Dolly and Emily

Start! Damn it, please start!  Nothing.  Another turn, a click, then silence.  A dead battery late at night on a weekend with an arctic cold blast making the fall weathereven worse.  And I’m in the parking lot of my gym at this hour, because I was too busy making travel arrangements and appointments for an upcoming Dolly-date tour to get to my usual class.  Instead, I had to jump in and take the closing-down-the-house 10:00 p.m. late-nighter just before the club closes.  Dolly, you sure fucked yourself this time.  

Those were my thoughts as I sat in my car, starting to feel the cold, as all I was wearing was a sweaty workout sports bra crop-top combo with some lycra/nylon mini shorts, cross training shoes, and a pullover t-shirt.  I was sweaty, and the inside of my car windows and windshield were fogging up.  This sucked!

And then a knock on my driver’s side window made me jump and about scared the crap out of me!  What the  and then I saw that it was Emily from the gym, shivering in a full length zip-up parka, the kind you see football players wear on the sidelines in winter, holding a flashlight.  As I cracked the door, since, with a dead car, I couldn’t lower the power windows, she said, “Can I help you take a look at what’s wrong?  Heard you clicking and the car not starting.”

Emily is a fucking knockout.  This was still a frustrating situation, but hey, at least it was a sexy girl in her mid 20s, not some creepy guy who walks the treadmill, pretends to read the paper while doing so, but really is checking out the women in the fitness class.  Emily hits the late class nowadaysbecause she takes an acting workshop in the earlier part of the evening.  We became friendly when she took the earlier class last year while getting into peak shape to try out to be an NFL cheerleader.  She didn’t make the final cut, but did get herself noticed enough to (a) score an invite to the acting workshop, with the showbiz agent who spotted herpaying the cost of the workshop in exchange for first chance at being her agent, and (b) get asked out by the backup quarterback whom she was dating.  She was about 5’3”, maybe 110 lbs., with a really disproportionate amount of the weight in her D-cup boobs that had been enhanced from a small B on her pixie-like figure.  Blonde hair, lighter than mine, which is more honey blonde in winter and endup lighter in the summer.  We both have blue eyes, though Em’s (everyone calls her “Em, and sometimes she signs just “M”) have a more greenish blue, and mine are more of a true blue.  I’m taller than Em by about 4 inches, and I do a lot moreupper body strength workout, so I have a more athletic frame, while she is more ofa “spinner.  Sorry if that term related to a slender girl being so light and thin that a man can fuck her and turn her body this way and that to change positions all while she’s mounted on the guy’s cock without having to dismount is new to anyone reading this.  If so well, you’re welcome for the intro to a fun term.  I’m a D cup, too, but on my frame, they look more naturalwhich isn’t to say Em doesn’t look great.  She does.  She’s like a Hooters girl.  Wait, I think she was a Hooters girl, maybe still is.  Cute as hell, not an ounce of fat on her, fucking a pro-football player (okay he’s a backup, but still …) and appeared to be my best chance to get my car started or at least get a lift home.  Every other car was gone.

“Thanks, Em,” I told her and popped the hood.  I got out, lifted it up, and Em lent me the flight light to look underneath.  “I’m sorry I don’t know what to look for,” Em apologized, sounding cute with a high voice that drove me—and men—wild with desire.  Yes, I’d rubbed one out in the shower thinking of Em.  I’m such an easy mark for a hot girl.  With guysI’m more into the personality, I mean within limits—he’s got to respect himself, be well groomed and mannered, dress okay, not look like a homeless bum, oh and maybe be able to afford to see me with an appropriate gift, but I really get hot for a girl only if she’s  well, HOT!  And here she was trying to be a Good Samaritan, and she’s apologizing that she doesn’t know anything about cars.

I smiled and, now shivering even more, handed the flashlight back and admitted, “Truth be told, I don’t know much either.  No idea what I was supposed to be looking for, but I knew that’s what a dead batter sounds like, I explained.  I thanked Em and said that I had a AAA club membership.

“You’ll be here until well after midnight if you wait for them.  Come on, let me give you a lift to where you’re going, Dolly.  Its freezing.  I can’t leave you here,and I’m not having either of us stay in this neighborhood this time of night.”  I was shivering, holding my arms across my voluptuous chest, rubbing my arms up and down, and stomping my feet.  She was right.

