Dolly's Work Husband - A Long Romantic Tale (with a steamy side)

Second Night at Sea, Cruise Ship Stateroom


Dolly listened to Jim talk about his plan for the next day as they lay, post-coital, together in the stateroom bed.  The gentle rocking of the cruise ship, the smooth jazz playing from her iTunes, the feel of his hands tracing figure eights on her skin, circling her nipples, going up and down her toned thighs.  She loved the quiet intimate moments with Jim, the small talk, his view points on things, his interest in her thoughts.  She also loved the relaxed feel that a trio of orgasms delivered to her body, melting the tension in her muscles, the pleasure that she swore she could feel travel up her spine to her firm arms, down her legs all the way to her fresh black pedicure (sophisticated, the gal at the ship’s spa told her that day).  He paused, so she looked at Jim.  His face, not young, but certainly not looking like he was about to turn fifty, turned to hers, smiling, appreciative.  “You’re such an amazing lover.  Did I manage to tell you that in between the ‘Oh my God’s’?” he asked her.  They kissed, softly, their tongues meeting playfully and waggling with each other’s for a bit.  “Yes, Jim Baby, you did, and you made me feel amazing.”  Then silence, each of them enjoying the feel of the other.


Dolly spoke first.


“You probably need to get back to your kids.  Don’t the kids clubs send them back to their staterooms by now?”  It was about 10:30 p.m., according to the bedside clock, nautical in design.


Jim didn’t want to go, but he knew she was right.  She was usually right, and that talent, not her sexual talents -- world class in scale and many in number though they were -- was what had started their mutual friendship, then attraction, and now….well, he didn’t know exactly what they were now that they’d had sex together.  Maybe it was like calories, it didn’t count if it was on a cruise ship.  


“And Scott will be down in the casino for how long?”


“He won’t be back before midnight.  If he gets tired of blackjack he’ll go to the piano bar.  I’m fine, I just want to make sure you’re not missed and don’t have to answer for anything.”  Which brought a laugh from Jim.  Not have to answer for anything?


“You mean, not have to answer for having just had about two hours of the best sex I’ll ever have with a co-worker ona cruise ship she came on with her husband and that I came on with my children after getting my estranged wife’s permission through her divorce attorney?  Is that what you meant?”  His dry sense of humor was much of Jim’s appeal to Dolly.


Dolly took the serious approach, “You make our shameless workplace affair sound so tawdry, Jim.  Actually, I just meant, I didn’t want you to have to answer too much in theway of Daddy, where were you? to your eight year old or your ten year old,” she said.  “I understand that you are the one running the risks.”


“Well, they can actually stay at the kids club until about one a.m., even at their age – gotta take care of the parents who pay the bills, right?  But I told them I’d pick them up at eleven and take them for soft serve before we call it a night.”  He was a good dad, and that, too, was part of what Dolly loved about him after a decade of working together and sharing stories, secrets, opinions, and lunch conversation along with professional discussions regarding client matters.  Dolly rolled Jim onto his back, pinned his hands, playfully but firmly, up by his ears and deeply kissed him.  Not porn star aggressive, though she could do that in the midst of violent, thrashing, joint-dislocating fucking.  Just a passionate kiss, one that answered Jim’s question from moments ago.  What were they?  They were lovers.  Lovers with an undefined future, but lovers, nonetheless. As her fit, sexy, wonderful body writhed against his, together, alone in her stateroom, they were lovers.    


Jim had found bliss and pleasure and happiness.  And Dolly-- well, Dolly knew what she needed, knew what she wanted, and knew how to get it.  And Dolly liked Jim and liked that they’d crossed this line together.  As she reached down, to stroke his cock that she felt getting hard again against her leg, she broke the kiss, and told Jim, “Can you do me one more time?”  He chuckled at her choice of words.  All these years working with this sexy married chick, he really hadn’t known what a sexual creature she was. “Yes, I think I can do you again.”  She wrapped his cock in a condom after a couple minutes of a let’s-be-sure-you’re-hard-enough-to-take-the-fucking-I’m-going-to-give-you blow job, then mounted him on top, hunched over so that Jim’s mouth could suck her nipples.

