could get pretty complicated.


“Ummm…I’m already thinking about it,” Dolly purred as she switched on the light.  “I have a threesome fantasy – why don’t you and your brother come over for dinner tomorrow night?”


The look in Ranger Roll-of-Wire’s eyes was priceless as Dolly snuggled down into him.  She lightly stuck her tongue in his ear, then whispered, “But first, I’ll give you a couple of things that he didn’t get….and, of course, I’ll need to know your name…She slid her knee over his thigh and lowered her lips to the nape of his neck….the four days in Phoenix was still a long way off and she was beginning to understand just how she was going to fill the time…especially since the brothers seemed so willing to share…ah, the twin spires of Sedona!



To be continued….

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