And then Em steps up to me, hands in her pockets, and opens her floor length parka and saysStep inside.  This is big enough for two.  You’ll catch pneumonia.”  I saw her bare toned midriff, belly-button piercing, tank top, andhigh-cut runner’s style bottom and realized she swapped out her workout shoes for a pair of rag wool hunting sock and some Nike slides.  Her legs were even tighter than mine, and my legs stop traffic and make men give me gifts of very generous amounts for some intimate interaction.  The kind of interaction I was definitely going to be thinking about, in terms of Em and me, as I stepped forward and Em closed her coat around me.  We were basically embracing inside this heavenly warm oversized long parka, my breasts fitting above hers from the height difference. I felt her hands through the coat on the small of my back.  Not knowing what else to do, and terribly excited to get hot and sweaty with Em, even with apresumably dead car battery, I put my arms around her upper back.  I said, “Thank you, this is much better,” as I tried to let the awkwardness go away.  I felt her fingers again, through the inner lining of the coat, start to knead and massage my lower back, and I guess some of the wetness in my bottom wasn’t just sweat, butalso msex-lube resulting from contact with Em. I played with her back a little, as well.  Holy shit, where the fuck was this going?” I remember thinking.  

She said she’d take me wherever I wanted to go.  Did she mean it to have more than one interpretation?  Looking back, by that point, I’m sure the words were well rehearsed.  At the time, I was still trying not to look like a slutty bi-seductress of women about a decade younger than myself, so I just said, “I don’t want to put you out.”  

And that’s when Em stepped even closer to me, our legs touching and rubbing together, our faces so close.  She said, “But I really want to put out.”

And then she kissed me.  Maybe it was the saltiness from the authentic sweat on our upper lips, or the pheromones our bodies were transmitting to each other, but I didn’t hesitate to get right into the kiss with her—deep, hungry, searching, exploring, tasting.  Em’s tongue was as skilled as mine—and mine is professional! We might have kissed for two minutesI’m sorry, but I’m Dolly, and my body has its learned way of responding to certain situationsSo, yes, I had my left hand on her breast, through her thin sweaty fabric workout top and my right hand cupping her tight ass pulling Em pussy-to-pussy tight against me, while I was rubbing my body up and down on hers.

“I’d love for you to finish me here, Dolly, but we need to get out of here and get where its warm.  I’ll get you back here in the morning to call a tow truck or whatever you need.  If you promise me there’s more of whatever we’re doing here to come, if I let you go, will you get your stuff from your car, lock it, and get in my car with me?”  I think I recall biting her neck softly and licking the salt off her flesh tequila-shot style before I said, “It’s a deal.”  In any event, moments laterwe were in her car driving down the road past all-night convenience stores and closed strip malls. I came to appreciate how warm the heaters are inside a BMW.  “Nice car! Sexy, like you,” I said.  A smile from my little pixie kiss-sister, “Right back at you.  Thanks!

We stopped at the intersection with the major divided highway.  “Which way are you, Dolly?”  “Well, I guess I’m biI mean, I’ve been with women plenty of times;sometimes its threesomes with a guy, sometimes it’s just woman to woman, though, on the whole, I prefer men.  But with a woman as sexy as you, I don’t hesitate. I loved it just now.”

“Thanks, Dolly, but I meant should I get on the road eastbound or westbound to get you home?”  I closed my eyes, lowered my head, trying to hide from the embarrassment of having answered a completely different question than what Em was really asking. “I’m west of here.  Pretty far. You?”

Em told me she was east, just five minutes, and I knew which posh subdivision that meant.  “Really, nice digs for such a young hottie in that neighborhood.”  “Well I’m living with Chuck.  It’s his place.  We could go there.  You know, the team flew out to the coast tonight for their game this weekend.  He has a great walk-in thermal steam shower and whirlpool spa and sauna?  And a bottle or two of DomPerignon that he’ll never miss.”

“Sold.”  Another pussy-craving smile from Em.  Who knew?  Not bad for a backup quarterback.

Well he’s the veteran kind of backup.  You don’t remember when he played in Tennessee?  Made a couple of Pro Bowls, took the team to the playoffs a time or two.  He did really well for himself and didn’t blow it, invested the money with people he could trust.

I put my hand on the inside of her thigh, intimately raking her flesh with my nails,as she drove the quick routto Chuck’s house.  The automatic gate and garage door opener kept us from having to get out from the warm car to open any gates or garage doors.  Em parked, then leaned over, and we began making out again.  This time, her hands were on my tits, and she aggressively flipped up the bottom of my crop top, exposed my bare nipples, and soon broke the kiss to suck my breasts.  God, this girl’s mouth felt good on my body.