Suck them hard, Jim.  Lick them, too!” she barked at him as she ground her hips back and forth on his cock.  She could come fairly easily in this position, and Jim seemed like he’d enjoy laying back and letting her ride. He pulled her down, kissed her neck, and squeezed her ass tightly to him, pushing in as far as his body could manage as he grunted and stiffened, his body climaxing yet again while inside the woman he was sure was the sexiest woman alive.  


Weeks Earlier


“You ready?  The client’s buying and they chose the Oyster House.  Fancy lunch paid for, and aphrodisiacs to boot!”  Dolly always brought her enthusiasm and a touch of sexy bad girl to her conversations, which made Cayuga Consulting a much more interesting place to work.  Jim looked at his gorgeous colleague, held up one finger to indicate he was just finishing up his phone call, and thenmotioned toward a chair.  Sit down, I’ll be done in a minute, she understood.  So cute, she thought, trying to be the good host and polite after all these years working together when she was well past asking his permission for anything in his office.  Let alone just sitting down.


“Work Wife”.  That was her nickname among their department.  Jim’s work wife.  It wasn’t meant to imply they were fucking.  Just that their close friendship resembled a husband and wife during working hours.  Lunch together, shoot the shit about sports, local politics, world events, extended family, weekends.  And sometimes working on larger clients together, other times just bouncing ideas off each other as respected colleagues.  Dolly’s husband, Scott, had met Jim many times, and never showed anyone a single hint of concern or worry that Jim was too close to his wife.  On the other hand, Jim’s wife, Danielle, though lacking in any tangible reason to believe there was anything sexual going on, was cool toward Dolly at functions where spouses were present.  Danielle was attractive, though not like Dolly.  Danielle worked at trying to maintain her figure.  Dolly succeeded.  Weekend 10K’s, vacations spent doing half-triathlons, riding a bicycle fifty miles for a fundraiser, or agreeing to be a “model” for charity fashion shows, made  Dolly  a  bombshell. Danielle told Jim she thought Dolly flaunted her looks and must be fucking someone other than her husband to get ahead.


“Well I’m not fucking anyone and she’s at the same Director level I’m at.  So, how come you think she had to fuck someone and that I didn’t?  Do you think I’m fucking someone, too, Dani?”


Same old fight….Dani insecure -- Jim not at the top of the heap professionally.  So even though they had a nice house, a good retirement nest egg, and attractive healthy children, there was always something to complain about.  Let’s find someone to blame because life isn’t perfect.  That was Dani’s game, Jim realized.  Life was supposed to go easier than this, wasn’t it?  


“Well, I’ll tell you why she’s fucking someone, even if she’s earned her position same as you.  Any woman who looks like that has got to be having a lot of sex.  You don’t hone your body and then just hide it in a flannel nightgown.  And that husband of hers, he’s got to be gay.  Every time I meet Steve, he just seems….gay.  No way that guy iskeeping with that sexpot.”


There is no logical answer to that comment, Jim thought.  He did have one correction, though.  “Scott.  Her husband’s name is Scott.  Dani, I’ve been working with her almost a decade.  Don’t you think she’d have mentioned, or I’d have noticed if he was gay?”


Jim finished up his phone call, trying to push his reflectionson his friendship with Dolly out of his mind and get up to the moment.  “Okay.  Hi.  Yes, Oyster House.  They have great chowder.  I never have soup in public, afraid I’ll spill on my tie, but I can’t resist that chowder.”


A brochure on Jim’s desk caught Dolly’s eye.  Travel agent envelope, photo of a cruise ship.  “You going on a cruise?  I don’t suppose that’s a reconciliation cruise, huh?”  Dolly’s familiarity with Jim’s pending divorce allowed her to speak pretty bluntly to him.


‘Uh, no.  I want to do something with the kids and getting out of town is way overdue for me.  Getting away from her is pretty overdue, too.  A friend at church mentioned a cruise he took with his family, so I called his travel agent.”


Jim -- who uses a travel agent?  Dolly smiled and shook her head.


“I don’t know about cruises, but I’m told if you book one just based on price it could be the wrong cruise for what you want and you’ll hate it.  Turns out the pricing is actually the same -- just that the cruise line pockets the difference that they didn’t pay to a third party agentso why not.  I told the Cruise Authority that I was going with my son and my daughter, how old they were, what I thought we’d like to do, what I thought I might like to have for time away from them, and she recommended this  cruise -- the Theme Park of the Seas or something like that.”


