1. Dolly does not talk about anything explicit or sexual in nature. Please browse all the links on this web site for the answers to all your questions.

2. Dolly has a screening protocol for gentlemen she is seeing for the first time. Please understand that this is for her safety, protection and comfort-level. Any information you provide will be kept strictly confidential.   Please remember, Dolly does not see everyone that contacts her so supplying names of providers  you have seen as references or other verifiable(employment) information will make it easier for her to confirm your requested day and time so you can proceed with the date and have some fun!

3. Please put her cash donation in an unsealed white envelope and leave it in plain sight preferably on the restroom vanity.  Dolly will handle it discreetly from there when the time is right. Please do not mention the donation or any services at any time.

4. If Dolly chooses to ask for it, please have your ID available for her to inspect upon arrival.

5. You can expect Dolly to tell a trusted friend where she will be, for how long and with whom. This is for everyone’s safety

6. Dolly has zero tolerance for drugs. Please do not bring them. You will be asked to leave or Dolly will leave immediately if you are carrying or using any form of drugs.

7. Hygiene is critically important. Please try to be showered, shaved and have good overall hygiene. Fresh breath is important as well.  Dolly is always fresh and clean and expects the same of her gentlemen friends. Dolly would prefer it if you do not use too much cologne. Dolly prefers to see non-smokers - if you do smoke she would appreciate it if you can please refrain from smoking for a few hours before you meet.

8. Dolly is not looking for a boyfriend and does not see clients outside of business so please do not make this request.

9. Please be respectful to Dolly at all times as she will be to you. You can expect her to be punctual and provide you with the Ultimate Girl Friend Experience.

For Dolly, it’s all about you!