There wasn’t much in the way of clothing to shed, beyond the big, warm coat, and we had it all on the floor before we got through the entryway from the garage to the main level of the house.  Then we proceeded through the kitchen to a back setof stairs, then into the shower to get clean, hot, slick, and tasty.  With her mouth again on my breast, she inserted two fingers inside me, skillfully.  My body shook,spasmed, and stiffened at the touch of her hand, and then did so again as she twisted her fingers inside me just right.  I got my chance to taste her breasts, and then I knelt, rotating us so that I wouldn’t get sprayed in the face with the shower,while I licked Em into a hot slick frenzy.  The hot water, her fresh scrubbed body, the sensation of her tight sexy cheerleader body, her pretty little feet with a pedicure in team colors for the pro team Chuck played for, and a surprising amount of slutty porn star dirty talk from Em really made this probably my best pussy eating adventure, ever.  And no hairy guy feeling needy in the middle of a threesome to get jealous and insert himself, figuratively or literally, in between us girls as we enjoyed the fruits of our labors to tone our bodies.  

God, I could have stayed in the shower the whole night long.  Em’s hands were on my tits as she goaded me, “That’s it Dolly.  Fucking taste my pussy.  That sweet pussy’s so hot for you.  Oh yeah, suck my clit, yes, don’t stop, oh God, yeah you make me so fucking hot, now push your hot tongue so far in my tight little body that you could take my temperature, yesssss …..” Even for a born insatiable sexual performer like me, this was award-caliber hotness.  I practically washed my face, so to speak, in her gushing cum when she went over the edge, still standing up in that jumbo shower, me kneeling in front of her. By that time, my forearm was a little tired, truth be told, as I’d been frigging myself the entire time and was on the cusp.  Em had seen this, pushed me onto the built-in shower bench, and added her fingers to mine, kissing me as if she were going to devour me. If there were vampires, I just might get hooked on fucking them for the sensation of feeling likeI was going to be literally consumed.  There was something so carnal, so lustful about having a lover so turned on that you know he or she is truly feeding an inner hunger by having sex with me.  I didn’t hiss out any words when I came.  I just moaned, added more “Ohs” than a box of Cheerios, and felt so much energy drainfrom my body.  The steam and heat of the shower, the lateness of the hour, the thought of being stranded in the cold, the intensity of the workout session back at the gym  damnI was drained.  The best emptiness this sex-loving, horny lady ever felt.

We toweled each other off.  Great towels—thick and thirsty.  “No way Chuck picked these out,” I told her. “No straight guy has any idea of quality when it comes to towels and linens.”  Em laughed and looked up, kinda puzzled.  And maybe no cheerleader in her mid-20s does either, I started to think.  “His mom is an interior decorator in Newport Beach, California, actually.  He said something about her having helped him out when he bought the place.”  Knew it!  And that meant great sheets, pillow, and comforters.  We were about dry, well, except for our hair, but we’d at least wrung the excess water from that, when I embraced Em, kissed her, kind of a thank you.  After all, she had saved my ass from the cold and a dead car, so I guess it was only fair that she got a piece of the ass that she’d saved.  “So did you want me to sleep over and see what a nice bedroom momma fixed up for her big athletic son and his sexy pussy-loving cheerleader girlfriend?”  Em got such an evil look on her face, she turned it away from me actually, looked to the corner, composing herself.  I wondered what sort of nerve I might have touched, but she turned around broadly smiling and said, “You know I want to fuck you in his bed, come on!”  and led me by the hand down the hall through a sitting room into a lovely English Manor looking bedroom, very tasteful with a four-poster bed.  Oh, this was going to be romantic!  “Lay down, I want you first,” Em told me.  I did, giggling over the fact that usually I was the aggressor in bed, and now this petite young girl was working my every move to her direction.  “No, Dolly, I want your head at that end of the bed, your legs over this way,” as she directed me, and I rotated my body as demanded.  I couldn’t see the real difference, but there were a couple of mirrors in the room, and hey, I work out too and have a hot body. Em was entitled to sneak peeks at our sex in a properly angled mirror if she wanted.