“So all kids, not couples?  No thanks!  Don’t drown!” as Dolly tossed the papers down on his desk.


“No, actually that’s the thing; there are adults-only sectionsof the ship, adult spa and solarium, adult pool – evenadults-only restaurants.  And kids have their own zones.  And then there are family parts of the ship.    Hey, you’ve never been on a cruise!  You might like the islands we go to.  You and Scott should go.  You can go yachting or parasailing or ride wave runners on days in port, and there’s a big ass gym on board for you to get your sweat in.”


Hmmm.  Why not, Dolly thought.  Might be some cute single guy to hook up with while Scott occupied himself on the ship, too, she mused.  Seduction at sea.  She was starting to imagine some James Bond lookalike in a tux, eyeing her across the craps table, throwing a seven, scooping up his chips, seeing her in a long, plunging formal gown, her tan skin, sexy cleavage, and leg protruding from the slit on her gown


“Okay, I’ll drive.”  Jim’s announcement awoke her from her reverie.  “Oyster House, here we come,” Dolly announced.  And she took the travel agent’s business card that had been paper clipped to the brochure.  


Later that night, sitting around with her husband, Dollyasked, “Scott, what would you think about a cruise vacation next month?  Jim from work and his family are going, might be fun to go with a friend to try out a cruise.  Are you up for it?”


“Hmmm, Dolly, you know I’d do anything for you, but a cruise ship is a pretty confined space.  Our ‘arrangement’ may not be as easy to handle onboard as it is on land.”  Scott was referring to what the teenage crowd would call their BFFWB arrangement.  Scott and Dolly, quite simply, were best friends – REALLY best friends.  They were attracted to each other sexually, but it wasn’t the drive, the physical passion that other couples “in love” felt.  They’d married, each for their own reasons, knowing that there wasn’t enough sexuality in the relationship to hold them as long as their friendship would last.  For one thing, Scott didn’t have the sex drive Dolly did.  For another, variety was very important to him, and even an unbelievable sex bomb like Dolly, was still, well, the same woman he’d fucked or sucked or stroked or licked last week.  And finally, Dolly had a sex drive that was almost consuming.  It was doubtful any man could keep up with her, and Scott had no desire to try.


So, even before the marriage, which was remarkably successful and comfortable by any other standard, they agreed on an “open” format.  They did each other once or twice a month, or when Dolly was so spun up that she just needed some relief.  Other than that, each pursued their own sexual agenda, knowing that their best friend – a non-judgmental friend – was waiting at home.  So, best friends with benefits.  


Dolly, however, really wanted to go on this cruise, and it was during a back rub, Dolly in the nude, not long after Scott begged off the cruise, that Dolly reintroduced the topic.  “Scott, I really do want to impose. Come on the cruise with me, please.  It’s a six-night cruise, not even a week-long.  I just…want to…we’ll find plenty of ways to make it good for you.


“Dolly,” Scott replied, “I’ll go on the cruise with you, but a ship is a confined space.  People and security cameras all around.  I know you’d never consciously make me look bad.  Please, don’t let your work husband figure out that he practically is as intimate with you as your real husband; Idon’t want a whisper campaign if he figures this out.  So,yes, let’s go on the cruise.  Jim’s going through a divorce.  It’ll cheer him up.  And you’ve been dying to fuck him for years.  Maybe this will be your chance at long last, and then he’ll have to keep his mouth shut so that no one at work picks up on you two fucking.”


Fuck Jim?  “I haven’t been wanting…”


“The hell you haven’t… Dolly, you talk about him incessantly.  You spend a full weekend shopping for his kids’ birthday presents.  It’s okayI’ve met his wife.  Insufferable cunt.  What an entitled bitch.  Nothing good enough for her.  She’s doing him a favor divorcing him.”


“Okay, she’s awful, but that doesn’t mean…”


“Dolly Jewel…let’s crawl out of your denial.  Not thinking about fucking him was part of our act, part of your role, but now all of the sudden he’s going to be available and you’re thinking hey, here’s a guy I get along with just like Scott, only he checks out my ass and legs and sneaks glimpses of my cleavage. It’s okay to think that.  You think about him when you ride me at least half the time.  I can ALWAYS tell when you and Jim have had some close personal time at work – I get jumped on that night.


Dolly was shocked to hear Scott say that she thought about Jim when she was highly aggressive at home.  But he was right, she had for a couple years now.  She just thought she’d hidden it better than that.


“Better bring a lot of cash, too, Dolly.  Ol’ Scottie’s going to the casino on that ship.  And I care more about gambling than I do about hitting some strange.




Dolly packed condoms, sexy lacy thongs and push up bras, and some lube for the cruise.  At some point, she’d told herself not to jeopardize her special friendship with Jim on a cruise ship fling when he was so vulnerable because of his divorce.  And the fact that he didn’t know the true nature of her marriage was actually a complicating factor if you were going to start fucking a friend.  She told herself that Jim wasn’t ready.  That the hard-ons she knew she’d been giving him for years were physical, not emotional;that Jim was not the sort of guy who would fuck a married woman with whom he worked, or even if she was single;that he wouldn’t go for the idea even if Scott wasn’t in the picture.    But then, the night before the cruise, when Dolly let her fingers with the fresh manicure,  slide down her six pack abs to her smooth, freshly waxed pussy, why did she imagine yet again what it might be like if Jim was her loverif the leg-shaking, pussy-gushing, toe-curling orgasm was being spread throughout her magnificent body by Jim’s cock and mouth, not her fingers.  This wasn’t the first time she’d imagined being with Jim.  That’s what fantasies were for.


Ten till Midnight, Second Night at Sea


The shower was just too cramped, even on a balcony stateroom, for two people.  That was Dolly’s first thought when she’d gotten into the stateroom and surveyed the layout.  Apparently not until you were in a suite was there a full sized shower suitable for such carnal pleasure.  Maybe the next day somewhere in a secluded cove near a beach, maybe there she could fuck Jim in the water, but not in the shower tonight.


He couldn’t go back to his kids reeking of sex.  Better, he’d thought, that he shower alone after Dolly said, “I’d love to get in there with you, soap you up, but there’s just no damn room.”  


He needed to clear his head anyway -- which wasn’t working.  My God, I’ve had sex with Dolly!” was thethought that kept going through his mind.  His divorce wasn’t final! What did this mean? Why wasn’t she worried about Scott?


Not to mention, my God, those firm beautiful tits, large areolas, nipples that felt so good in his mouth, her slender fitness-model hips, the sight of that string thong before she slid it off, that ass, making him for the first time in his life understand the allure of anal sex, to become one with that magnificent ass, not an ounce of fat to be found.  It’s not like he expected to find any, he’d seen her arms and legs, knew her fitness routine, had seen her in a one piece bathing suit that one time the company all went white water rafting, since the ladies had been told not to wear bikini tops as the rushing water would strip their boobs bare.  But the reality of Dolly in the flesh was really well beyond the hard-dicked fantasies that seeing her even in sexy business attire inspired.    


Dolly was in the robe that came with the stateroom when Jim got out of the shower.  She was gorgeous, more than he’d ever realized while working so closely with her.  And the added aura of her being freshly fucked, that it had been him doing the fucking…well, he’d been the man with her, but he had to be honest, it was Dolly doing most of thefuckingJim had been just enjoying the ride of his life and doing all he could to try to keep up.  What did this mean?  And just then the door to the stateroom began to open.



Traveling to the Port


Once they met at the gate, Jim and his children, Ethan and Traci, and Scott and Dolly, had made like one big extended family.  Staying together in the airport terminal, seated across an entire row of two and three seating on the plane, the kids chatting with Dolly, Jim and Scott discussing what they’d each discovered during research for what would be the first cruise for either of them.  Then the thrill of looking out the window of the plane on final approach and seeing the cruise port, and all those cruise ships, and spotting which one they would soon be boarding.  Fort Lauderdale was a well-organized airportand the cruise port and airport were practically contiguous, so from baggage claim to the cruise terminal was a fast cab ride, delayed only by the requirement to show passports at the entrance gate for security purposes.