She crawled over me, spreading my legs, which she then propped up, instead of split wide and flat, so that they wrested over, but not around her hips.  Em lowered her mouth to mine, and I loved getting more of her sexy tongue in my mouth, examining ever area my dentist had ever visitedand then some, it seemed. I didn’t know which part of her tight body to touch and savor  first, so I just alternated, ass to small of her back, to her toned arms, tits, tiny waist…damn, Em was so hot, she could make a fundamentally straight girl like me switch to being her fulltime pussy bitch.  Naaaaah, I’d miss dicks too much.  But the way she was sexing me out tonight, I could definitely make this a semi-regular thing, I was thinking.

Do you know just how slow and tantalizingly subtle a woman can gyrate her hips?  I do.  I learned it that night with Em.  She rubbed her labia against mine, our clits together.  Our pussies slid and slicked across each other and got us all wet after we’d dried off after the shower.  I must have cum three times, and about the same for Em.  We each added some subtle finger pressure or flicks to the action, but by the time Em called for me to rotate into a sixty-nine—Em purred, “Time for you to lick me clean from all the sweet sex juice you’ve made me leak, Dolly”—I caught a glimpse of the clock.  It was past 1 a.m., and we’d been having sex for about an hour and a half non-stop.  And we didn’t stop.  We sixty-nine licked and twiggledand inserted lubed fingers into each other’s back doors and pumped to supplement the intense up close and personal pussy stimulation through couple more rounds of orgasms.  I was building up a couple more than Em if anyone was keeping score.  Okay, I WAS keeping score, because I’m competitive like that.  I think because she’s younger and doesn’t know herself yet as well as she will, as well as I do, that she needs more stimulation from her lover for an orgasm and, relatively speaking, I can induce it from myself a bit easier, using my lover’s touch (or tongue, or cock, you know, whatever sensual activity we’re engaging in) as the starting point but owning the ability more independently than Em does now.  I’m not worried.  This little fire-starter is going to be legendary, and she was pretty much all-world already.

When we embraced and snuggled, I tried to get under the covers.  It was the middle of the night, so I assumed I was spending the night.  I like to sleep under the covers.  My Dolly dates are on top of the covers, usually, when I sleep.  But Em wanted to stay just like we were, and I admit I wasn’t cold.  Great HVAC system in Chuck’s house.  That might be a guy thing, a furnace.  The 800 count sheets or whatever ridiculously luxurious count they were, however, were all Chuck’s momma.

It wasn’t until the light of day, after sleeping in, exhausted and exhilarated, when I borrowed a toothbrush and we took our own separate rinsing showers, that I got a clear head and asked, “So, was that just something that happened, or have you thought about this for a while?”

That wide Em grin again, that twinkle in her eye.  Why aren’t guys in their 20s as cute as girls in their 20s?  If they were, I could be a world-class MILF. Oh, wait, I have some generous men friends who write lovely things saying that I am a world-class MILF.  Well, anyway, my taste in sexy women skews younger than my taste in sexy men.  “Well, I mean, I always thought you were sexy, Em, but I didn’t expect we’d ever find out if you had similar feelings.  Was this just an inspiredpussypalooza between us, and, if it was, I’m so glad you felt that inspiration.  Or was this something you’d fantasized about and the dead battery was the break we needed to find out?”

This kiss was soft and sweet. “This was no accident, Dolly.  I mean, um, you know, yes, YES, I’ve thought about you, and even told Chuck about you.  Where do you know him from, anyway?  He’s been around the gym a little, but he seems more familiar with you than my other casual friends.”

I was doubly flattered.  Glad to know all those times I’d thought about Em she was on the same wavelength as I was.  Now, I couldn’t very well tell her about my traveling Dolly dates, as Em knew me in my “day job” persona only.  I’d never fucked Chuck.  But Chuck is a pro football player, and I’m just not sure TER would be what it is today without professional athletes.  Had Chuck recognized me at some point when he was on-line, even though my face is blurredSure didn’t seem that Em had been made wise to my secret hobby identity. “I’ve got friends, been at parties, and he’s an athlete.  Who knows, maybe I met him at a party before you and I worked out together and he remembered me?”

We stopped by a Starbucks on the way to my carI got a nonfat sugar-free muffin top and one of the Orange Melon refresher beverages.  Em got a Caramel Macchiato.  When I thought about the workout we’d put each other through AFTER leaving the gym and realized how many calories we must have burnedsexing each other up, I halfway wished I gotten a hot drink on this cold morning.  Though they were too short on me, I’d borrowed some of Em’s sweats for the trip back to the car, to wait for the tow truck, and then home.  But we finished at Starbucks and, only when I saw the flashing red light on the in-board dash smart car screen, did I ask Em about her sexy BMW and exactly what it was equipped with.