Jim had loved the way Dolly interacted with his children.  Jim was trying to make conversation with Scott, but he caught Dolly’s eye a couple times and felt a twinge in his cock when she winked and smiled back.  He’d seen her dressed casually, of course, but her skin positively glowed, so sexy, her hair long, straight, and down, like she was made for the beaches they’d be visiting.  Her lips looked so inviting, he imagined them working his cock to total pleasure.  If anything she was a paradox today, more casually dressed, yet sexier than when she was in designer fashion.  It wasn’t his imagination; she’d taken extra time on her make up that morning, the better to seduce Jim. And it was working.  He felt a little bad that he was making small talk with Scott while imagining fucking Scott’s wife, pumping her mouth, tasting her sweet fresh pussy, his hands all over her body.  


The boarding process was a slow but moving line, and Dolly’s voice was absolutely erotic when she leaned into Jim and pressed her body into his, not caring that Scott was there, to practically moan into his ear, “God you have no idea how much I’ve been looking forward to this; I want to strip off these clothes, just feel the sun on my body in nothing but a bikini, a cold tropical drink, some steel drum music.  You do know when I get all those things going I just want to be fucked really well and savor it…”  


What the hell was she trying to do to him?  “Dolly, I’m pretty sure Scott wouldn’t want you telling me that.”  


“Well just so you understand that I’m really grateful you suggested I come along on this cruise.”  Then she kissed him on the cheek, and felt his cock bulge in his shorts and press against her, which made her look up, into his eyes, wink again, and continue the boarding process.  Her perfume, subtle but sexy, had contributed to his arousal.


It wasn’t thirty minutes later that Dolly was sitting at the edge of the ship’s pool, a frozen margarita in hand, listening to the ship’s band playing tropical Caribbean rhythms.  Her finely conditioned body was largely on display, a cobalt blue bikini top holstering her firm, beckoning 34D breasts, her slender sexy hips highlighted by the hi cut bikini bottom, her legs, her rock hard calves,sexily defined quadriceps, not large, just …perfect.  As she dangled her legs in the pool, she was the very image of thesexual desire that Jim felt whenever watching an Olympics and there were sexy female athletes.  He knew he was supposed to root for the Americans, or to appreciate the athletic competition, but mostly he loved when the babes advanced to the finals.  And here was Dolly, bringing that to life.  He felt the stirring, the fantasy, the desire -- andthey were going to be on a ship together for a week.


Dinner and Dancing


They ate dinner at a table for eight the first night -- Dolly and Scott, Jim and the kids, and a couple and their five-year-old child.  All three children ordered first, had chicken fingers and macaroni and cheese, followed by ice cream sundaes before heading to the kids clubs for the evening.  The dinner conversation was mostly a discussion of plans for the ports of call, and all of the men pretending that they weren’t leering at Dolly’s tropical floral against a black background variant on the little black dress.  Strapless,form fitting, short and sexy and turquoise heelshercleavage inviting the mens eyes magnetically.  Her legswere hidden beneath the table, but her eyes were dancingfrom man to man to woman to man, virtually the same blue as the Caribbean Sea.  Her sexy shoulders exhibited her strength and fitness while still being feminine—that confidently feminine seductress who knew she could make any man betray his wedding vows for a chance to be her lover.


The other couple left the table first, wishing everyone a good evening and speaking about going to the comedyshow and more drinks.  They didn’t mention directly to each other that each of them, husband and wife both, were so worked up over Dolly’s sexuality that when they each said they’d like to go change into something more casual before the show, what they really meant was that they were going to go back to their stateroom and have a quickie fuck.  And they did.  Twice, actually, once missionary with clothes only partially removed, and then a fully naked doggie style.  Each of them envisioning Dolly’s body in their heads for both of those fucks.  


Scott said he wanted to hit the casino, that there was an opening night poker sign up and that Jim and Dolly were welcome to join him.  Jim admitted he wasn’t much of a gambler, and Scott didn’t bother to wait for Dolly’s prearranged excuse why she wasn’t going to go to the casino.  He wished them a good night and headed to the far end of the ship toward the casino.  Dolly told Jim, “It’s just us then, Partner -- keep an old lady company?”


Jim’s imagination had already deposited a few imaginary loads of imaginary spunk into his imagination’s image of her mouth.  But as he offered Dolly his arm to escort her from the dining room, he was excited even with herpresence and the touch of her bare arm. With her heels, she was about his height, and now as they walked and her slender legs turned heads all throughout the ship, he was unable to resist smirking and saying to Dolly, “I’ve got the hottest date on the ship.” Dolly dug her nails slightly into him, smiled at how attracted to her Jim was, and told her dear friend and co-worker, “Let’s find somewhere for you to show me off, and get all the guys jealous of you.”


They went aft, toward the sound of outdoor music and dancing under the stars.  The emphasis was definitely on romance.  They had never slow danced before. At first his left arm was properly up, slightly extended, holding her hand, and his right arm in the middle of her back. Dolly teased Jim with her nails on his back, and when she leaned in so that Jim could smell her perfume on her hair; she felt his cock stiffen against her.  Jim knew his cock was pressing into his co-worker, who merely moaned in appreciation, and then pulled herself closer, a classic body to body slow dance with her ridiculously firm body molded into his.


“I’ve wondered,” she whispered into his ear.  


“Wondered what, Dolly?”  Jim had given up being self-conscious about his cock pressing into Dolly or the glimpses, glances and stares she was getting.  


“Wondered what it would be like to be this close to you, to feel this close to you.”  What do you say to that, Jim thought to himself, and for a long pause, he was silent.


“I think usually it’s the men imagining what it would be like to be with you, Dolly.  You look amazing tonight.  Well, every night, but tonight, wow…”  He was babbling.  The drinks, the stars, her beauty, her body, and …and suddenly he realized her lips were on his neck.  No one else on the deck of the ship knew they weren’t a couple.  Or were they, Jim wondered.


After several dances, the alcohol having fully taken effect, Dolly led Jim off the dance floor, hand in hand, her fingersmingling with his.  They found a quiet niche toward the aft, looking back at the churned up water from the ship’s massive propellers glowing under the light escaping from lounges at the stern, on the lower decks.  The breeze was mostly generated from the twenty two knots at which the ship was traveling toward the southern Caribbean, and Dolly had never looked more beautiful, more alluring, more…available.  She pulled him close. “Dolly, dear, I don’t want to make any trouble,” he started, feeling like he was supposed to resist her completely obvious seductive efforts.  “I mean, we’re friends, we work together, not to mention your husband is here, I know I’m going through a divorce and you’re trying to cheer me up…”


Dolly shut him up the easiest way available.  She kissed him.  Their first kiss, slow, soft, passionate, under the stars, the sea air, her little dress, his aching hard on, her lips controlling his, leading his mouth in a rapid tutorial on oral slow dancing, tongue to tongue.  Jim’s hands slid down to her ass, pulling her even tighter to him, his cock at a perfect height to rub up against her already wet pussy through the thin fabric of her dress.


When Dolly broke the kiss, she quickly leaned her face forward again and playfully sucked, then nipped at his lower lip, which was parted from his upper lip because his mouth was open, still stunned at the evening’s intimacy. “That’s between us, Jim.  But why don’t you let me go back to my stateroom so I’ll be there when Scott gets back.  We’ve got the rest of the week to see how else these stars and the romance of the ocean affect me.  I’m glad this happened.” She gave him another light peck on the lips, spun on her sexy heels, and he watched her ass the entire time she walked to the sliding doors to the upper elevator lobby.


Dolly showered, put on a satin baby doll, the spaghetti straps dangling over the sides of her shoulders, and her well slicked pussy exposed as she didn’t wear any panties.  She broke out the vibrator she’d brought with her, and laid back on the bed, eyes closed, the only light coming from the crack between the door from the stateroom to the head, her legs parted, and her fingers of her left hand assisting the vibrator that she held in her right.  Dolly’s wedding ring and diamond engagement ring sparkled in the dim light.  When Scott entered the room, Dolly was writhing her hips thrusting in pleasure, head back, fingers busy, leg twitching.  He tried to be as silent as he could, undressing, until he heard her soulful, and familiar “ugghhhuuuughhh,aaaahhhh, ahhhh,  oooooohhhh yeessss” grunts and gasps of a Dollygasm.  She caught her breath, and then opened her eyes.  She’d heard the door, of course, sensed the flash of light entry from the corridor into the stateroom.  “Enjoy the show?” she asked.  


“Not as much as you did,” he responded.  I actually won about eighty bucks tonight, was up four hundred and then left after three disastrous hands in a row.  So?”


“He’s a decent kisser.”




“That’s it.  He’s a decent kisser.”

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