Em explained it was Chuck’s.  The light was a sensor from a total security system tied into the house.  As she touched the screen and a split insert screen came up,there was Em’s face on one side and a deliveryman from a florist at the door on the other half.  She spoke, and the Bluetooth wireless must have been activated when the screens popped upEm told him to leave the flowers on the doorstep, as they’d be fine in the cold and she’d be home soon.  Then we bumped through a pothole as Em went to touch the screen again, and her finger hit another button and the two screens instead of disappearing, switched to a view of the entry way and then the kitchen.  We were almost to my car.  I’m not sure why I wasn’t fumbling for my keys, but I was intrigued and thought maybe I should get a system like this.  So I reached over and touched the same button Em had accidentally touched.

Now I saw a camera shot of the shower interior.  And then the rest of the bathroom, save for the potty, which had its own little privacy door.  Pressed again. And again.The hallways, living room, the bedroom.  THE BEDROOM!

“Em, was this on last night?”

I thinks it’s always available, Dolly. But I wasn’t in here checking on the houseI was IN the house with you, so I wasn’t logged in and checking things while we were inside, either.

“Where else does this go?”  Em pulled in alongside my car.

“Go where?  The car, the house, the yard.  I think it’s a fancy cable home service, actually. I can check on my iPad.”

I looked at her.  Lovely.  Young. Sexy.  Could lick a clit with the best of them, and I should know, because I am the best of them.  And smart, too.

But not smart enough to have voluntary control over her body’s response to temperature.  If it’s cold, this girl’s nipples get hard.  Same with me and most girls.  And if it was cold—and it WAS cold that morning—then why was Em starting to sweat as if she been on a stair stepper.  I wasn’t starting to sweat.  It was cold, but she was sweating like when we were in bed together.  But no one was working the other over as we had last night.  I studied her.

Remind me to play cards with Em sometime.  She’ll make a fine actress someday.  Had me fooled.  But her poker face aside, she sweats when she’s nervous.

I said nothing, but narrowed my eyes and said, “Stay right here.” Like I said, she’ll make a fine actress someday. That day had not quite arrived, and I know what “the jig is up” look is.  Em was wearing it.

I popped the hood again on my car.  Now, in the light of day, I could see it.  There was a loose cable.  Off the battery, but just above it, not displaced, but lifted and then nudged so that there was nonconductive rubber coating from the cable touching the negative post.  I hadn’t seen that or thought to go grabbing and touching in the dark and cold.  Silly me, not wanting to get my hands dirty.

Cable now back in place, I sat in the car and it started right up.  Cables don’t come loose by themselves.  I stepped out of the car, went back to lower the hood, and,while I was turned around, decided I was going to go back to the BMW to find out what the scam was, when I felt Em’s hand on my hip.  “Dolly,” she began, “last night was no accident.”

She had that eager, I’m-dying-to-tell-the-world, pussy-eating grin on her face.  I wasn’t mad anymore.  But I wanted to know, so I nodded for her to continue ….

Chuck asked me to seduce you and to do it where the security system cameras could record us.  I’d told him about you, and then, sometime later, he suddenly seemed like he knew you.  It was after they got back from playing the Redskins.  I thought you were hot, I’ve experimented with women, and so I decided to do it for him.  I didn’t know I was going to love being with you so much.  If I had, I never would have let it be on camera.  I’d have gone to your place.  

So that time you turned around in the bathroom, you weren’t embarrassed, you were ….”

“Yeah, I was mouthing the words, ‘How hot is this!’ to the camera.”

“And now if you don’t go back and erase last night, it will be there for Chuck to see when he gets home after the game.  Like a welcome home present?”

“Not exactly.”

I smiled and said, “Hey, its okay, EmI really have masturbated to you before last night, and I’d love to be with you again, but having me for a recorded jack session for your boyfriend, I don’t feel comfortable with that.”

He watched it live, Dolly.  On his iPad.  They were on the west coast.  It was three hours earlier.  We fucked each other in primetime, in the Pacific time zone.”

Somehow, it didn’t feel like blackmail when I agreed to a threesome with both ofthem in exchange for Chuck erasing the video file.  He’s a handsome hunk.  And Em has become a fuck buddy of mine, at my place, when Chuck’s too busy with football to see to her needs.  In sex, unlike football, sometimes everybody wins.


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